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The Upside of Bulk Trash Removal Boston



Junk King is a full-service junk removal company that helps with trash removal in Boston. People ask all the time what trash removal actually means, and I tell them all of the services that Junk King Boston offers. These include both residential and commercial trash removal. 

Residential trash removal, or bulk trash removal, at Junk King includes several different services. Most of the bulk trash removal services listed below are full-service, meaning my crew does all the heavy lifting, but you also have the option of renting a dumpster. 



bulk item and trash removal


Bulk trash removal, a.k.a., large trash pickup, is a great option to pick if you have items that need to be removed and that are too large for regular municipal pickup.


You might have already noticed that a lot of the items above (e.g., furniture, hot tubs, and mattresses) are cumbersome and may even contain toxic substances.


Because Junk King is North America’s ‘greenest’ junk removal company, you can rest assured that your waste will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. 


About Trash Removal Boston  


There are many trash items that the state of Massachusetts bans from the regular municipal garbage pickup. Prohibited items include a variety of different kinds of electronic waste (e-waste) as well as yard waste, yard waste, non/ferrous metals, metal containers, and containers. Here’s the full list


  • -Asphalt pavement, brick, and concrete
  • Cathode ray tubes
  • -Clean gypsum wallboard
  • -Commercial food material
  • -Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • -Glass and metal containers
  • -Lead-acid batteries
  • -Leaves and yard waste
  • -Recyclable paper, cardboard, and paperboard
  • -Single-resin narrow-necked plastic containers
  • -Treated and untreated wood and wood waste (banned from landfills only)
  • -White goods (large appliances)
  • -Whole tires (banned from landfills only; shredded tires acceptable)


The crew at Junk King Boston takes almost all of the items that the regular municipal trash pickup can’t or won’t take. In turn, the only item that Junk King won’t accept is hazardous waste, but that leaves a lot that Junk King can take as part of full-service junk removal! 


Yard Waste 


Well, that leaves themselves! At Junk King, we take yard waste, which as you can see from the list of banned items above, regular municipal pickup won’t take. Yard waste includes the usual suspects of leaves, grass clippings, stumps, soil, sod, and lumber along with more unusual items such as corrugated iron, shingles, plasterboard, and fencing. 


Furniture Removal 


Furniture is another item that can’t be popped into the municipal trash but that Junk King Boston accepts as part of trash removal Boston. Homeowners from all around Boston call on Junk King all the time because of the ‘big red’ trucks and the fact that you will only pay for the volume inside you actually use – thus saving a ton of cash! 


For Junk King, furniture removal means taking almost every kind of residential furniture. Couches, sofas, mattresses, bookcases, chairs, and tables are popular items that Junk King Boston helps homeowners and renters efficiently remove. 


Junk King not only removes these kinds of furniture: At Junk King Boston we work with mattress recyclers to ensure that the harmful volatile organic compounds that mattresses contain don’t pollute landfills. If left in landfills, mattresses take up 125 cubic feet of space apiece and can take decades to decompose. 



Appliance Removal 


The crew at Junk King Boston also helps homeowners with heavy appliances, which can’t be slipped into the regular trash and are often heavy to simply re/move. Junk King Boston takes air conditioners, dishwashers and dryers, heaters, stoves, and trash compactors. These all contain metals that can be recycled. 


Garbage Removal 


If you’re staring at dozens of boxes chock full of rubbish and various knick-knacks after a big cleanout, then Junk King Boston can certainly help there, as well. Residential garbage cleanouts can include the stuff leftover from a shed, garage, or crawl space cleanout, including: 


  • -Boxes
  • -Knick-knacks
  • -Books
  • -Tools
  • -Tires
  • -Rubbish
  • -Paper
  • -Cardboard
  • -Tires
  • -Floorboards
  • -Plasterboard
  • -Frames
  • -Windows
  • -Shingles
  • -Corrugated Iron

Note from the list of banned items in the state of Massachusetts that many of these items can’t be put in the regular trash pickup. Banned items were “asphalt pavement, brick and concrete” and “clean gypsum wallboard” used in, for instance, remodelings. Junk King takes those two banned items plus another banned item, “clean gypsum wallboard”.


Dumpster Rental Alternative 


Many of the items found above can’t be put into the trash, but you might still want time to sort it out yourself. In addition to full-service junk removal, Junk King Boston provides dumpster rentals. Basically, after ensuring you are within the service area, you can contact Junk King to schedule a drop-off time for the dumpster.


Spend as much time as necessary getting your items in order and out of your house! Of course, Junk King has its own de facto dumpster built into the Junk King truck, if you want full-service trash removal in Boston. 


Click here to book a MINI today!


Commercial Junk Removal 


Junk King Boston can help businesses with commercial junk and/or furniture removal. Commercial equipment, scrap pickup, and more regular trash pickup with the option of convenient payment plans for business accounts are also available. Now is a great time to get started and shore up more space around the office! 


Residential and Commercial Trash Removal Boston


Junk King Boston continues to provide residential and commercial trash removal Boston to the following communities: 


  • -Allston
  • -Auburndale
  • -Avon
  • -Boston
  • -Brighton
  • -Brookline
  • -Cambridge
  • -Canton
  • -Chestnut Hill
  • -Dedham
  • -Dorchester
  • -Dover
  • -East Walpole
  • -Foxborough
  • -Needham
  • -Newton
  • -Quincy
  • -Wellesley


Feel free to call us at 1-888-888-5865, text a photo of your bulk trash or other items to 1-737-888-5865, or book an appointment online to save $20 on orders of more than $99. Junk King continues to offer free, on-site estimates. You can feel good about using Junk King, North America’s number-one-rated and ‘greenest’ junk removal company for many years running!

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