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Chattanooga Carpet Disposal and Recycling

Do you know what to look for in a new carpet? Yes, color and pattern are the first things that will attract your eye to a particular style but there are some other factors you should be aware of such as twist, stain protection and getting a professional installer. Since this is a major purchase and something you’ll be living with for several years you want to make sure you get the carpet pick right!

The twist in a carpet refers to the individual yarn pieces found in the fabric. Yes, you’ll have to get in close to examine the twist and if you have a magnifying glass then bring it! The number of twists per piece of yarn will reveal the density of the pile and how it will feel. Keep in mind that the height of the pile has nothing to do with its density. The more twists you have the more spring in your step. This also translates into better visuals when it comes to hiding footprints.

No matter where you’ll be placing your carpet, stain protection should be a major consideration. A carpet in a heavy traffic area should be cleaned twice a year. This doesn’t mean vacuuming but a deep cleaning with shampoo. The good news is you can rent one of these cleaners from your local grocery store. Today, there are some amazing strain resistant protections that are part of a c carpet design. Ask for a demonstration in the store.

Just as you should be looking for a reputable dealer to sell you the carpet you also want to make sure they are providing you with a reputable installer. If they are hiring an outside contractor, don’t hesitate to shop around to see if you can get a better deal or use someone a friend has recommended.

Before the new carpet can be put down you’ll want to prepare the floor. Not only will this mean a layer of padding but removing the old carpet. Even if your installer will be taking up the old carpet there is no guarantee they’ll be able to dispose of it properly. That’s why you should hire Junk King Chattanooga before the carpet arrives. A Junk King crew will have no problem rolling up that old carpet and loading it onto the back of their truck. On that same trip they’ll be able to take away any other oversized item you want to toss out like old living room furniture or junk from your garage. Why not make a clean sweep of things through your home? It’s easy when you’ve got Junk King Chattanooga on your side.

Chattanooga Bulk Trash Pickup – Call in the Pros

When it comes to bulky item pickups the city of Chattanooga has a program called Trash Flash. You can put an item out on the curb, call up a dedicated hotline and schedule an appointment pickup. However, there are a lot of limitations with this program. First, there is the long list of things they won’t pickup. This includes 55-gallon drums, auto parts, brick, building materials, concrete, dirt, drywall, lumber, recyclables, tile, tires and insulation. In other words, if you’ve got waste leftover from a remodeling job you’re out of luck with this program.

The next big issue is the fact that you have to drag whatever oversize item you want to get rid of out to the curb. Suppose you have a sofa you want to toss out. Can you carry that out to the curb by yourself? Maybe you can get help but then you’ll have a sofa sitting on your curb. Just because the city has a number to call doesn’t mean you’re going to get a fast response. That sofa could end up sitting outside for several days. If a storm comes through the area (and there is always the chance of that!) there is going to be even bigger problems. Now you’ll have a soggy mess sitting on your property. This isn’t the thing you want to show your neighbors. There is a more efficient process for picking up bulk trash items and that would be hiring Junk King Chattanooga to handle the assignment from start to finish.

You’ll have to identify the pieces you want removed from your home or yard but that’s all you’ll have to do. There is no need for you to pick up any piece and move it to the curb. The Junk King crew who is assigned to your job will do all the work. They’ll carry whatever needs to be carried from your home and onto the back of their truck. This includes anything that might be kept down the basement or up in your attic. Forget climbing the stairs. Just show the JK Chattanooga crew where the junk is and they’ll take it from there.

There is also practically no limit to what Junk King will remove. Take another look at all those items on the “not wanted” list. All of those things can be loaded onto the Junk King truck for removal. You can also add to that list any e-waste or heavy kitchen appliances. When it comes to bulk trash removal don’t leave anything to chance; call Junk King Chattanooga and get the job done right.

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