Albany Junk Removal Ratings & Reviews

Anytime you consider hiring a service company, you want to make sure they can get the job done. The best way to find that out is to take a look at customer reviews. Every business should provide a forum for customers to share their opinions. If not, then you have to wonder what they are hiding? When it comes to professional junk hauling, Junk King has nothing to hide. They’re also kept very busy by homeowners and businesses around the Capital District who need dependable junk removal. Consider what these customers had to say:


“Hard working, efficient and up front about cost and time of arrival. Very pleased with the job done. Would use services again,” Alys Palmer, Schenectady.

“You guys were on time, called to let me know you were coming and were reasonably priced,” T.T., Freehold.

“Friendly guys, quick removal of junk. Very happy with the specific guys who I worked with,” L.B., Albany.

“Friendly, helpful, efficient and professional from the very first call to the actual date on pick-up; and I appreciated the opportunity to donate and recycle rather than put everything in a dumpster,” M.M., Albany.

And those are the reviews from just last week! These satisfied customers touch on a lot of the things that makes Junk King the perfect junk removal company. First, they are dependable. You’ll know exactly what you will be expected to pay before the work begins. That estimate is provided by the crew once they’ve arrived at your property and have had an opportunity to size up your junk. It is a price that is based entirely on volume as in how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. You’re not going to be charged by the pound with Junk King and that’s a very good thing!

The Junk King crews also work fast. They know how valuable your time is and don’t want to keep you waiting all day. They’ll only ask for a two-hour window of time for the junk removal session. The actual work can be completed in less time than it takes to have your morning cup of coffee. Finally, Junk King’s eco-friendly disposal policies will insure they your junk won’t go to waste. One call to Junk King and you’ll be ready to add you junk removal rave review!