Add Junk King Albany To Your Vendor List

Property managers are hired to maintain all kinds of properties from vacation homes to apartment buildings. As a property manager, your responsibilities include collecting the rent, resolving tenant issues and making sure the property is well maintained. That is where a list of reputable vendors comes into play. It is vital to have a dependable plumber, electrician and handyman available at a moment’s notice. Your vendor list should also include a professional junk hauler and that is what Junk King Albany is all about.

What is Left Behind

A tenant who moves out is supposed to leave the property in the exact same condition as it was when they moved in. Too often, tenants will attempt to use their security deposit as their last month’s rent. When they accept that they won’t be getting any money back, then they tend to be careless about leaving things behind. This is why having a company like Junk King on standby is so vital. One session with these junk haulers and you’ll be able to get that property clear of anything that was left behind by a former tenant. That will allow you to get that property ready for a new tenant as quickly as possible.

Homes and Apartments

It doesn’t matter which type of property needs to have rubbish removed; the team from Junk King will go wherever the junk is. That includes climbing as many flights of stairs as needed to bring down any piece of furniture, appliance or box of trash. Junk King also responds quickly to requests for junk removal. Most appointments are completed with a 24-hour turnaround. Some are even handled with a same day pickup. The Junk King teams won’t need a lot of supervision, either. Once you agree to the fee, you can let the team dive into the cleanup. In no time at all, the property will be spotless once again.

When you need rubbish and trash removed from one of your properties, you can always count on Junk King Albany to make it happen. Book a session today.