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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Transform Your Backyard

Are you living with the grill master? Maybe you’re the one who likes to fire up the charcoal and get the stakes sizzling. With the weather, turning warmer grilling season is upon us and that means spending a lot more time outdoors. The big question then becomes is your backyard ready? Sure, you might have a decent table and some chairs that allow you to enjoy eating those grilled meals outside. But what will you be looking out over? Are there things like a battered swing set, dilapidated woodshed and random auto-parts scattered around the yard? Those kinds of things don’t make for a very nice environment. If you want to transform your yard into a total comfort zone, then you need to bring in the pros from Junk King Chattanooga. They’ll have your yard clear of eyesores quicker than it takes to grill a hot dog!


Everybody knows that yard work involves getting your hands dirty. When you have Junk King on the job not only will your hands be able to stay clean but also your back won’t be put at risk. The two-man moving crew who will be assigned to your backyard clean up is going to be doing all the heavy lifting. That includes loading up things like chunks of concrete, bricks, stones and pavers. That same crew can remove any kind of unused construction materials you might be keeping in storage behind your garage. If those things have been ruined in the rain than is no reason to hang onto them. Give it all to Junk King and they’ll know just what to do with it!

As for those things in the backyard that might have to be taken apart before they can be loaded up, they won’t be a problem for the Junk King crew either. In fact, in the past a team once had to saw an entire hot tub in half in order to load onto the truck. It was all the day’s work for Junk King!

Of course, as long as you have the crew out at your home clearing out the backyard is no reason why they can also clear out the rest of the clutter from around the inside of your home. Do you think you’ve got stuff to get rid of from the inside of your closets, garage, basement or backyard? Give it all to Junk King!

Take Back Your Storage Space With Junk Removal

Despite what some professional organizers might claim, you can’t throw everything that you’re not using away. The general rule of thumb is that if you don’t use something for at least six months to a year, then you should toss it out. That might hold true for some old clothes but certainly not for holiday decorations, keepsakes and other mementoes. Plus, you could also have some winter clothes, sports equipment and other “once a year” type of things that you want to keep in storage. The problem is that often our storage areas in the home become overrun with useless clutter. That is when you want to bring in the professional junk haulers from Junk King Chattanooga. They’ll help you reclaim that storage space in no time at all.


Start with your closets. This is where a lot of things get piled up that you’re probably never going to use again. Beyond all the clothes that are out of style or don’t fit, there are often things like old computers, shoes, magazines and paperwork from many years prior. You can probably let go of a lot of that stuff and free up all kinds of closet space. That is going to make finding your outfits for work a lot easier every morning! Don’t worry about bringing any of that stuff down the stairs. Just put it in a pile and the team from Junk King will carry it off.

The next big storage area to sort through will be your garage. How long has it been since you actually parked your car in there? Maybe you still park your car but every time you get out you’ve got to wade through piles of rubbish just to get into your house. Once again, a little sorting on your part will go a long way towards making sure that garage storage area is wide open.

If you can accomplish that kind of organizing through the rest of your house, then all it will take is a few minutes with the Junk King crew to load everything up. You’ll be amazed at how fast Junk King Chattanooga can transform your home by clearing out all the clutter. Make that happen today!

Time To Get Serious About Junk Removal

On April 1, we are all given permission to be a little silly. That is the day when pranks are pulled all around the world. Hopefully, the recipients of those pranks will take them in stride. Much like the day after Christmas, the day after April Fool’s Day is time to get back to business. Are you ready to get serious about junk removal? This could be an issue that has been weighing on your mind for quite some time and it’s no laughing matter. Junk King Chattanooga is the company to help make all your unwanted rubbish disappear in a single junk removal session.


It is amazing how much we can accumulate in our homes even in just a few months. Small clutter can be dealt with by stepping up to toss it all out. It’s the big items that prove to be more of challenge to get rid of. That is why we end up living with old sofas, TVs and appliances. It doesn’t have to be that way with Junk King Chattanooga just a phone call away. These are the professional junk haulers who never met a pile of rubbish they couldn’t make disappear.

Hiring Junk King for a junk removal session is all about letting go. Only you can decide if you still have a purpose for a piece of furniture or pile of clothes. Once you make the call that the stuff can be tossed out then you want to bring in Junk King. It will probably take you more time to sort through things than to actually have it hauled away by Junk King.

The professional movers working for Junk King know how to lift the heavy stuff. They also know how to take apart things. That means you can finally get rid of the piano nobody plays or the giant entertainment center that takes up too much space in your living room. Just point to what you want removed and consider it gone!

The clearing work that Junk King can provide extends out to the backyard as well. You can ask the team to take down a woodshed, pull apart a swing set or even load up a hot tub. Getting rid of junk shouldn’t be complicated. Make it happen with a call to Junk King Chattanooga.

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