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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Chattanooga Air Conditioner Disposal

Left to our own devices, we’d have garbage piled up on the curbs. Our rivers, streams and lakes would be a muddy mess and we wouldn’t be able to breathe fresh air. All of those things can be solved when our local government plays an active role in keeping things clean. Here in Chattanooga we have an Office of Sustainability. Never heard of that? You might not be alone in that regard but this is a government agency that is actually doing a lot of good for all the residents. Here is their official mission statement:

“The Office of Sustainability is responsible for guiding Chattanooga toward a sustainable economy, environment, and community. We call this the city’s triple bottom line. We approach our mission by developing the physical resources of the city, working with businesses who want to become sustainable enterprises, and promoting projects that save our taxpayers money. Since 2009, we have been collecting data, setting goals, and making recommendations for the City of Chattanooga and the region. The mission of the City of Chattanooga Office of Sustainability is to be a catalyst for innovation and sustainable decisions and actions within the City of Chattanooga government, Chattanooga communities, and the region.”

Very noble goals indeed. So how are they doing? A rundown of their “to-do” list finds that 350 Smart Street Lights have been installed. They’ve got about 25,000 more to go to complete this project. There have been 45 city wide energy audits conducted to see how things can be improved. Additionally, there have been 100 bike stations put up around the town to encourage more bike riders. Most importantly, this office has taken at least 59 suggestions for the residents and put them into action with regard to sustainability and energy savings.

Clearly, they are doing their part to keep Chattanooga clean and energy efficient. How about your own efforts? Are you doing your part? One of things everyone can do is to make sure their own energy use isn’t wasted. That would occur if we are using appliances that aren’t EnergyStar rated. In these dog days of summer, the one appliance that is getting a complete workout is the air conditioner. Is your AC ready for the junk heap? You can swap out your old model for a new design that could lower your monthly electric bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

The other side of that issue is to make sure your old air conditioner or any other type of large appliance is properly disposed of. You’ll be able to get that job done when you hire Junk King Chattanooga. Those are the professional junk haulers based here in Chattanooga who specialize in the removal of bulky items but they go a step further and make sure those items are handle the right way. This often means dropping off at one of the many recycling centers located around town. Get right with your appliances and make sure Junk King gets rid of them properly.

Chattanooga Treadmill and Exercise Machine Disposal

Show of hands: Who has a home gym? Bigger question: Who uses their home gym on a regular basis? The truth is that many folks who have invested in home gym equipment do so for the right reasons but ultimately they are done in by that “convenience.” Too often the home treadmill or exercise equipment tucked into the basement or garage becomes a clothes rack simply because of boredom. If you’re not motivated to use that equipment you won’t use it no matter how close it is. That’s why if you’re serious about getting into shape you should consider (or reconsider!) joining a gym.

There are many benefits of joining a gym. Top among them is the fact that you can’t really get too bored especially if your gym has a variety of workout equipment. In fact, most trainers will recommend that you switch up your cardio routines to target different muscle groups. Beyond the treadmill there is the reclining cycle, stationary bike and rowing machine that are all part of the average gym. And don’t discount a good old fashion aerobics class.

Speaking of classes, most gyms offer all kinds of classes as part of the monthly dues. This is another great reason for joining the gym: the new friends you can make. There is nothing like sharing the “pain” of a spin cycle class to bring folks together. Many lasting friendships and even a few romances have been forged at the gym.

If you think that gyms are too expensive then you’re not shopping around enough. Today many gyms offer very affordable packages that allow you to pay a low monthly fee and enjoy all the benefits of the club. When you break it down it’s just a couple of dollars a visit to get access to all that equipment and maybe even a swimming pool! That’s a bargain.

Of course, the biggest plus for joining a gym will be all the health benefits you’ll be getting. If you can get into a normal routine of 3 or 4 visits a week you’ll be doing remarkable things for your body. Even if its’ just 30 minutes of intense cardio workouts you’ll be getting your money’s worth. There’s also that sense that if you’re paying for something you want to use it.

So what to do with that old gym equipment? Technically if you’re not going to use it then it’s really junk at this point. You could try selling it on Craigslist but “used gym equipment”  is not much of a bargain for anyone. You’re best option would be to hire Junk King Chattanooga to take away that stuff and give you back your room. The Chattanooga Junk King branch is standing by to remove any bulky items you want getting rid up. Can’t you think of a better use of that space? If so, call Junk King today at 1-800-995-JUNK and get to the gym!

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