Give The Gift Of Junk Removal To Mom And Dad

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are two days out of the year where we are meant to honor our parents. In truth, we should be honoring them every day of the year! When you consider all the sacrifices they made in the hard work they put in to raising you it is clear they deserve more than one day to celebrate them! Now that you are grown-up you might be raising your own kids and using the exact same lessons they taught you. That is really the epitome of “the circle of life.” Telling them how much you appreciate all their hard work is always a great gesture but you can also pitch in to make their living environment more comfortable. That is easily accomplished by setting up a junk removal session Junk King Albany.

Simple Junk Removal

Junk King provides a simple solution to the problem of rubbish cluttering up garages, basements, attics and closets. They will send over a pair of movers who will swiftly carry out all the unwanted items that you have in the storage areas. It won’t take them long to accomplish this task. That’s because there will always be at least two movers assigned to the task. This is the team that works very efficiently when it comes to lifting and loading heavy objects. All your parents will have to do is point to what they want taken away and the Junk King team will handle the rest.

Simple Pricing

Junk King also operates using a simple pricing policy. The crew has a lot of packing experience. That comes into play when they size up all the items that you want removed. They can figure out by looking over those pieces just how it will fit onto the back of the truck. That is how the price will be determined. It will be a written estimate that won’t change with last-minute fees. Even if the stuff you’re getting rid of takes up more than what was estimated you will still pay that original price.

Wouldn’t your mom and dad appreciate living in a junk free home? One call to Junk King Albany can make it happen.