Is Your Guestroom Ready for Holiday Visitors?

Do you like surprises? Sure, it’s fun to get a gift from Santa that you weren’t expecting. But most people don’t like to be surprised, even if it is for a good reason. That certainly holds true to having overnight guests. Yes, if you kid surprises you by coming home from college early, it’s not a problem. But if a friend you haven’t seen in ten years pops up in town and needs a place to stay, then that might be a challenge. You need time to get the house ready. That’s why you should know if you’re having overnight holiday visitors well in advance of their arrival. That will give you plenty of time to get everything ready. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just welcoming.


Have you ever spent the night in your guestroom? You might actually discover a lot of interesting things starting with the mattress. If it hasn’t been slept on by a lot of visitors, then it could actually be in better shape than your bed. That might not hold true of the pillows. Usually the guestroom pillows are the “cast offs” from the rest of the house. Same for sheets and blankets. Those can work unless they are really threadbare. Then it is time to replace them. At the very least, all the sheets, blankets, pillowcases and comforters should be run through the wash.

You’ll also want to make room for their clothes. Even if they’re just staying for the weekend, they probably don’t want to live out of their suitcase. You might need to clear some space in your closet or surrender a dresser drawer. Instead of looking at this as a chore, consider it an opportunity. It’s a good chance to get rid of some unwanted items. That’s where Junk King Chattanooga comes into play.

Once you’ve gathered up all the things in the guestroom that need to be hauled way, set up your session with Junk King. They’ll send over a pair of movers and a big truck to take care of that task. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they can clear out a room, garage or closet of clutter. Let Junk King Chattanooga help you get your guestroom ready for holiday visitors. It will be one less thing to worry about.

Tips For Finishing An Unfinished Basement

Was your unfinished basement one of the features that attracted you to your house? Obviously, you planned to get that basement finished one day. Perhaps now is the time to devote some effort to that goal. Who knows? If you start this week, then you might have it ready for the holidays. Here are some things to keep in mind when finishing an unfinished basement:


Check for water

Before you begin any planning, you want to check for water or leak. Obvious signs would be any pools of water drips that are seen on the inside. You also want to check your foundation on the outside. If you are replacing drywall or paneling, then you might discover some water issues behind that. You definitely want to track the source of those leaks and get them fixed before you put up any new drywall.

Check the Codes

Once you have sealed up any potential water leaks you’ll want to check with the local municipality for your neighborhood to see if you need any permits for what you’re doing. You probably won’t need them if you’re just putting up drywall but if you are planning any electrical or plumbing work then it might need to be inspected.

Get The Right Fasteners

Many basements are built with some sort of masonry or cement block. That means a regular nail or screw isn’t going to support your framing for drywall. You need to get the right type of fasteners for your wall type. If you’re not sure, then snap a photo and take it to your hardware store. They should know exactly what you need to make your wall secure.

Add A Vapor Barrier

Even with the leaks plugged up your basement can still be a damp place. A vapor barrier that’s place between the walls and floors prior to framing can help remove some of that dampness.

Consider Insulation

Insulation that you can put in the between the foundation and your walls cannot only help control the temperature but also dampen sound from the outside. That’s great if you going to turn your basement into your home theater. You can use foam insulation or insulation in a roll. Again, you want to check the code requirements whenever you install insulation.

Get Rid Of The Junk

Of course, before you start any remodeling project in your basement you want to get rid of all the unwanted rubbish. Basements are a popular spot in a home for random storage. You can hire Junk King Chattanooga to remove all that clutter and junk from your basement. The team from Junk King will make it many trips up and down the stairs as needed. One call to Junk King Chattanooga can help clear out your basement and get it ready for finishing.

Plan For a Junk Free Holiday Season

To pull off a successful holiday season requires a lot of careful planning. First, there are all the family schedules to coordinate. That includes all the activities of the kids and any out of town visitors. There are also menus to plan as well as baking schedules for all those terrific traditional treats. Of course, the main issue with the holidays is the shopping. It is rare to get everything done at one store. Again, lots of planning. One other element you need to factor in is getting your house in order and that means getting rid of the junk before the holiday season. That is where hiring Junk King Chattanooga can be a huge benefit.


As you take down Halloween decorations and put up the other holiday decorations, you might notice a few items that could be removed from your home. Whether that is rubbish in the yard or a sofa down in the basement, Junk King is the crew that can handle that chore.

Every junk removal session that is set up by Junk King Chattanooga will be staffed by at least two very strong movers. On some jobs, you might even get three movers. It doesn’t matter to Junk King if you’re moving a little or a lot; you’ll still get a team with every session. That just makes things go a lot smoother.

You can plan your junk removal session around your schedule. All that Junk King asks is that you pick a day and a two-hour window for the session. Those two hours gives the crews plenty of time to get from one home to the next. Of course, if you schedule for the first pick up of the day, you won’t have to wait that long. Once the crew does arrive, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they can clear all kinds of junk.

Included in Junk King Chattanooga’s service is also all the disposal. This is where more planning come into play but not for you. The Junk King crews are going to sort through everything they collect and pull out those things that can be donated or recycled. Those items will be dropped off at the appropriate facility. This is how Junk King does things. Before your holiday starts, plan for a junk removal session with Junk King Chattanooga. You’ll be glad you did.

Don’t Let Your House Become Haunted With Junk

The plot of many horror movies involves houses that are haunted. It’s a simple idea and one that always manages to scare up a lot of interest with fans of the genre. A typical Hollywood haunted house involves spider webs, creaky doors, dusty furniture and things that go bump in the night. You can just look at a house and know that it’s haunted. Would that be something that is happening around your house? Does your house look haunted because of all the junk that’s laying around? That might work great for Halloween but it certainly isn’t something you want to keep around especially for the upcoming holidays. The easiest way to get rid of your junk is to bring Junk King Chattanooga out to your property.


It makes sense to keep things in storage around your yard. If there is an area behind your garage, next to your house or under the porch, then why not put things there like lumber, auto parts, construction waste, scrap metal or other debris you can toss out. The problem is the longer those items stay piled up the greater the risk of them becoming a hazard. The crew from Junk King can quickly pick up those positive rubbish regardless of how grimy or rusty they might be. There also not afraid of bugs that would be underneath those debris piles. All they are focused on is getting that stuff onto the truck as quickly as possible. The inside of your house might also be haunted by clutter. When Junk King is finished clearing your yards, they can turn their attention to the inside of your house. It will be easy for them to carry out furniture, appliances, electronics and any other unwanted items you want to get rid of. This is a crew that likes to work fast. In fact, it might take you longer to decide what you want to get rid of than it does for Junk King the loaded onto the truck.

Every item that’s collected by Junk King has that potential of being recycled. It doesn’t matter what kind of shape it’s in or if it can be used again. The junk King crews have been trained to pick out all those things that could be dropped off at a charity or at a recycling center. One call to Junk King Chattanooga makes sure your house will never be haunted by junk again!

Junk King Chattanooga Customers Upload Positive Reviews

Every company should ask each of their customers a simple question, “how are we doing?” That’s what the professional junk haulers from Junk King Chattanooga asked their customers. Here are some of their responses:


“Everything. This is my 2nd time using Junk King and I had just as good experience as I did the first time. The guys who hauled my stuff away were fast, friendly, and very professional. The price was right, and they made my project a lot easier. I will always use Junk King when I have large quantities of junk to get rid of.” – M.A., Chattanooga

When you sort through all the things you want to get rid of, you may be overwhelmed by the size of the rubbish pile. But there isn’t a pile of junk that the Junk King Chattanooga can’t remove in a timely fashion. They provide the manpower and the truck, which is all you need. What do you want to get rid of?

“I am so impressed with everything about this company! It was easy to book an appointment on line and I was followed up with immediately for details. I was contacted by the people who were coming to my house 30 minutes before they were scheduled to be here, they were on time. There were 3 workers, all friendly and helpful. I received a quote based on what they estimated it would cost after I showed them what I needed. The guys were in and out of here within 30 minutes or less. They adjusted my cost to about half of what they had estimated because my items didn’t take up as much room as they originally thought. No hassles at all!” – Carlyn V., Lookout Mountain

Cost is always a factor anytime you hire a service professional to come into your home. Junk King Chattanooga has a fair and affordable pricing policy that keeps customers coming back time and again. That policy is always based on volume and not weight. You’ll get that estimate before the work begins and as Carlyn found out, you’ll also get an honest deal if that estimate is “off.”

“Prompt, professional and get the job done efficiently.” – Diane W., Hixson

It only takes one junk removal session with Junk King Chattanooga to make you a loyal customer. Make that call today.

Best Way To Get Rid Of An Old Lawnmower And Other Junk

Anything that has been manufactured has an “expiration date.” On food items, that expiration date can be very specific. As for everything else, it really depends on how often you use an item. Consider your lawnmower. Do you remember when you first bought that machine? How many times have you mowed the lawn since then? Like a car, you can keep a lawnmower running efficiently with a little maintenance and blade sharpening. However, sooner or later it might just give out. That doesn’t mean you stop mowing your lawn. Instead, you’ll need a new mower but what about the old lawnmower? That’s where Junk King Chattanooga comes into play.


Junk King Chattanooga is a company that is dedicated to keeping homes and businesses clear of clutter. Most of the stuff that you have around your house that you want to get rid of is probably too big to fit into the trashcan. That means, it requires be loaded onto a truck and hauled away to a proper disposal facility. Technically, that can be a DIY weekend chore but why waste your time off? Junk King Chattanooga can make that old lawnmower disappear with a single phone call.

The crew working for Junk King will show up in a truck big enough to hold whatever it is you want to get rid of. That can be a push lawnmower or a rider mower. The team from Junk King will efficiently load that machine onto their truck. You could stop right there and still be ahead of the game. But as long as you have the truck and the manpower why not get the rest of your unwanted stuff cleared away in the same session? Take full advantage of this crew to also get rid of things like rusty patio furniture, bricks, construction waste and anything else that is taking up space in your yard.

You don’t have to worry about how heavy something is that you want to get rid of. That’s because Junk King is not to charge you by the pound. It all comes down to how tightly they pack up the truck with all your stuff. One flat fee covers all the costs. When you’re ready to get rid of your old lawnmower and the rest of your junk, Junk King Chattanooga will be ready to get it done.

Important Fireplace Safety Tips

The official start will might be still a few weeks away but it’s already getting cooler around Chattanooga. You may be tempted to light your first fire of the season in the fireplace. Before that happens, it’s always a good idea review some important fireplace safety tips. This is information that should be shared with anyone going to be lighting a fire in your home.


Minimize the Build Up Of Soot and Creosote

Anytime you start a fire, you’re going to release a certain amount of soot or creosote. You can minimize the amount that is the lease by using season hardwood or manufactured fireplace logs. These burn a lot cleaner than real word and provide you with the same amount of warmth. Just remember that a manufactured log burns a lot hotter than a regular wood log. That means you should only burn one at a time.

Only Burn Wood or Manufactured Logs in the Fireplace

As tempting as it might be to use the fireplace as a disposal you should never burn anything other than wood for manufactured logs. That includes things like wrapping paper or other packing material. Around Christmas time, you definitely don’t want to burn any greenery such as holly.

Avoid a Roaring Fire

Although a roaring fire might look attractive it’s not as safe as a control birth. A fire that is too hot can actually crack your chimney. This can result in some expensive repair that you probably weren’t anticipating.

Stack Fireplace Logs At The Back Of the Hearth

When you are preparing your fire, you want to stack your logs as far as back in the fireplace as possible. This will ensure that sparks and embers won’t fly out your carpet. Also, make sure that the damper is open before you light the fire. It also helps to open a window just to crack bring in more oxygen for the fire to burn more efficiently.

Don’t Ever Leave a Fire Unattended

Obviously if you are starting a fire, it is there for you to enjoy. Yes, you can walk in the other rooms and come back but you should never go to sleep with a fire blazing in the fireplace. At the end of the night, make sure it is completely extinguished.

Keep the Area Around the Fireplace Clear

A fireplace is a central feature of any room but it doesn’t mean everything needs to be close to the fire. You don’t want to position any furniture near the fire. That also holds true for any clutter like stacks of newspaper or magazines.

Getting rid of clutter like old papers or junk mail is easy. It’s the bigger items that cause a challenge. Junk King Chattanooga is up to the challenge of removing all kinds of unwanted furniture, appliances and other clutter from your home. Their crews will do all the lifting and loading for you so your back will never be put at risk. A safe home is a clutter free home. Junk King Chattanooga can help make that happen today.

Best Approach For Handling Your Empty Nest Home

Now that your kid is heading off to college, you’re going to be facing the same situation that millions of parents face each year: the empty nest. Even if you have other kids that are still staying home and school, you’ll still feel that emptiness when the one person you’re used to having around is suddenly off on their own. Although you are certainly right to feel sad this is also a great moment of celebration. You’ve made a major accomplishment by preparing your child for college. Now you have the chance to prepare for the next chapter in your life. He is the best approach for handling your empty nest:


Create a Bucket List

A bucket list is a list of all the things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance because you are always busy raising the kids. Maybe you want to take up pottery or learn to play the piano. You could even find yourself going back to community college yourself. The idea is to take on a project that can provide you with immediate satisfaction.

Talk To Other College-Bound Parents

It’s a safe bet that the parents of your kids friends are all going through the same experiences. Maybe some of those kids have gone off to the same college together. Either way, those parents can become your new support group. You probably already feel comfortable with them having spent a lot of time over the years in carpools and play dates. This is the time to reach out instead of isolating yourself.

Get To Know Your Spouse All Over Again

Remember when your kids are growing up how hard it was to have a date night? Now, every night can be a date night! This is one of opportunity to get you know your spouse all over again.

Avoid Big Changes

Just because your kid has left home doesn’t mean you need to make big changes like moving out of the house or emptying their room and turning it into an exercise studio. Those changes might happen but they don’t have to happen this first year. Of course, you can still do a lot of work around the house that you’ve been putting off like getting rid of unwanted junk. This is where Junk King Chattanooga is going to make a huge difference. They’ll provide you with the manpower and truck space. All you have to do is provide them with that junk. That literally means pointing to the things you want taken away. You’ll always feel better once your home is clear of clutter thanks to a junk removal session from Junk King Chattanooga.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Renting A Storage Unit

If you’ve reached the point where you’ve got no room in your garage, closets, basement or attic for any more stuff, then it might be time to rent a storage unit. This is a very smart option to create more space in your home. Before you set up a contract, it will be helpful to review these do’s and don’ts of renting a storage unit:


Do Review the Contract

Many storage facilities provide great deals as an introductory offer. That’s great to get you in the door but you have to find out specifically when that deal is going to change. You don’t want to find yourself suddenly paying double the rent you signed up for. You also want to make sure you can cancel your contract at any time without incurring any charges. Be on the lookout for hidden fees as well. Paying tax is one thing but you shouldn’t have to pay for extra security.

Don’t Store Perishables

There are some businesses that rent storage units for their inventory but they should never be storing perishables in those units. You should keep out any food items that might attract unwanted guests. A storage unit also isn’t a place for things that can spoil like wine.

Do Use Pallets

It’s a good idea to lift your property off the floor with pallets. This is especially important if you’re renting a unit that is on the ground level. Just as rainwater can seep into your garage, it can also seep into a storage unit. Your things will be protected if they are above ground.

Don’t Store Hazardous Materials

If you’re putting a lawnmower in storage, then you want to make sure the gas tank is drained. Things like propane tanks, paint and other solvents also should be kept out of storage units. An old refrigerator should have the Freon drained as well.

Don’t Pack Clutter

The goal is to get a good deal on your storage unit but that doesn’t mean it should be taken up with rubbish. As you sort through all the things you want to pack up you will probably discover that a lot of it could be tossed out. If you can’t fit into the trash, then you want to hire Junk King Chattanooga. These are the junk removal professionals that have a lot of experience moving all kinds of rubbish piles. The two-man crew sent over by Junk King will quickly load up all the stuff you want to get rid of and dispose of it in a responsible manner. Keep your storage unit clear of clutter with one call to Junk King Chattanooga.

How To Make Your Hotel Guests Happy

Once you decide to become the owner and operator of a hotel, you have instantly put yourself into the “people business.” The success of your hotel depends on making your guests happy. There will be some guests that are just too hard to please. But if you show that you are making the effort, then you’ll earn those positive reviews. Here are some great ideas on how to make your hotel guests happy:


Provide Kid Friendly Extras

A family that is traveling together has a lot of special needs. It doesn’t take much effort to stock things like electric socket protectors, cribs, strollers and even baby suntan lotion. You could go so far as to set up designated family-friendly rooms with bunk beds. Passing out coloring books a check in is also a good idea to keep the little ones happy.

Embrace Your Unique Spaces

Not every room in your hotel would be considered a suite. Acknowledge that you have some unique spaces that might be smaller or have obstructed views. These are the kinds of rooms that can be offered with a lower price. As long as a guest knows up front what they’re paying for, then they won’t be upset.

Offer Free Passes

Your hotel might not have a gym but there is probably a gym in the neighborhood. Your guest would appreciate free passes to the gym or spa. They could also be a lot of businesses that will be happy to provide discounts to guests. Be sure to check out any local attractions that would be happy to drum up some extra business by providing passes.

Offer a Lot of TV Options

Although your guests might not be spending a lot of time in the hotel room, when they are there they want to feel like they’re at home. That often means a lot of TV options. Every room should have a flatscreen HDTV. You should provide a wide range of channels for their viewing pleasure. If you can install a DVD player, then you should also have a DVD library in the lobby. None of this is going to be an exorbitant amount when you consider the return on the investment in the form of positive reviews.

Get Rid Of the Rubbish

Hotels have a way of stockpiling rubbish. Mattresses, furniture, rugs, drapes and all kinds of other debris can cause a lot of clutter throughout the property. You would be well served by bringing in Junk King Chattanooga for fast removal. These are professional junk haulers who have a lot of experience with this type of clean up. There to provide you with a great team of movers that do all the heavy lifting for you. One session with Junk King Chattanooga will have your hotel clear of debris in no time at all.

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