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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Chattanooga Foreclosure Clean Up – Get the Right Crew on the Job

There is no escaping the simple fact that our economy has taken a beating over the past several years. Flip on the news or pick up a paper and you’ll be bombarded by stories about rising unemployment rates, huge government debts and state cut backs. No matter how you slice it, we’ve all taken it on the chin when it comes to the country’s economic woes. However, there are some glimmers of hope with the idea that the economy is slowly coming around. Holiday retails sales figures were much bigger then everyone anticipated and for the first time in several months, those dismal unemployment numbers actually dropped.

All of this could mean that the economy is slowly turning around, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet. The perfect indication of that can be seen by taking a driver around any Chattanooga neighborhood. You’re still going to be seeing a lot of foreclosure signs. For those previous homeowners, it was too late to save their house. But that could mean a bargain for a prospective new homeowner. First step: get that placed cleaned up. If you’re in the business of selling homes then it’s a safe bet at some point you’ll need a Chattanooga Foreclosure Clean Up crew like Junk King to handle the mess.

The condition of a foreclosed home depends a lot upon the character of the previous owner. Nobody asks for a foreclosure, but often the circumstances couldn’t be avoided. If the homeowner feels that they’ve been wronged they might try and take it out one the property. A recent news story out of Los Angeles shows a perfect example of that with a million dollar property. This was a home that went through foreclosure and eviction. One look of the trashed tossed everywhere, the broken sinks, torn up rugs and mold on the wall will tell you those homeowners weren’t happy campers when it came to leaving. As disgusting as that house was, all it took was a hard working team of professional cleaners to get it back into shape and back onto the market.

As a real estate agent or property representative, you’re probably juggling a lot of different projects at once. The last thing you want to concern yourself with is scrubbing walls or dragging out old furniture from a house that just needs a good scrubbing. A Chattanooga foreclosure clean up team like Junk King can probably whip a trashed house into shape in far less time than it would take you to do working alone.

If you’ve ever let some items in your refrigerator go beyond the expiration date and into the “science experiment” zone then you know how gross things can get when left unattended. Now imagine an entire house is like that one carton of old milk. Yikes! Don’t let the prospect of a major clean up get you down or get in the way of picking up a foreclosed property. Once a foreclosure cleanup crew is turned loose, you’ll never know the place was a mess.

Junk King Chattanooga specializes in cleaning up foreclosed properties in an efficient and affordable manner.  Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online today.

Chattanooga Yard Waste Removal – Clearing the Yard

Folks all over the country have been hit by some terrible storms in the last couple of months. When you add it all up, there might be about three or four weeks in the last year when there wasn’t a major weather storm that didn’t touched down somewhere in the country. The blizzards sweeping across the land are followed by torrential rainstorms which lead to mudslides. These are followed by tornadoes in the Midwest, hurricanes in the south and heat waves in the west.  As of late, Chattanooga has definitely seen its fair share on inclement weather and precipitation. No matter where these storms hits, there is going to be a lot of clean up happening.

It doesn’t matter which kind of weather system might come through your neck of the woods they are going to end up dumping a lot of material in your yard that you didn’t ask for. When that happens at your house, the best course of action is to call up a Chattanooga yard waste removal company to make an appointment to clear out the debris. Being woken up in the middle of the night from a storm is one thing, but waking up the next morning to see what got dropped in your yard can be a real shocker. Even if it is your neighbor’s tree or fence, you’re still going to be the one who has to deal with that. If you have the number handy of a yard waste removal company then you can get them to come out to your place and clean up the clutter right away.

Most of us huddle indoors during the cold winter months. Although there are those few rugged types who like grilling a juicy steak even in several feet of snow. Come the spring, it’s time to get out in the yard to bring it back to life, so to speak. This could mean digging up old bushes or trees to make room for new plantings. You might be able to stuff some of that cut down greenery into your weekly garbage can pickup, but is that going to clear away all the yard waste? The best approach might be to do what you have to do in the backyard on a Saturday or Sunday and schedule the removal crew to show up Monday morning. That way they can take away everything in one trip.

Its one thing to load some boxes of old clothes in your car to get rid of them, but it’s another thing to load up dirt, leaves or fallen tree limbs. Do you really want to mess up your car like that? A Chattanooga yard waste removal company won’t be bothered in the least bit if their trucks get dirty hauling away all your outdoor garbage. In fact, if they come back to the shop with a clean truck they might just get into trouble! Having the number of a trusted yard waste removal company is just as important as a trusty plumber or handyman. You never know when you might need them, but you certainly don’t want to be caught without the number.

For the best in professional Chattanooga yard waste removal services, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online with Junk King Chattanooga.