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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Chattanooga Couch Disposal – Buy the New and Remove the Old

As the economy slowly makes its way back up from the bottom of the recession, folks are deciding to spend a bit more. One way to make sure that we can build up our country and provide more jobs is to buy American. You might be surprised to discover just how many items in your home were actually made overseas. The good news is that there are plenty of American manufacturers who are very much in the business of delivering high quality goods. If you’re ready to invest in improving your surroundings with some new furniture you won’t have to travel very far away from Chattanooga to find a good deal.
The first step for many savvy shoppers is Hamilton Place. This is Tennessee’s largest indoor shopping mall, featuring six major department stores that anchor dozens of other shops. There are certainly bargains galore to be had at Hamilton Place. But if the mall isn’t your thing, you might want to head over to Frazier Avenue on the North Shore of Chattanooga. Here’s where you can do some serious antiquing among the quaint shops that line this art’s district. Spending a day strolling among the shops on Frazier Avenue could inspire you with an entirely fresh approach to your home decorating.
Of course those options are for the “old school” kind of shopper. If you really want to explore all your “Made in America” options you’ll probably have to take to the internet. You might think it’s not practical to buy furniture online because of the expensive shipping costs. Actually, there are many companies who are excited to do business with you and offer free shipping all across the country. You’ll also find that their prices and styles are every bit as compatible as with those item sent from overseas.
Now the issue becomes what to do with your old couch or loveseat? You could shove it down into the basement or garage and hope it won’t take up too much space. But why would you want to hold onto something you’ve already deemed to be “useless?” This is when you should consider calling in a professional team of haulers like Junk King Chattanooga to take away that couch and make room for your new furniture pieces.
Keep in mind that just because you’re hiring certified junk haulers to take away your couch doesn’t mean that’s all they can haul away. If you think about it you could probably come up with a whole truck load of junk you’ve been thinking about getting rid of. You know; it’s all that stuff that you can’t throw out because it’s too bulky and you don’t have room in your car to drive it to the dump. Go through your house and make a list to see what you can come up with. When you clear out that clutter you’re find enjoying your new sofa is going to be a much nicer experience.

Chattanooga Trash Pickup

We are confronted with rules and regulations from the moment we wake up to the moment we go back to bed. That’s all part of living in an orderly society. Without those rules there would be chaos in the streets both literally and figuratively. One set of rules provided by the Chattanooga City Council actually covers something we all take for granted and that is trash collection. You might think there really aren’t any rules. All you have to do is put the trash out on the appointed day and it gets picked up. No harm, no foul, right? Not quite.
For instance, according to the official Chattanooga Public Works department, you need to have your trash containers out on the curb by 7:00 am on pickup day. It is also illegal for trash cans to stay on the street after collection day. Yes, you read that right: it’s illegal which means you could be sited and fined. The Public Works department also recommends that you put all your garbage in heavy-duty plastic bags and tie them up tight to prevent any critters from crawling in. The main reason for that is trash hauling crews aren’t going to pick up any spills. That all makes sense. But wait, there’s more!
Any piece of trash that could pose a health or safety risk for the garbage crew or even your neighbors won’t be picked up. This means things like unused paint, pesticides, battery acid or any kind of “radioactive substances.” (Yes, we all have a lot of that!). Household hazardous materials have to be taken to the official Chattanooga waste facility.
As far as yard waste is concerned, you can put some twigs or brush in your garbage can but grass has to be bagged up. Here’s where they get really specific. From the Public Works website: “Do not place garbage on the ground or on top of an automated container. Do not overfill automated containers. Lids must be closed completely. The arrows on the lid and front of the container must point towards the street. The wheels and handles should be next to the curb. Containers must be within 2 ft. from the curb, at least 3 ft. from the obstruction, and 20 ft. from vehicles parked along the street.” Got that? You probably never thought you would need a tape measure to take out your trash.
Of course we all follow the garbage rules like the good citizens that we are. But what happens when you’ve got trash that won’t fit into a container? That’s when you might have to step outside of the Public Works department and hire your own Chattanooga  trash pickup service.  Fortunately, there is a crew of professional junk haulers based in Chattanooga who can pickup your large trash items and are just a phone call away – Junk King.  This probably won’t be a once a week pickup, but if you plan ahead you could certainly get rid of a lot of junk with one scheduled pickup. Are you ready to clean out the clutter of your life?  Simply call 1-888-888-JUNK.