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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Junk King Chattanooga Customers Upload Positive Reviews

Every company should ask each of their customers a simple question, “how are we doing?” That’s what the professional junk haulers from Junk King Chattanooga asked their customers. Here are some of their responses:


“Everything. This is my 2nd time using Junk King and I had just as good experience as I did the first time. The guys who hauled my stuff away were fast, friendly, and very professional. The price was right, and they made my project a lot easier. I will always use Junk King when I have large quantities of junk to get rid of.” – M.A., Chattanooga

When you sort through all the things you want to get rid of, you may be overwhelmed by the size of the rubbish pile. But there isn’t a pile of junk that the Junk King Chattanooga can’t remove in a timely fashion. They provide the manpower and the truck, which is all you need. What do you want to get rid of?

“I am so impressed with everything about this company! It was easy to book an appointment on line and I was followed up with immediately for details. I was contacted by the people who were coming to my house 30 minutes before they were scheduled to be here, they were on time. There were 3 workers, all friendly and helpful. I received a quote based on what they estimated it would cost after I showed them what I needed. The guys were in and out of here within 30 minutes or less. They adjusted my cost to about half of what they had estimated because my items didn’t take up as much room as they originally thought. No hassles at all!” – Carlyn V., Lookout Mountain

Cost is always a factor anytime you hire a service professional to come into your home. Junk King Chattanooga has a fair and affordable pricing policy that keeps customers coming back time and again. That policy is always based on volume and not weight. You’ll get that estimate before the work begins and as Carlyn found out, you’ll also get an honest deal if that estimate is “off.”

“Prompt, professional and get the job done efficiently.” – Diane W., Hixson

It only takes one junk removal session with Junk King Chattanooga to make you a loyal customer. Make that call today.

Best Way To Get Rid Of An Old Lawnmower And Other Junk

Anything that has been manufactured has an “expiration date.” On food items, that expiration date can be very specific. As for everything else, it really depends on how often you use an item. Consider your lawnmower. Do you remember when you first bought that machine? How many times have you mowed the lawn since then? Like a car, you can keep a lawnmower running efficiently with a little maintenance and blade sharpening. However, sooner or later it might just give out. That doesn’t mean you stop mowing your lawn. Instead, you’ll need a new mower but what about the old lawnmower? That’s where Junk King Chattanooga comes into play.


Junk King Chattanooga is a company that is dedicated to keeping homes and businesses clear of clutter. Most of the stuff that you have around your house that you want to get rid of is probably too big to fit into the trashcan. That means, it requires be loaded onto a truck and hauled away to a proper disposal facility. Technically, that can be a DIY weekend chore but why waste your time off? Junk King Chattanooga can make that old lawnmower disappear with a single phone call.

The crew working for Junk King will show up in a truck big enough to hold whatever it is you want to get rid of. That can be a push lawnmower or a rider mower. The team from Junk King will efficiently load that machine onto their truck. You could stop right there and still be ahead of the game. But as long as you have the truck and the manpower why not get the rest of your unwanted stuff cleared away in the same session? Take full advantage of this crew to also get rid of things like rusty patio furniture, bricks, construction waste and anything else that is taking up space in your yard.

You don’t have to worry about how heavy something is that you want to get rid of. That’s because Junk King is not to charge you by the pound. It all comes down to how tightly they pack up the truck with all your stuff. One flat fee covers all the costs. When you’re ready to get rid of your old lawnmower and the rest of your junk, Junk King Chattanooga will be ready to get it done.