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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Chattanooga Couch Pickup

old couch pickupThe Chattanooga Times has a cool weekly featured called “Get Off the Couch.” This is where they highlight all the great things you can do around the area provided you actually get off your couch. We’re talking about events like RiverRocks which was a huge gathering of 1,200 rowers in the Tennessee River. They also talked about the big Oktoberfest celebration being held at the Chattanooga Market. Yes, there is a whole world of fun out there beyond your living room. Of course, getting off the couch might also reveal the necessity of buying a new couch!

Next to our beds, our living room sofas get the most use. Unlike our beds, they also end up getting the most stains from spilled soda, cheesy snacks and puppy paw prints. What kind of shape is your sofa in? It is sagging in the middle? Are the springs popping up from the cushions? Has the fabric faded? If you answered “yes” to any one of those questions then it might be time to make the swap as in out with the old sofa and in with the new.

No doubt you’ve seen the occasional sofa set out on the curb. Sometimes this is done in frustration. What better way to convince someone to buy a new sofa then to drag the old sofa out of the house? Folks also put out sofas in the hope someone will drive by and pick it up. Of course, that would mean that person would be driving in a truck big enough to hold the sofa, would have a friend to help them load the sofa and got there before the sofa was ruined by the weather. That’s a lot to ask. If you’re ready to buy a new sofa then your best bet to get rid of the old sofa would be to hire Junk King Chattanooga.

Junk King are the local junk removal specialists who are part of a national franchise. This makes them a professional company who is licensed to do business in Chattanooga. They are also fully insured. When you hire Junk King it’s just like you’re getting two trained movers. The Junk King crew will come in and remove your old sofa from right where it is resting. You don’t have to drag it out of the house. On that same trip, the JK crew can also take away anything else you want to toss out. Maybe you’ve got more furniture you want out of the house. It can all end up on the back of the Junk King truck to be properly disposed off. Don’t junk up your sidewalk. Let Junk King handle the couch pickup for you.

Garbage Disposal Chattanooga

If you have a garbage disposal you might not be doing all you can to keep it running properly. For instance, even if you don’t have something to churn up every day, you should try to run it regularly to prevent rust and corrosion. A good tip is to run it after every dish washing with a little soap. It’s also best to run your disposal with cold water when you want to chop up food waste. That’s because if there is any grease it will solidify and be easier to break up. To freshen up your garbage disposal run a few citrus peels through the machine. You also only want to put biodegradable stuff down the drain but not grease, oil or fat. You should avoid any fibrous foods like cornhusks or celery stalks because they can get wrapped around the motor and causes a jam up.

Now that you know about your kitchen garbage disposal how are you dealing with your bigger garbage disposal? In other words, what do you do when you’ve got to throw away big stuff that won’t fit down the sink or even in a trashcan? These would be the bulky items like old pieces of furniture, a broke stove or some exercise machine that isn’t being used any more. That’s the kind of stuff you need to call Junk King Chattanooga for. These are the junk removal pros that will take care of all that kind of garbage disposal without any effort on your part.

When Junk King sends one of their hardworking teams out to your property they will be showing up with a truck big enough to take away whatever you’re throwing out. They’ll also be coming with the right tools such as dollies, straps, wheelbarrows, containers, rakes and brooms. Yes, when Junk King removes your clutter, they also sweep up after themselves!

Hiring Junk King means you can finally get your garage cleaned out. This is important for the winter if you want to be able to bring your car back inside like it is supposed to. It’s also important to reduce the risk of hazards. Piles of old newspapers or junk that is stacked to the rafters isn’t doing anybody any good. Let Junk King Chattanooga take away all of that stuff in one trip.

On that same trip, you can get your home ready for winter by letting Junk King take away any overhanging tree branches or lawn debris. When it comes to get the junk out of your home and yards you just can beat Junk King.

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