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Chattanooga Residential Junk Removal

Here’s a fun project for a Saturday afternoon in Chattanooga. Gather the family together and pass out stacks of Post-its to play, “We should get rid of this someday.” Now have everyone race through the house and slap a Post-it on any item that is either busted, worthless or no longer being used. Give then 15 minutes. The family member who can identify the most items can win a prize! After the big race, do your own tour of the home just to see what everyone else considers to be junk. You might be surprised at the amazing amount of things that could be cleared from your home. Now that you have all of those items identified, it will only take the services of a locally based Chattanooga residential junk removal company to come by with their truck and take it all away.  That company is Junk King Chattanooga.

So, what’s the result? Will you find Post-its on old furniture that nobody wants to sit on anymore? Will there be boxes of clothes that nobody would wear? What about old school books, magazines or newspaper? Of course you don’t have to limit the search just to the inside of your home. You could expand the playing field to include garages, backyards and storage sheds. Then imagine what you could find! Rusted lawnmowers that will never work again, tires, or even car parts that won’t fit in any car could all be laying in wait.  Suddenly what started out as simple experiment has turned into a major find of useless junk.
Maybe you don’t have to go through such elaborate methods to identify all your junk. But it is a safe bet that merely walking around your home on a normal day probably has you flashing on several items and saying to yourself, “I’ve got to get rid of that someday.” Well, that day has come!
When you call up a professional Chattannooga junk removal company, they can accomplish in a few hours a total removal of all your unwanted stuff. Yes, all of this junk had a purpose at one point or else you wouldn’t have brought it into your home in the first place. But time takes its toll on everything and if it is time to say good-bye to that junk then so be it. The Junk King hauling crew you’ll be inviting into your home will be bonded and licensed. After all, you just don’t want to invite anyone into your house. Once you explain what needs to be done to the team supervisor, you can sit back, relax and watch all that junk fly out of the door.
After the job is complete, you might just be surprised by all the new space you’ve reclaimed. Some folks have managed to take back entire rooms from the “junk monster!”  Don’t wait another weekend to get rid of your trash!
Simply call 1-800 995 JUNK or book an free on site estimate online with Junk King Chattanooga.

Chattanooga Construction Waste Removal

There is a group of dedicated folks who spend their working day traveling up and down the Mississippi on a barge. Their mission? Just to haul away all the garbage that gets dumped in river. Sounds like a very noble project doesn’t it? It’s important to have our largest river kept clean. There’s one slight problem: they’ve been doing this for ten years straight. That means there has been ten years worth of enough garbage to fill a barge every day. And that’s garbage that has been dumped along the shores of the mighty Mississippi. It’s enough to drive you crazy. A lot of that garbage could be categorized as construction waste.  This would mean piles of lumber scraps, rebar or chunks of concrete all creating an eyesore. And you don’t need a river to dump. There are plenty of places all over Chattanooga that have suffered from the blight of this kind of dumping. It doesn’t have to be that way especially when there is a professional construction waste removal company who is up to the job – Junk King Chattanooga.
Let’s get real. The responsibility of construction waste removal falls to the manager of the project. Being a good manager they will probably delegate this job to their workers. Not to point fingers, but are those workers in the best position to get rid of all that site waste? After a long day of work, the last thing these guys want to do is load up trucks with garbage and haul it to a dump site.
You might think that having a dumpster on the site is all you need, but how quick does that dumpster fill up and overflow? Doesn’t take long. And the garbage service you’ve hired to take away that dumpster isn’t going to pick up what overflows to the ground. “It’s not their job.” That’s why hiring one company who is charged to take away all the waste is the way to go. Whether that amount is one truckload or a dozen, let them handle it.
You can also rest assured that the company your are hiring isn’t going to take any shortcuts to the dump. It’s their job to dispose of that waste properly and that’s just what they are going to do. There are plenty of headaches to be had on any construction. Material costs can shoot up in the middle of a job ruining estimates. Deliveries are late forcing workers to sit around doing nothing. Inspectors are late which hold up the project. With all of that going on, the last thing you should worry about is what’s happening to your garbage.
Hiring an outside company means your construction waste will literally become out of sight and out of mind. Focus on the build, not on what you’re throwing away.
Junk King Chattanooga specializes in working with construction sites to haul off all that excess waste at the end of the day or end of the project.  It’s as simple as calling 1-800-995-JUNK or booking a free on site estimate online.
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