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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Cincinnati Landscaping Cleanup

Last year at the annual Keep Cincinnati Beautiful clean up day, over 800 volunteers armed themselves with gloves, shovels and trash bags and fanned out across 40 separate locations with one goal: pick up the trash. At the end of the day, that group of dedicated residents managed to collect over six tons of garbage by 7 illegal dumpsites, 15 parks and many other public places. There was on intrepid group who kept a running tally of the cigarette butts they picked up: 1,000. As the cleanup crews made their way through the neighborhoods picking up trash they were followed by the planting crews who dug in and placed over 12,000 daffodil bulbs throughout the city.

This year, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful is at it again pulling together resourses to hand out to neighborhood groups to help them with their own cleanup projects. Perhaps being surrounding by all these good cleanup efforts offers you a chance at a little introspective thought: Could your home stand for a “keep beautiful” type of event? If so, then you can enlist your own army of helpers. And by army we mean a Junk King Cincinnati crew.

Junk King Cincinnati is part of a national franchise of junk removal specialists who make it their business to keep Cincinnati beautiful one home at a time. Hiring Junk King means you’ll be bringing in professional movers to help you clear out the clutter from your basement, attic, garage or backyard. Pretty much any place where you might have junk is where the Junk King crew will go.

As we roll into the fall season, there will be plenty of need for a landscaping cleanup. Once those leaves start falling it will be time to bag them up. You won’t be able to fit them all in a garbage can but Junk King will have no problem getting rid of that debris. Junk King Cincinnati can make a clean sweep of any item you want taken away such as fallen tree limbs, an old fence, a kiddie pool or patio furniture. It’s a swell time to get ready for the rain and snow that is sure to be heading our way.

After the Junk King crew has swept through your yards, you can direct them to turn their attention to your interiors. Here is when they can remove items from those storage areas. You know the ones so crammed full of stuff you can’t even get by? Won’t it be great to clear out your garage and actually park the car inside like you’re supposed to? You can accomplish all of that cleanup and a lot more when you hire Junk King Cincinnati to be on your team.

Cincinnati Debris Removal

There is good news and bad news coming out of the Environmental Protection Agency this week. The bad news is that there is a site in southwest Ohio deemed to be among the most-contaminated places in the country. The good news is that the EPA has included this site on their Superfund Cleanup list. This means focus will now be drawn to this area to help rid the soil, water and air of any harmful toxins that might have built up over the ensuing years. This is welcome news to any residents who were living in the shadow of that site.

The particular site in question is the Kings Mills ammunition factory. There have been remnants of this factory around since 1887 but it was officially shut down in 1944. Over the years, the heavy metals produced in the manufacturing of munitions have seeped into the soil and water supplies. Since this site has been designate for a cleanup the hunt is on to see if any existing companies are still around who might be responsible for the contamination. That’s not going to hold up the actual work of the clean up but could help defer some of the costs put out from the government.

We’ve all had a brush with “toxins” at one time or another. Usually it comes in the form of left over take-out food that was shoved back on the bottom shelf of the fridge until a nasty smell propels us to dig for the source. That’s when we uncover frightening mold that needs to be toss out ASAP. There could be other things that are creating mold situations without us knowing it.

For instance, if you have a pile of debris in your backyard stacked against the garage or tool shed it might look harmless. After all it’s just some lumber scraps or pieces of left over drywall. But the moment that stuff gets wet it becomes a breeding ground for bugs and mold. That nastiness can quickly spread throughout the yard and creep into the house. Before that happens you should get rid of that debris. In fact, the moment you create pile of debris you should make plans to get rid of it. That’s why you should have Junk King Cincinnati on your speed dial (1-800-995-5865)

Junk King is the Cincinnati business who prides itself on being a one-stop debris cleaning machine! Their experienced crew of junk haulers will make short work of any debris pile by piling that up on the back of their truck. From there, the Junk King crew will make sure you trash is properly disposed of. Often that will be dropping it off at the appropriate recycling center. It’s all part of the guaranteed customer satisfaction provided by Junk King. You’ve got debris then they should be your only call!

For the best in Cincinnati Debris Removal, look no further than the best in the business- Junk King.

Great Cincinnati Recycling Efforts this week in September

Junk King Cincinnati has had a great recycling week so far. On Monday we hauled a couple of tons of coal out of an older home that used to have coal burning furnace. We brought it back to our warehouse and worked on finding a place for it. We received a call from a gentleman that volunteers for the Christian Appalachian Project.  He donates time and materials to help people in Eastern Kentucky.  He came and took 3/4 of the coal that we hauled and loaded it into his pickup truck to take it to a poor family in eastern Kentucky that has a coal burning fireplace and stove.  He even told me the name of the family that would probably get the coal.

On Tuesday we hauled out 2.25 trucks of paper, cardboard and electronics out of a business downtown. Although the job took most of the day, we are going to be able to recycle all but 2-3 items. Two trips to the paper recycler, the rest back to our warehouse and we recycled 95% of that job.

COME ON CINCINNATI! Call us up, let us haul your junk and recycle all that we can. You can call the main number at 800-995-JUNK(5865), call Pete directly at 513-800-3941, or book online at Junk King Cincinnati’s website.

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