Albany Junk Removal Reviews

Is there truth in advertising? We’d like to think so. Sometimes the food we order never looks as good as it does on the commercials. No matter how hard we try we can never seem to get our showers as clean as they do in TV spots. Does this mean that all advertisers are stretching the truth? Not necessarily but too often we never seem to get what is advertised. The exception to that rule is with Junk King Capital District. They are advertised as junk removal experts. True. They promise fast and efficient service. Also true. Yet, some folks are still surprised when the Junk King crew shows up and do what they’ve been hired for.

When asked what they liked about the Junk King Capital District’s services one reviewer posted, “Can schedule quickly; employees do ALL the lifting and hauling to the truck.”

Absolutely. With Junk King the only lifting you have to do is lift your finger to point at what you want removed. Some “services” require you to take your junk out to the curb for removal. That kind of defeats the purpose of hiring a hauling crew in the first place. The Junk King crew goes where your junk is. It doesn’t matter if they have to climb a ladder up into the attic or down a flight of stairs into the basement. Just tell them what you want tossed out and they’ll handle the rest.

As for the quick scheduling, Junk King of the Capital District, NY operates like most businesses do within the average 9 to 5 window. However, that doesn’t mean the crew can’t make exceptions for your schedule. If you need an after work or weekend pickup Junk King will be able to accommodate you without charging extra. During the week, if you call Junk King early in the morning you might be able to take care of all your junk by the end of the day.

Then there is the issue of a “unique” removal job.

“Michael and Eric were extremely professional. They called to notify me of their pending arrival (even offered to come earlier than scheduled). The job of removing a custom built in sub zero was especially challenging, and involved some problem solving. They worked hard. I am appreciative of their work,” writes another satisfied Facebook user.

The “sub zero” in question here was a huge freezer. As you can see that really proved to be no problem for the Junk King crew. The same could be said for things like hot tubs, above ground swimming pools, concrete posts and fallen tree limbs. The Junk King crew loves a good challenge. It gives them something to talk about! Whether your junk removal is a challenge or not, you’re sure to add a rave review. Call Junk King Capital District today and get your junk taken away by tomorrow!