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Call Junk King For Complete Junk Removal

When it is time to eliminate junk around your home, you want it all removed in a single session. It doesn’t help to get one old sofa gone when you have a broken stove, electronics, boxes of household goods, and clothing that must be removed. Everything unwanted should be hauled away at the same time, and that is exactly what can happen when you hire Junk King Birmingham for junk removal. This is the professional junk hauler who can make quick work out of getting rid of all your unwanted stuff.

Dedicated Crew

Junk King will provide a dedicated crew to handle unwanted junk removal needs. This is a team that consists of two experienced movers. It is a crew that is licensed, insured, and always has a friendly attitude. No matter what you ask the Junk King team to haul away from your home, they do it without hesitation. That includes any items that require going downstairs to get to!

The Junk King crew also has plenty of experience it comes to acting up the truck. This is important because that is how they determine what to charge you for the service. The less space your stuff fills up, the less you will pay for the job. And that will always be a fair price that is also matched against any competitor.

Included in that service is all of the disposal work. Junk King will drop off the appropriate materials at charities or recycling centers. That’s good for the environment and good for your stuff.

Junk King Birmingham makes junk removal easy from start to finish. So put them on the job today.

Turn Your Old TV Over To Junk King

The moment you decide to upgrade your television, the old TV becomes obsolete. Even if it is in decent condition, it wouldn’t be the same as a brand-new television with great features. That is why it is not even worth selling the old TV. Instead, it needs to be disposed of responsibly. The best approach for that task is to hire the crew from Junk King Birmingham. These junk-hauling professionals make it their mission to recycle electronic waste the right way.

Plenty of leftover room on the truck

You will work with two Junk King movers for your TV disposal agenda. That is the crew that will carry out the TV and loaded onto the truck. One flatscreen TV is not going to take up a lot of space on the truck. If this were all you wanted to get rid of, you would pay the minimum of the junk King flat rate. That rate is always determined by how everything fits onto the truck. The less space your stuff takes up, the less you will pay for the service. Does the question then become, what else would you like to eliminate?

With that team of movers and truck, you can get rid of an old futon or sofa. You can also clear a lot of outfits out of the closet. There might even be big objects like an old pool table or treadmill that you want to clear out. That can all happen with one Junk King session.

Hiring Junk King Birmingham to get rid of your old TV can also mean getting rid of all your rubbish. Set up that session today.

Hire Junk King To Clean Out The Basement

Getting the junk out of your basement will require a moving crew and a big truck. That is exactly what Junk King provides for every appointment. But it will be a massive help with the basement clearing out. The Junk King team might make a few trips up and down the basement stairs. This is work they do daily, so it will not surprise them. Best of all, when you hire Junk King, you’re hiring a team that always shows up with a positive attitude. No matter how many trips down the basement they have to make, it will always do with a smile. Are you ready to get your basement cleaned out? Junk King is standing by to make it happen.

Fast Turnaround

You can anticipate a fast turnaround when you call Junk King to clean your basement. Most appointments are handled within 24 hours of first contact. But if it works better for your schedule to have the Junk King team come by on the weekend, they can make that happen.

Junk King asked you to set aside a two-hour window for the appointment. That will give you plenty of time to get all of your stuff moved out and plenty of time for the crews to drive from one appointment to the next. Junk King is dedicated to not wasting any of your time.

The cost of the Junk King service will be determined by how the truck gets packed up. One flat rate covers all the removal labor, the drop-off disposals, and the travel time. This rate is also very fair and competitive for this type of service.

Getting your basement cleaned out is a job best handed off to the team from Junk King Birmingham. So book your cleanup session today.

Hire Junk King Birmingham For Full-Service Junk Removal

We can all agree that the easiest jobs are the ones we get someone else to do! There is nothing wrong with hiring outside help for tasks around the house. In fact, some of those tasks can only be accomplished by outside help. That is certainly true when it comes to getting rid of bulky items that cannot be tossed out into the trash. That kind of work requires full-service junk removal and that is exactly what is provided by the team from Junk King Birmingham. These are the professional junk haulers who can handle any level of rubbish cleanup from start to finish.

The Removal Crew

Junk King is going to send over two workers to handle your rubbish removal agenda. This is a team that has removed all kinds of objects from all kinds of environments. There is nothing you could ask the Junk King team to clear way that they haven’t already done so dozens of times over. Yes, this means you can send the Junk King team down into the basement to bring up things like an old water heater or futon. They will also go up to the second floor to carry down boxes of clothing or bedroom furniture that you are replacing.

Everything that you turn over to Junk King has the opportunity to be recycled. That recycling can be dropped off at a charity or a recycling center. This disposal happens automatically and is part of Junk King’s complete junk removal service. You can even use the Junk King team clear debris from your backyard.

Is it time to clear out your unwanted rubbish? Then it is time to book a junk removal session with Junk King Birmingham. Make that call today.

Utilize Junk King For A Major Clean Out

Moving to a new home is always exciting. It is also always stressful! No matter how organized you are, there is still a lot of work to be done in a lot of “moving parts” to manage. That is especially true if you are moving with the family and pets! One thing that will make your actual moving day go a lot smoother is to make sure you are not moving with any unwanted rubbish. You do not want to fill up your truck with furniture that you intend on replacing or boxes of clothing you would never wear again. Instead, all of that stuff can be removed in a single session with help from Junk King Birmingham.

Packing and Sorting

As you pack up everything that is going to be transported to your new home you have the opportunity to decide what things you will keep and what you can turn over to junk King. Keep in mind that Junk King is can provide you with a team of movers to help clear out that rubbish. They do all the work. They also have a truck big enough to hold whatever you want to get rid of whether that is furniture or boxes of stuff.

You should also factor in how Junk King disposes of what they collect. If there is something that could be used again, then Junk King will make every effort to have those items dropped off at a local charity. This is the kind of disposal the Junk King has been doing since they began operations back in 2005. It is a way of keeping trash out of landfills and that is always the preferred choice for Junk King.

Don’t start out life in a new home with old rubbish. Let Junk King Birmingham take away the rubbish today.

Pack Up Your Rubbish For Removal

When it is time for your next move to a new home, it will be time to start packing. It is a good idea to begin packing on the same day that you turn notice for your move. Packing up a few boxes each day will help you keep ahead and make sure everything will be ready to go on your official moving day. As you do all that packing you will no doubt come across a lot of stuff that you can do without. Whether that is clothing, books, toys or other household goods is no reason to bring unwanted items to your new home. All of that rubbish that you have targeted for removal can be cleared away in a single session with help from the team from Junk King Birmingham. These are the junk hauling pros that can help you get rid of that rubbish once and for all.

Plenty Of Room On The Truck

One of the concerns with moving is to make sure everything that you want transported will fit onto the moving truck. You certainly don’t want to make two trips! When it comes to getting rid of your rubbish, there will always be room on the back of the junk King truck for whatever you want to get rid of. That truck can haul the equivalent of six pickup trucks worth rubbish. That is plenty of room for all your boxes of unwanted stuff along with several pieces of furniture. Everything that you are going to replace in your new home should be handed over to the Junk King team.

A lot of what you rid of could still be of use. The Junk King teams have been trained to spot those objects and set them aside for drop off at a local charity. This is the kind of disposal work that happens automatically as part of Junk King’s removal package.

Packing up your rubbish removal mean setting up a session with Junk King Birmingham. Make your appointment today.

The Best Approach For Office Clean Out

Is now a good time to clean out your office? It might be that you are moving locations to a bigger space. They could be that you are hiring more workers in your current office space and need to make room. Or it could also just be that you are overwhelmed with bulky items that need to finally be cleared away. Whatever the reason for your office cleanout, the team from Junk King Birmingham is standing by to make it happen.

No Staff Help Needed

When you set up an appointment to clean out your office Junk King you will be working with a team of movers who will do all the work. That means none of your staff will be needed for this task. All you have to do is point to the items that you want cleared away in the junk King team will pick up everything right from the spot. Junk King also has the experience with this type of cleanup to know exactly the best course for removal. That could be through a loading dock, freight elevator or even down flights of stairs if necessary. It is all in a days work for the junking squad!

The cost for Junk King service will depend upon how everything fits on the back of the truck. The Junk King team will be able to size up the items that you want to get rid of and know exactly how it will fit onto the truck. Whether that takes up one third, one half or the full truck bed will determine what your final cost will be. All this hard work can happen in a very timely manner. When you need your office cleaned out you need to put Junk King Birmingham on the job. Call to book your session today.

Clear Out An Old Lawnmower Today

In the spring and summer months, lawn mowing happens at least once a week. That is the best way to stay ahead of your lawn from getting out of control. It also requires that you have a lawnmower that is up to the challenge of weekly mowing. One of the first things that could go wrong with an old lawnmower is the blade becoming dull. That can easily be fixed with a shopping session. However, the old is a lawnmower the more likely it is that it will simply just start to break down. At that point you might be better off investing in a new lawnmower as opposed to spending money on a repair that might not last long. That will leave you with a decision to make with regard to the old lawnmower. This is not something you want to take up valuable storage space in your garage. Instead, one call to Junk King Birmingham can clear out that old lawnmower for good.

Fast Removal

Pushing an old lawnmower from your garage down to the curb will literally take a minute. That is how long your Junk King job could last. Even as simple as this task might be you will still be assigned to movers for the appointment. Those two movers go to every Junk King session to make sure everything can be cleared away as promptly as possible.

That old lawnmower will not take up much room on the back of the Junk King truck. If all you were getting rid of was that mower, then you would certainly pay the low end of the price scale. That flat rate will always be based on how everything fits on the back of the junk King truck. You never be charge by the pound with the Junk King pickup. It also means you can add a lot more to your session then just lawnmower.

Clear out your own lawnmower today with the fast pickup from Junk King Birmingham.

Garage Cleanup Made Easy

Have you reached “maximum capacity” in your garage? A garage is the most popular storage area in a home. Anything that is not in current use can make its way out to the garage. It is also the depository for all those things that can be tossed out into the trash or you might think will be repaired someday. But the more stuff that goes out into the garage that is unnecessary, the less room you have for the stuff that matters. That is why you might be at the point where it is time to get rid of some of that unwanted stuff. The best approach for that kind of clean up is to bring in the team from Junk King Birmingham for a total rubbish removal session.

Make the Call

Only you can make the call as to what you want cleared out of your garage. To help you make that call, first understand that Junk King is going to provide you with a two-man moving crew and a huge truck. That means you can finally clear out the really big items like an old ping-pong table or even a treadmill. This is also when you can get rid of a lot of smaller objects that have just accumulated over the years. Some of these things could still be used like old clothing or toys. Any item that could benefit someone else can be dropped off by Junk King to a local charity. This has been how Junk King has handled disposal since they began collecting junk back in 2005.

With regard to the price for this service, that will always be determined by how everything fits on to the back of the truck. One flat rate covers everything. The less truck space that your stuff takes up, the less will pay. It is just that simple.

Junk King Birmingham makes garage cleanup easy. Book a removal session today.

Get The Rubbish Out Of Your Closets Today

Do you dread opening your closet door? That feeling of dread occurs when you know that whatever you are looking for will not be easily found. That is because there are a lot of other items in the way. This can be a very frustrating experience especially if you are running late. It doesn’t have to be that way. All it might take to solve that problem is a rubbish removal session with Junk King Birmingham.

Sorting First

Before you book your session with Junk King, you will want to spend time sorting through your closets. This could consist of you removing every single item in the closet and determining whether or not it is worth holding onto. That will certainly be time well spent. You will be creating a pile of stuff that will be picked up by the Junk King  team. That pile can stay right where it lands. The Junk King crew will go to wherever the stuff is even if that involves climbing stairs.

Before the Junk King crew will load up your closet clutter, they first want to make sure of how everything will fit onto the truck. This is where their moving experience comes into play. Junk King team can look over any pile stuff and know exactly how much space it will take on the back of their truck. The less space that your stuff takes up, the less you will pay. It is just that simple.

You can book your session online or over the phone. If you book online, you will save $20 right from the start! You might also be able to take advantage of the same day pickup. That all depends on when you call in. You never have to wait long for your stuff to be removed by the junk King crew.

Clearing the clutter out of your closets is the perfect job to hire Junk King Birmingham for. Book your removal session today.

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