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Monthly Archives:

Chattanooga Scrap Metal Removal

Every year a group of intrepid American travelers heads across the pond to England to spend their holidays scouring the fields around the English countryside with hand-held metal detectors. They are looking for any remnants of medieval history. Believe it or not they have become quite successful at this. Over the years they found the cachet of ancient Roman coins, metallic utensils and all other kinds of pieces of metal related to suits of armor. What’s interesting is that these searchers don’t do this for profit. Instead they turn over everything they find to local British museums. It’s just the thrill of the hunt that keeps them coming back year after year.

When you think about it, those items that they dig up in rural farmlands are for all practical purposes scrap metal. Scrap metal is best described as something that is tossed away or forgotten. While it’s not clear why anyone would forget about a pile of coins, those other bits of metal could easily be thrown aside and forgotten about only to end up being buried over the years. You might have some scrap metal of your own that could be discarded. If so then you should call upon professional junk haulers like Junk King Chattanooga to show up and take it all away.

The key word there is “professional.” Sure you might have occasionally seen a truck drive through you neighborhood loaded with scrap metal and think that would be the perfect person to take away your junk. The problem is you don’t know who this person is and how reliable they are. Do you really want to invite a total stranger you just met on the street into your home? Probably not, which is why you should turn to a certified and licensed business who built his reputation upon getting the job done right.

With regard to scrap metal it is true that you could sell your scrap metal to a junkyard for some cash but there are many drawbacks with this. First of all, you need a substantial amount of metal to warrant a trip to the junk yard. Most scrap metal dealers are buying that metal for pennies on the dollar. This means you’ll need upwards of 100 pounds to see some substantial payback. Are you ready to haul 100 pounds of scrap metal in the back of your family SUV? Do you even have 100 pounds of scrap metal?

Chances are you might have just a few pieces lying around the house that have cropped up for whatever reason that you want to be gotten rid of. This is where the professional Junk King scrap metal haulers can come to the rescue. Not only will they be able to load up that scrap metal but they can also take away all your other junk like old furniture, yard waste and even kitchen appliances that you want to get rid of. The bottom line is that unless you make it a full time job of collecting scrap metal you’re not getting get rich from this endeavor. You’re better off getting rid of your junk the right way and that’s with letting somebody else do all the work!

Chattanooga Christmas Tree Disposal

The centerpiece of home holiday decorations has got to be the Christmas tree. In many ways your Christmas tree is kind of a tribute to your own family’s history. Quite often there’s a whole range of ornaments that have been created by the kids over the years that now have become treasured heirlooms. Your approach to Christmas tree decorating also says a lot about your own personality. In other words, are you a “throw everything at it and see what sticks” kind of a person or are you more of an organized monochromatic type of person? Either way when it comes to Christmas tree decorating you just can’t go wrong!
For those who embrace the “Burl Ives method” of Christmas tree decorating you might opt for merely silver and gold ornaments. Going in this direction will certainly give you a lot of opportunities to pick from all kinds of garlands, Christmas balls and other types of ornaments that coordinate with that particular color theme. There are other bold color choices for Christmas tree themes such as going all red, all blue or even the extreme all pink.
With a more colorful approach, you can decorate your Christmas tree with a blaze of multi-colored twinkling lights and a vast array of ornaments. Keep in mind that you can still have a theme going with those ornaments. In fact, if you were to do some shopping on eBay you could come up with enough ornaments to have an all Star Wars or Star Trek or Disney type of Christmas tree. Nothing says Christmas like Darth Vader hanging from the branches!
Christmas tree purists will hold their nose at the very thought of bringing an artificial Christmas tree into the home. For them it’s fresh evergreen all the way! The key with picking out the best Christmas tree for your home is to make sure you get the size right. What looks small at the Christmas tree lot could actually prove to be enormous once you get inside your living room. This will then require a lot of slicing and dicing that you really shouldn’t do in the first place! All it takes is a simple floor-to-ceiling measure to ensure you get the right tree.
Once your tree is in place you need to make sure you have access to the base so that you can water your live Christmas tree properly. There was a time when this meant getting down on your hands and knees every day and performing gymnastics move the under the tree and at the base. Now there is an extended funnel that you can buy at every Christmas tree lot that will help you water your tree without bending your back!
When the holidays are over and you’re ready to get rid of that tree make sure you schedule an appointment with a professional Chattanooga Christmas tree disposal company like Junk King Chattanooga. They can come by and make sure that your Christmas tree isn’t lingering on the curb for too long. They’ll also be able to take away any other junk that has been created over the holidays. It’s the best way to start the New Year!
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