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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Smart Tips For First-Time Homebuyers

The decision to buy a home should never be a fast one. Even if you make that commitment today, it might take several months before you’re actually ready to start applying for a loan. Of course, you could also have been planning to buy a home since your wedding day or first day on a new job. Any chance you get to save money, will help you get ready. Here are some other smart tips for first-time homebuyers:


Skip Auctions, Foreclosures and Bank Sales

For house flippers who have a lot of cash on hand, buying a foreclosed home at a bank sale or auction might make sense. What about first-time homebuyers? Yes, you might be able to find a property that is 20% under market value. However, the money you save on the purchase could be put right back in to make repairs. Too often these homes have been the subject of neglect. If the previous occupant didn’t have the money for a mortgage payment, they certainly didn’t have the money for repairs. You can still look at foreclosed property but unless you get a thorough inspection and the option to back out, don’t be tempted but something that is probably too good to be true.

Visit 20 Properties in Person

Thanks to online real estate sites, you could literally look through dozens if not hundreds of properties in an afternoon but that’s not the same as seeing them in person. Those online sites might help you put together a “favorites” list but you should expect to visit at least 20 homes before making a decision. Will you fall in love with the first one? Maybe and if it looks good, make an offer but then don’t drive yourself crazy continuing the search.

Look Everywhere

When you test drive a car, you check all the features, adjust the seat to your liking and even peek in the trunk. You should take this same approach with house hunting. Go into every room and spend a few minutes in each. Try out doors and drawers. Go down into the basement and up in the attic. Turn lights on and off. And walk the yard boundaries, too. Just be sure to separate cosmetic fixes from structural. You can repaint and wall but a musty smell in the basement means trouble.

After you’ve closed on your house, it’s time to start packing. This is when you want to schedule a session with Junk King Birmingham. They’re not going to help you pack as much as help you “not pack.” That means not packing old junk. All of that needs to stay out of your moving truck and your new home. First-time homebuyers should always put Junk King Birmingham to work for the junk move out before the big move in.

Get Kids Ready For A New School

All across the country kids are getting ready to go back to school and parents are cheering. For many kids, that return to school will mean seeing old friends in familiar settings. For some, it might mean starting in a completely new environment. Here is some good advice on how to get your kids ready for a new school:


New School Words

Along with everything else that will be new, your kids might be exposed to some new vocabulary on that first day of a new school. This is especially true when a preschooler is making the transition to kindergarten. It might help to come up with a list of words like register, assembly, bell or even principal that you can explain to your child before school begins.

Role Play

It might help to practice some role-playing with your kids when it comes to meeting new classmates. They should be comfortable asking other kids what their name is and what kinds of things they like to play with.

Asking For Help

Whenever the opportunity arises, you should encourage your child to ask for help. This can start with engaging clerks at a store or tour guides at the zoo. This will help build up their confidence and get them used to asking teachers for help in their new school.

Get to Know Your Child’s Teacher

It is vital that you establish a positive relationship with your child’s teacher. There should be periodic meetings to track progress throughout the year. There is also drop off and pick up times that you can check in with how your little one is doing. Also, ask the teacher if there is anything you can contribute to the class like snacks or craft supplies. This is going to be a very important relationship.

Stay Organized at Home

It will probably take a few days to get the morning routine sorted out. It will help if  you’re organized there as well with regard to packing lunches, having school outfits picked out the night before and being prepared for any weather situations like rain. All of that means getting rid of clutter in order to make it easier to find things. That is where Junk King Birmingham comes into play. You show the Junk King crew all the things that are cluttering up your home and they quickly cart it out of your house. It is just that simple. Kick off your back to school prep with a decluttering session from Junk King Birmingham and everyone wins!

Is Renting a Trash Dumpster in Birmingham Overkill?

You’ve got a mess on your hands — or maybe it’s all over your house. If you’ve recently started to notice junk taking over your dwelling, it might be time to do something about it. However, many people throughout the United States believe that renting a trash dumpster is too drastic a solution for mere home cleaning. They look at other methods as being less dramatic–usually without realizing that these methods are also incapable of providing them with the support they need.

Renting a Trash Dumpster It’s true that trash dumpsters take up space on your property for days at a time (unless you’ve gone to the trouble of applying for a permit to keep your Birmingham rental dumpster on a public right of way). However, some companies rent out small dumpsters that can easily be placed on driveways without attracting undue attention or preventing vehicle access.

The truth is that while renting a trash dumpster can seem like a major undertaking; it’s much simpler to do than many people believe. Furthermore, the decision to rent a trash dumpster provides you with powerful resources capable of handling a wide variety of different items and materials. Other methods might seem attractive at first, but their limitations quickly become apparent when compared to the flexibility and storage capacity that self-serve dumpster rentals provide. Don’t believe us? Take a look.

Renting a Trash Dumpster versus Using Your Local Garbage Collectors

The first thing most people think when they hear about dumpster rental is “why do I need to use a private company? The city already picks up my trash.” That’s true — if you live in a municipality with local garbage pickup. However, people in rural areas may not receive the same kind of collection service enjoyed by those in densely populated urban areas.

Furthermore, not everything you’re likely to put in your container is going to be garbage. When you give items to your local garbage collectors, those items usually go right into the landfill. When you hire out a container from a conscientious dumpster company in Birmingham, they’ll often take on the responsibility of sorting the items you put into the unit once they’ve come to collect it from you. After they sort the contents, they’ll make sure that each type of item in your container is properly disposed of so that you can rest assured you’ve made the minimum possible impact on the environment.

Renting a Trash Dumpster versus Taking Items to the Landfill in Your Car

Okay, bear with us on this one — taking items to the dump in your own vehicle might sound crazy, but you’d be shocked by how many people think it’s going to be easier than just renting a dumpster. For that reason, we include this option in our list of methods to compare with dumpster rental (even though a little common sense will tell you it’s not a very smart idea).
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Let’s pretend that you don’t even care about preserving the upholstery in your vehicle and don’t mind the risk of puncturing your seat coverings with the more-than-likely sharp edges of whatever you’re trying to throw away — there’s still the matter of loading everything into the vehicle, making the trip, and unloading everything by yourself (along with landfill dumping fees, which are on the rise). How is that supposed to be more convenient than renting a dumpster and letting other people move it for you once your items are inside? We’ll never know.

Renting a Dumpster versus Hiring a Full-Service Cleanup Crew

Okay, let’s make one thing clear: if you think that renting a trash dumpster is going to be overkill, then hiring an entire cleanup crew is definitely not the scaled-down solution you’re looking for — that said, it could be an effective way to deal with the mess on your property. The only thing you’ll need to do is pay for it. Well, that and make sure you’re around to let the crew in when they arrive. Oh, and supervise them so that you can be sure they won’t accidentally cart away anything they’re not supposed to touch. Maybe hiring a full-service cleanup crew isn’t as convenient as it first sounded.
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Don’t misunderstand us — cleanup crews can be wonderful solutions for people with large properties, plenty of spare time, and more substantial budgets. They’re often extremely thorough and professional (depending on the company you choose), and you won’t actually have to touch any of the material you want gone; you’ll only have to point it out. That said, they don’t offer the scheduling flexibility that dumpster rental does, and they’re not likely to be as economical a solution.

Why Renting a Trash Dumpster is Probably Easier than You Think

We’ve discussed the pitfalls of using other methods in detail throughout this post, but we haven’t touched on the advantages that dumpster rental offers. Below are a few of the reasons why renting a dumpster is pretty easy:

  • Make your own cleaning schedule: when you rent a dumpster, you have the power to choose when you fill it with materials. You might be super productive on the first day of your rental, then spend the next taking a well-deserved break — or you could spread out your work evenly during the rental period. In any case, you’ll be able to maneuver around work, social engagements and other commitment, which makes dumpster rental the most convenient option for anyone with a lot of other things on the go.

  • Only worry about filling the container: leave the logistics to the professionals! When your rental company drops off the container at your property, filling it up with material will be your job. However, once you’ve done that, the dumpster rental company will take it upon themselves to remove the filled unit and process the contents appropriately. You won’t have to make any trips to landfills, recycling plants, or even to the dumpster company’s headquarters. Out of sight; out of mind!

  • Help protect the environment by reducing your impact on it: remember earlier, where we said that not everything you need to throw away is likely to be garbage? If you’re the kind of homeowner who takes spring cleaning as an excuse to remove old furniture, leftover home improvement materials, and other clutter that could potentially be used elsewhere then renting a dumpster from a company with an environmentally conscious mandate is practically a must.

  • Save money: renting a dumpster for a few days is most likely going to be the most cost-effective option in the long run. It’s obviously going to be cheaper than hiring a team of professionals to clean up your home and cart away your junk, but it’s probably also going to be cheaper than paying a fine if your local garbage collectors catch you trying to dispose of items they can’t legally take. These items include concrete and other building materials. You also won’t have to replace the rear seats in your car after accidentally staining them with a leaky trash bag.

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At the end of the day, other waste removal solutions offer very few capabilities that renting a trash dumpster can’t solve more suitably. Just make sure that you’re contacting a company with pro-environment values, conveniently-sized containers that you’ll be able to fit on your property, and a fair pricing model that allows you to use their services without having to worry about going over your budget. If you do, you’ll find that the decision to rent a trash dumpster is nowhere near as momentous as you may have been led to believe previously. In fact, you’ll probably find it the easiest way to manage your clutter and go back to enjoying a pristine household.


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