Turn Your Estate Cleanup Over The Junk King Birmingham

Hiring help to complete a big task can be a huge stress reliever. Consider an estate cleanup situation.  If you’re in charge of something like this, then it could literally mean cleaning out an entire home worth of furnishings and household goods. We are not just talking about a few items in the garage but instead, taking things from every room in the house upstairs, downstairs, basement and attic. At first consideration, that might seem overwhelming. However, when you can hire a company like Junk King Birmingham you can count on getting all the help you need to clear that house from floor to ceiling!

When planning an estate cleanup timing is crucial. You will probably need to remove some things that you want to keep or sell off before the Junk King crew shows up. Of course, if it makes more sense to have the things you are definitely getting rid of taken out first, then you can literally tag everything with a Post-it note or a piece of colored tape. That way, when the Junk King crew shows up all you have to do is tell them to take out what is tagged!

If there will be a lot of items to remove from the house, then you should give Junk King the hands up. They may suggest sending over additional trucks and crew members to help facilitate the job. That sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Actually, it won’t be. That’s because you’re not to be charge extra for crews or for trucks. You’ll always be charged the flat rate based upon how the trucks get filled up. Each Junk King truck is equal to about six pickup trucks full of stuff. If all the things that you’re getting rid of fits on one truckload, then that will be the rate you pay. You’ll know what that is before the work begins. It’s a very fair and affordable approach to this type of service.

Taking on an estate cleanup doesn’t have to be a challenge. Partner up with Junk King Birmingham from the start and everything will go smoothly.