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Junk King Helps Get Your Rental Property Turned Around Fast

A rental property only has value when it can generate income. It could be that the rent pays for the mortgage on the property. That is actually a very smart investment provided that renters are consistent. You certainly don’t want to get stuck with a double mortgage payment! All of this means that when a tenant moves out you want to make sure a new tenant can be moved in as quickly as possible. Given the state of the housing market you might be able to rent out that apartment within 24 hours of putting it for rent. To make that happen you might need to set up a session with Junk King Chicago West. These are the junk hauling pros who can help you get your Darien rental property ready for market in a very timely fashion.

Minimal Effort for You

As a landlord, you probably have a lot of other interests. The last thing you want to do is spending time loading up a rental truck full of junk furniture that was left behind by your tenant. Even if the actual loading only takes a few minutes you are still left with the responsibility of disposing of all that stuff. That is the part of junk removal that might take up the most amount of time. When you hire Junk King you don’t have to devote any of that time. Junk King wants to make this process be a minimal effort for you. All you really need to do is let the team from Junk King into the property and point out all the items that need to be removed. After that, the crew won’t need any further supervision. You will be pleasantly surprised at how swiftly they can clear out any size space of any amount of discarded items.

The cost for Junk King services are always based on how the truck gets filled up with the stuff that you are getting rid of. The less room, the less you will be paying. Even with a full truckload it is still a good deal when you consider how much time you will be saving.

To get your Darien rental property turned around fast, make that call to Junk King Chicago West. You’re going to like how fast the junk gets cleared out.

The Best Approach For TV Disposal In Clarendon Hills

Do you have your living room TV mounted on the wall? Having that amount already installed could make upgrading the television a bit easier. You might still consider bringing in a professional installer to make sure everything is hooked up the way it should be. But the hard part of putting those braces up will already be done. As for that television upgrade itself, you will find that the current generation of televisions are at their smartest level ever.

Not only will these TVs deliver exceptional sound and picture quality but they were also be an instant access point for all kinds of streaming channels. That puts you in command of a lot more options for your television viewing pleasure. The question then becomes, what should you do with the old TV? The best approach for TV disposal in Clarendon Hills would be to hire the squad from Junk King Chicago West.

Dismantling Ahead

Today, getting rid of an old TV should really mean recycling that old TV. These devices need to be dismantled in a professional manner so that each of its components can be recycled. Anytime a television is kept out of a landfill our chances of a better environment improves. The team from Junk King won’t be doing the actual dismantling of your old TV but they can find the spot where that can happen. Junk King has set up partnerships with recycling facilities in Illinois. They know exactly which of these facilities will take in electronic waste like TVs. It might be the Junk King waits until they have collected enough old TVs to fill up the truck for the drop off. That reduces the carbon footprint of those TVs even more.

Junk King is extremely accommodating. If you just wanted to get rid of an old TV, then they would be happy to take care of that for you. It might seem like going over the top to have two movers and a huge truck just to haul away a single TV. However, those two movers and that big truck or what comes along on every Junk King session. That means you can also take full advantage of and get rid of any other bulky or unwanted item in your home.

Getting rid of old TVs in Clarendon Hills shouldn’t be a challenge. You just have to put Junk King Chicago West on the job.

Call On Junk King For Mattress Removal In Carol Stream

Once you have made the decision to replace your mattress you really don’t want that old mattress “sticking around.” It could be that you have had too many sleepless nights because of a mattress that has lost its firmness. Shopping for a new mattress is a lot like shopping for a new car. You have to “test drive” to make sure you are getting the right mattress. It would be nice if you could spend the night in the mattress store just to be sure but that’s not practical. It is also not practical to hold onto your old mattress. If you are getting rid of it, then it essentially can’t be used by anyone else. Thankfully, Junk King Chicago West is standing by to help to get the old mattress out of your Carol Stream home. One call puts a plan into action to make this happen swiftly and affordably.

Down the Stairs

The vast majority of mattress removal assignments involve stairs. The team from Junk King has a lot of experience navigating these types of objects down stairs. That is true whether it is one flight of stairs in a home or several flights in an apartment building. A mattress does have a little bit more flexibility. However, without experienced movers that mattress can quickly get away and cause damage on the staircase. The teams from Junk King will never let that happen.

When placed on the truck your old mattress certainly won’t take up a lot of room. That means you can take advantage of the crew and that truck to get rid of a lot of other unwanted items your home. Perhaps the new mattress has inspired you to go through your bedroom closets and clear out all the items that you are no longer going to use again. Maybe you are replacing an old bed frame and dresser. All of that can be turned over to Junk King and dropped off at a charity for reuse. As for the mattress, that might end up at a recycling center. Nothing has to go to waste when you hire Junk King.

Getting rid of the mattress from your Carol Stream home will take one call to Junk King Chicago West. Make that call today.

Set Up A Homework Zone In Your Bolingbrook Home

Think back to when you were in school. What was your favorite subject? What was your least favorite subject?  No doubt, it was easier to do homework with your favorite subject then your least favorite subject! Today, students are still being assigned homework but it might take on a whole other level. Some of that work might need to be done on a laptop and printed out. That means it will help if you have a kind of homework zone set up in your Bolingbrook home for all your students.

This homework zone doesn’t have to be the size of an actual classroom. It can really be just a corner of a room that is free from distractions. To set that up you might need to get rid of some old furniture and other items that aren’t going to be used again. That is where Junk King Chicago West can be a big help. When you need to clear things out of your Bolingbrook home the only call to make is to Junk King Chicago West.


Setting up your homework zone means prioritizing what is important to keep around the house. It might be that removing a few random pieces of furniture will allow you to rearrange things and bring in a desk or table that can serve as your homework zone. It is also important to make sure that you have an area that is free of clutter. That can be very distracting. It might also help to get rid of any old electronics that you have already replaced. All of those unwanted items can be turned over to the team for Junk King. The more clutter that you removed from your home the easier it will be to keep things organized. That is very important for the upcoming school year!

You can set up your rubbish removal session with Junk King online or over the phone. Either way, you can count on this job being handled in a very timely fashion. Most junk all appointments are handled with a 24-hour turnaround. You won’t have to wait long to get rid of your rubbish when you hire Junk King!

Setting up a homework zone in your Bolingbrook home will be greatly helped by a rubbish removal session with Junk King Chicago West. Book that time today.

Get Furniture Hauled From Your Bloomingdale Home

Every home in Bloomingdale has at least one. That would be at least one piece of furniture that the homeowner would like to get rid of. Maybe it is a piece of furniture that has been carried along from apartment to house. Maybe is was bought in a bargain and is now falling apart. Whatever the reason, getting rid of furniture is one of the most challenging tasks for a homeowner. At least, it is challenging if they had to do it on their own. That could require getting someone to help with the move, renting a truck and taking the time to find a proper space to dispose of that furniture. That is a major operation to take on unless you are Junk King Chicago West. These are the professional junk haulers who built an impressive nationwide business hauling away furniture one piece at a time.

Size Doesn’t Matter

A piece of furniture can take over a room. That is especially true with a sofa that becomes a room’s “anchor.” The color scheme and style of decorating all flows from that sofa. There might come a time when a change needs to be made and that sofa’s services are no long required. That is when the Junk King team can swoop in and get that couch removed in order to make room for the new model.

There might also be some other random pieces of furniture scattered throughout the house that are no longer needed. The Junk King squad can take them all away in short order.

With Junk King, size doesn’t matter with regard to betting a piece of furniture out of the house. It is only when that piece goes onto the truck does the size matter. That’s because Junk King has a pricing policy based on how all that furniture will fit onto the truck. It can be stacked up like it was one the original moving truck. The less space taken up, the less you will be paying. That’s how Junk King operates.

Don’t live with furniture that you don’t want in your Bloomindale home. Bring in Junk King Chicago West and that furniture will be gone.

Use Junk King Chicago West For E-Waste Removal In Bensenville

Chicago has opted for an all remote reopening of the schools in the area. As challenging as that might be for parents it is also a bit of relief knowing that the kids can be safe at home. It also means to make any adjustments for remote learning based on what you learn from the spring. It could be that you have discovered the need for an upgraded laptop or computer for the kids.

Thankfully, there will be plenty of good deals to find for those resources. The issue will then become should you hang on to the old computer. Technically, you should transfer any important data from an old device to the new device. That essentially makes that old device obsolete. If no one in the home’s going to use it, then there’s no reason to hold onto it. At that moment it officially becomes e-waste. The best way to get rid of e-waste from your Bensenville home is to bring in the crew from Junk King Chicago West.

Always Responsible

Since Junk King began operations over 15 years ago it has always been responsible with regard to how it handles the objects that it collects. Nowhere is that more important than with the issue of e-waste. Those are the particular items that should ever go into a landfill. Recognizing this, Junk King has made partnerships with certified recycling centers throughout the area that can take in these types of objects. It is not just computer equipment that is considered e-waste. The same can be said for an old television, stereo or gaming console. How many of those things do you have taking up space in your home? It can all be turned over to Junk King.

Although the Junk King crew might be making a special drop off with your e-waste materials you won’t be charged additional fees for this service. It is all included in the junk removal package.

Junk King Chicago West remains the best option for you waste disposal in Bensenville. Put them to work today.

Bring In Junk King For Rubbish Removal In Batavia

When was the last time you took advantage of a service professional “house call?” Was it for a plumbing problem? Did you need a ceiling fan installed? Maybe it was to get a fireplace chimney clean. Whatever the need, it is nice when you can hire professional to handle whatever task you need completed. There may be some house calls that you haven’t utilized yet. There is always a first time for everything and that includes a task like rubbish removal. If unwanted stuff has become an issue in your Batavia home, then you need to bring in the team from Junk King Chicago West. One house call with these junk hauling pros will have your home 100% junk free.

Make Time for Sorting

Your primary goal for getting Junk King out your home could be to remove a single large object like an old futon or recliner that has seen better days. However, you should take advantage of the two-man moving crew and big truck that will be assigned to your session. That means make time for sorting throughout every storage area in your home. Go through all the closets and all the boxes out in the garage to isolate those particular items that you know you and your family are never going to use again.

When going to that sorting keep in mind that just because you are setting something aside to get rid of doesn’t mean it is going to end up as trash. Junk King remains dedicated to an environmentally friendly approach to the disposal of what they collect. That means all of the unwanted clothing items, books, toys and other household goods can find their way to a local charity with the help of a Junk King drop-offs. That should make you feel good about getting rid of all of that stuff. There might also be some items that a charity can use but could be recycled. Junk King will be happy to make those drop-offs as well.

Your Batavia home should never be overrun by rubbish. One session with Junk King Chicago West can get that rubbish gone for good.

The Best Reviewed Junk Hauling Company In Bartlett

Before going to a restaurant, most folks check with the online reviews. After all, if you are finally going to be able to go out and enjoy dining out once again you want to make sure that you pick the right place. That same principle applies when picking any other type of business that you plan on spending money with. That includes junk hauling. For that job, Junk King Chicago West is the best reviewed company for rubbish removal in Bartlett. Here are just a few examples of that:

“Wow was I happy to have JUNK KING come out and haul away a couple of old large, And heavy, tube televisions. One was located up on my second level the other one was in the basement. I knew there would be no way I would be able to do this! The two young men who came and remove them efficiently and let me tell you effortlessly, were a blessing to me. I found them reasonably priced and would not hesitate using them again. They were on time and both very polite. I highly recommend their services!” – Joan, Bloomingdale

“First time customer after seeing all the positive reviews.  Our call was answered promptly with courtesy. They asked a few basic questions and scheduled someone to be on site within 24 hours to provide a free estimate. If agreed, they remove the items right on the spot. 2 people arrived with the truck, assessed the junk, showed us a price sheet and gave us a quote based on the truck load. No pressure at all. We agreed with the price and they made our junk disappear in 30 mins. We are happy with the speed, the professionalisms and the ease of payment (no touch).  Highly recommend Junk King Chicago West to get rid of your junk.” – Y.O., Lisle

That review perfectly explains the entire Junk King process from start to finish. We couldn’t have done it any better!

“I called for a quote to remove a jungle gym, they provided a great price that I couldn’t resist. They were at my home within 30 minutes and had completed the job in less than 30 minutes. From quote to completion an hour tops! Great price, honest, professional, quick and thorough! Very satisfied customer here!” – Angie, Chicago

Yes, some removal request involves dismantling structures. That will never be a problem or challenge for the team from Junk King. If you need rubbish or debris removed from your part all, then hiring Junk King Chicago West is the way to go.

Getting Rid Of Rubbish In West Aurora

Are you experiencing a buildup of rubbish in your West Aurora home? This type of buildup can occur in any designate storage area of your home such as your garage, basement, attic or closets. A rubbish buildup means that anytime you go into those areas is always a struggle to find what you are looking for. Often it means that you have to move things around to get at what you are searching for. Too often, the thing that you are looking for might not even be in the spot you remembered putting it in. All of that is a clear sign that you need to do some significant rubbish removal. That is where Junk King Chicago West comes into play. One session with these professional junk haulers will have all of your unwanted stuff cleared out from your West Aurora home in no time at all.

The Junk King Approach

As with all other types of service businesses, Junk King has put into place some safety procedures to help make sure that our customers and our crews are kept safe. We offer touchless junk pick up. That means any junk items left on a porch driveway can be swiftly removed from the Junk King team. All of our crews will be wearing masks and gloves for every pick up appointment. If there is a need to lift and carry out something especially heavy from the home, then we will take extra precautions to ensure everyone maintains social distancing. All you have to do is point to the things that you want taken away in the team from Junk King will handle the rest.

As for the pricing, Junk King relies on a volume-centric approach. That means that however your junk will fit on the back of the truck is how the Junk King team will determine what your final fee will be. Their mission is always to get as much to the truck as possible. That can translate into a low price point every time. It helps that Junk King will match any written estimate from another junk hauling service.

The best way to get rid of rubbish from any West Aurora home or business remains giving the job to Junk King Chicago West.

Easy Junk Removal Options For Addison

Junk King Chicago West has implemented new pickup protocols to make it easy for homeowners, apartment renters and businesses to get rid of any accumulated rubbish. The last few weeks of spending time at home might have inspired you to do some reorganizing. That usually means sorting through all the storage areas in your home and deciding what can be kept and what can be tossed out. That will leave you with several piles of unwanted rubbish that you have no good reason to hold onto. Junk King is standing by to help make all that rubbish disappear today. Here’s how it works:

Call for an Appointment

The team from Junk King is standing by to set up your appointment for rubbish removal. We asked that you pick the perfect day and two-hour window within that day for your session. It certainly won’t take two hours for junking to clear way all the things you are getting rid of. That time allows the crews to get from one home to the next.

Text a Photo

Once you have your appointment locked down, you can text a photo of all of the items that you want to get rid of. This will allow the team from junk King to determine what your final fee will be. Junk King’s fair pricing policy remains the same. It will always be based on how much space your items will fill up on the back of the truck. You will never be charge by the pound with Junk King. The photo that you send in will help the team hone in on that price.

Book Online

If you book online, then you can actually save $30 or 10% off your entire session. (That 10% just applies to jobs under $99.)

Touchless Pickup

Junk King now asked that you leave the items that you want removed out on your driveway or porch. That way the Junk King crew can remove everything and maintain a safe social distance.

Junk King Chicago West wants to make it easy to get rubbish removed from your Addison home. One call puts the plan into action.

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