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How To Expand Your ‘Green’ Home

When it comes to recycling there’s always more you can do. This doesn’t have to be done out of guilt or obligation but instead as a matter of routine. The work you do to make your home green will go a long way towards helping everyone in Chicago benefit from clean-air and water. Here are some ways to expand your green plan:


Create a Compost Station

Every day you toss out scraps that could be turned into fertilizer. You can set up a compost station in your backyard or patio. These bins can easily be built with a lumber or bought as a prefabricated unit. The scraps go in, worms that you add feast and the result is rich compost. This works great for your garden but you might also be able to sell your compost to other gardeners.

Seal Your Windows

It makes no sense having a programmable thermostat to lower your home energy costs if all that warm air is going right out the window. The over the home the greater the chance that you need weatherstripping around your windows and doors. If you’re not sure if there’s a draft, then try holding a candle up to the window. If the light flickers, then there’s a draft. The simplest form of weatherstripping is like applying scotch tape to a package. Very easy to do.

Fix Leaks and Running Toilets

The drip of a faucet or toilet is means you are wasting water. It might not seem like a lot at first but it could be gallons by the end of a typical day. That’s why you want to tackle any leak or running toilet as quickly as it happens. In both instances, these are simple DIY fixes. You’ll find plenty of help online to walk you through the process.

Collect Rainwater

All that rainwater that pours out of your gutters needs to go somewhere. Instead of flowing away, you could collect some of it in a rain barrel. That water can then be used to water your gardens or washer car. A decent size barrel can collect up to 300 gallons of water.

Recycle Your Rubbish

Getting rid of your rubbish is going to make your living space a lot more accommodating. Most of what you want to throw away can also be recycled if you hire a company like Junk King Chicago West. The teams working for Junk King have all been trained to sort through what they collect to pull out those items that can be repurposed or donated. This is a process that’s going to happen whether US for do not. That’s just the Junk King way. Recycle your rubbish the right way by letting Junk King Chicago West haul it off today.

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