Avoid Yard Sale Frustration – Clear Your Clutter with Junk King Chattanooga

If you are determined to have a yard sale in order to clear your clutter you might consider a backup plan. This isn’t about what to do if it rains but what to do if you don’t sell all your stuff. You don’t want to drag it back into your house, right? Perhaps the best approach would be to schedule a junk pickup with Junk King Chattanooga. You could get them to come at the end of your yard sale to insure you won’t be stuck with any unwanted stuff. Of course, you could always skip the hard work of throwing a yard sale and go right to Junk King!


Before calling Junk King or throwing a yard sale, you’ll still have to sort through your stuff to decide what you want to get rid of. The big difference with Junk King on the job is that you’ll have your own crew to supervise. That means any heavy object you want to get rid of can be taken care of with no effort on your part. Just because you’re throwing a yard sale doesn’t mean you can bring that old sofa up from the basement. With Junk King, that won’t be an issue.

The other benefit of having Junk King clear your clutter is that they won’t be restricted to just the stuff in your garage or basement. The Junk King crew can do a tour of your yards to pick up any debris or rubbish you have out there. With one appointment, you can turn your backyard around and have it ready for your first summer BBQ!

As an added bonus, the bulk of what you turn over to Junk King could be targeted for recycling or donating. This is all part of Junk King’s eco-friendly disposal policy. They’ve been keeping tons of junk out of local landfills for the past ten years and that has a very positive impact on the environment.

Before the removal work begins, you’ll be presented with an estimate that will be based on how much space your junk will occupy on the back of the truck. This is an estimate that is not going to suddenly change at the end of the job. Clear your clutter the right way by hiring Junk King from the start.