Chicago Downtown – Garage Cleanout and Remake Tips

We know there’s lots of old junk that gets stored outside and that’s why our Chicago Downtown – Garage Cleanout services are so popular. If you take a look through our website, you’ll see some examples of the stuff we haul away. If there is an old hot tub in your garage that’s been sitting there for who knows how long, give us a call. We can get rid of that old sofa or television that’s been sitting in a corner too.

All you need to do is book online or call us. As far as that Chicago Downtown – Garage Cleanout goes, you can see client testimonials from satisfied and happy people on our website. After that garage is cleaned out, it opens up possibilities.

Here’s a few tips you’ll want to read over if you’re planning on remaking that new space.

Consider ramping up the storage space it provides. With a cleaned-out garage, you’ll more than likely be surprised at that all you have. Keep in mind that many realtors put ample storage space on the top of their lists for selling your home. A garage that’s clean provides an added bonus when you’re trying to sell.

Garage Floor 

Another excellent idea after you’ve had us look after Chicago Downtown – Garage Cleanout for you is changing out the garage floor. Whether you’re planning on staying in the house and doing something with the garage or selling, this is an excellent makeover. An epoxy floor coating is a great idea for several reasons. It resists grease and oil stains and even  chips.

Some of the other excellent remake tips that we can offer up involve getting things up off the floor. For example, if you use your garage like a gardening shed and store everything in a corner, get some tool holders so you can save some floor space.


Another excellent way to make the space look bigger is to put up some overhead storage shelves. Once you’ve gotten rid of the old furniture and appliances that have been hanging around through our Chicago Downtown – Garage Cleanout services, this works wonders.

Here’s another great tip to keep all your sports equipment off the garage floor. If you check out your local home improvement location, though more than likely have bungee cords that you can use to strap basketballs and soccer balls up along the wall.

Keep in mind that you can start the whole Chicago Downtown – Garage Cleanout process off by texting us a photo.

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