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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Junk King Chattanooga Clears Cardboard Boxes And Rubbish The Right Way

All through your life, you have probably been told to lift heavy objects with your legs and not your back. Unfortunately, that phrase pops into your head right after you lift it with your back! Nobody wants to feel like they can’t move things around in their own home. But sometimes it doesn’t make sense to put your back at risk especially when help is so easy to come by. When it comes to getting rid of heavy rubbish, cardboard boxes and the rest of your unwanted junk, that one call to Junk King Chattanooga gets it done the right way.


Along with lifting with the legs, there are other techniques that professional movers use to carry out heavy objects. The crews working for Junk King Chattanooga know all about how to use dollies, straps and handcarts to maneuver something like a refrigerator or piano out the front door. You shouldn’t feel the least bit guilty by asking these crews to lift the heaviest thing in your home. If that’s what you want to get rid of, then that’s what they’re there for.

You also shouldn’t feel guilty about tossing out things like old cardboard boxes. Your instinct might be that they should be recycled. You’re correct and that’s just what can happen when you turn them over to Junk King Chattanooga. This is a company has been dedicated to a green way of doing things ever since they began collecting junk over 10 years ago. Junk King Chattanooga has set up working partnerships with several recycling facilities throughout the area. They know exactly which ones of the centers takes in cardboard boxes or metal or lumber or concrete. All of those things can be collected from your home and dropped off of these recycling centers. There could be a lot of other items that might be a benefit to local charities. Junk King Chattanooga is happy to make those drop-offs as well.

The price for this service is in a break the bank. If you had to cost out renting a truck, hiring a crew and giving up your free time then it might reach a crazy amount. With Junk King Chattanooga on the job, you’ll only be paying a fraction of what your DIY project would look like. To get rid of cardboard boxes, rubbish and junk the right way you just have to hire Junk King Chattanooga from the start.

Keep Your Antiques And Get Rid Of The Junk With Help From Junk King Chattanooga

For something to be considered an antique, it probably has to be at least 35 years old or older. It should also have a certain level of a rarity about it. In other words, can be something that was mass-produced. If there are millions of that particular item out in the world, then it can’t be considered rare. Does that mean it is automatically a piece of junk? Not if it still something that is being used. An old sofa or chair can be valuable if it’s comfortable. However, if the cushion springs are flattened, then it can be considered junk. The issue then becomes what do you do with that junk? The answer? Give it to Junk King Chattanooga.


Junk King Chattanooga’s mission is to clear your house of all your unwanted junk. That starts with the things that are in plain sight. It could be furniture down the basement or bedroom set upstairs. It could be busted appliances out in the garage that you pass every time you come into the house. Those things are easy to pick out at hand over the Junk King Chattanooga but you should stop there. As long as you have two movers in a big truck at your disposal why not put them to work throughout the entire house. This is your chance to clear out your closets of all that unwanted clutter. You might have some antique dresses and hats you want to hang onto but for all those close that you no longer want to wear those should be tossed over to Junk King Chattanooga.

Junk King Chattanooga hate to see anything and up in a landfill. That might seem odd for a company that is all about collecting junk. Instead of the landfill, they would rather make a trip to a charity or recycling center. That way the items you’re getting rid of can be repurposed and benefit other folks.

Out in the backyard, you probably won’t find many antiques but you will certainly find a lot of things that can be loaded onto the back of the Junk King Chattanooga truck. This includes things like broken lawnmowers, auto parts, crusty grills and patio furniture that have been beaten by the weather. It’s a great way to clear out your yard of a lot of eyesores. One call to Junk King Chattanooga is going to go a long way towards transforming your home into a junk free zone.


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