Use Junk King For Your Acra Furniture Removal Needs

Aside from clothes and the cooking and serving items in your kitchen, how many things in your home can you lift all by yourself? There might be a few dining room chairs that are easy to move around. The coffee table in the living room could be “nudged” a few inches to allow for vacuuming. However, when it comes to the bigger pieces like a sofa, loveseat or recliner you would definitely need some help. This is where the “two movers” rule comes into play. If it takes two movers to bring something into the house, then it will take to move is to bring something out again. That is exactly what Junk King Albany can provide to you for furniture removal needs from your Acra home.

Through the Door

Obviously, all of the furniture that is in your home made it through the front door and down the hallways and up the stairs. That doesn’t mean that removing those objects be a challenge if you did it on your own. The crews working with Junk King all have a vast amount of experience with regard to hauling furniture out of all kinds of environments. They know the best approach for navigating stairways. They also know that with some furniture objects there might need to be disassembly first. That is often true with things like entertainment centers, dressers and bookshelves that you assembled in the room. If you are getting rid of those, then you won’t mind that they are going to be taking apart! All of that can be handled by the Junk King crew in a very short amount of time.

The Packing Fee

The price to Junk King charges for its services is based on how the crews pack up the truck. They are trained to get as much is possible into as little space as possible. With furniture removal that often involves stacking. The Junk King team will make sure that you are getting a fair price based on their packing skills every time.

Are you ready to get rid of some unwanted furniture from your Acra home? Then Junk King Albany is ready to help make it happen.