Get The Right Help For Hauling Old Carpet And Rubbish

Being a good friend means being there when someone asks for help. A good friend knows not to impose but they also know when to offer help. That can be help with a ride to the airport or when packing up to make a big move. Even though your friends might be helpful, there are some tasks that are simply out of reach for them. That would be true with a job like hauling out old carpet or rubbish. For that task, you need the kind of reliable help that is provided by Junk King Cincinnati.


The easiest part about hauling away an old carper is rolling it up but then what? Most carpets will take at least two strong movers to carry it out of a house and load it onto a truck. Junk King will be providing those movers and the truck. All you need to provide is the rolled up carpet!

Replacing a carpet usually means more renovation work is happening around the house. Junk King can be a help with that that, too. That same crew that is hauling away the old carpet won’t have any problem lifting and load a sofa, loveseat, recliner or coffee table that you want to get rid of. If you’re doing some remodeling that involves pulling up tile, tearing down walls or removing cabinets, then all that debris needs to be hauled away, too. Everything can go on the same truck. Doesn’t that sound easy?

Scheduling your session with Junk King is also easy. You just have to pick the best day and two-hour block that works for you. Junk King will strive to lock down that session. You might even have your old carpet already rolled up and ready to go today. Let Junk King know you’re available for a same day pick up and if they’ve got the time and the trucks are close by, then they’ll make it happen.

The sooner you get your old carpet hauled and unwanted furniture hauled away the sooner you can get your home looking like you want it to. Let Junk King Cincinnati take care of all the hauling.

Get Back Into The School Routine

It is back-to-school time and that means back to the school routine. Over the summer your kids might have discovered the joys of staying up late and sleeping until noon. Kids should be allowed to do that for the summer but now it is time to get everyone in bed early and up early. It might take some adjusting to get back in the routine but things will smooth out eventually as long as you’re consistent. Here are some other important things to do to get back into the school routine:


Practice the Route

If your child is going to a new school, then it is also going to be new for you, too. Driving in the morning means not only finding the quickest path to school but also those alternate routes when traffic jams up. Picking up your kid involves having discussions with them about waiting and talking to strangers. The school should have clear policies about who is allowed to drive your child home. If on one of these practice runs there is a chance to go in and tour the school, then take the opportunity. This might actually be a big help for your kid so they can get a sense of where everything is located.

Make Homework Time Consistent

Homework should be a major focus of the school year. It is important that you provide your student with a quiet and clean place to do their homework at regular times. They might grumble about sitting down to “work” but that’s normal. It is important they push through it and you’re checking with them along every step of the way. You’ll want to remove any distractions like, phones, TV and music. It might be that your family has to “go off the grid” during homework time, too but that’s okay. It’s a family project!

Get Closets Organized

The older your child becomes, the more input they have in what they want to wear to school. Whether they’re picking out the outfit or you’re picking out the outfit you want to minimize the “search” time. That means getting closets, shelves and dressers organized by removing all the unwanted items. Once you’ve created a pile of that stuff, you’ll want to call up Junk King Cincinnati. They’ll be able to gather up everything you want to get rid of an see to it that is gets dropped off at a charity. You can also turn over any old furniture that you’re replacing as well. A clutter clearing appointment with Junk King Cincinnati can help you get back into the school routine again.

Make Inventory Management Work For Your Company

Everyone has occasionally misplaced their car keys. Usually this means taking a few extra minutes before heading out the door to find them. It can be frustrating but not the end of the word. At a business, misplacing inventory isn’t just frustrating but also costly. That is why inventory management is so crucial for your company’s success. Here are some ways to increase your company’s inventory management effectiveness:


Know Your High Sellers

A company’s inventory is all about organization. That means having every item clearly labeled and stocked on the right shelves. You can adapt many labeling practices that work best for your inventory but the key is consistency. If shipping inventory is part of your business, then you might have several items that would be deemed as “high sellers.” You can set up a “hot zone” in shipping for these items that can be rotated on a regular basis. By keeping the high sellers close to shipping, you’ll be cutting on retrieval time.

Mobile Proof of Delivery

Technology has transformed the way inventory is managed and also how it is delivered. You should consider adopting a mobile proof of delivery for any products you’re shipping out. This can include alerts to the customer so that they know a package is waiting fort them. It can also mean actual photos of the item dropped on a porch or doorstep. This is a smart move that can help prevent your company by getting hit with the “I didn’t get the package” problem.

Maintain Proper Storage Upkeep

Whether your inventory involves a massive warehouse or a single stockroom, there will probably be a lot of things in there that can be considered rubbish. Returns might come in from a customer that you can’t sell or return yourself. They might be damaged inventory that you already had replaced. There could also simply be items that are out of date and no longer being offered for sale. All of that inventory is taking up valuable storage space that could be put to better use. To clear out your storage area fast, you should hire Junk King Cincinnati. These are the junk removal specialists who can haul away all levels of unwanted inventory. They’ll see to it that it is all disposed of in a proper manner and that will allow your company to continue to promote itself as a green business. Your inventory management can be greatly helped with a junk removal session from Junk King Cincinnati. Make that happen today.

Make Vacation Travel Smoother With These Tips

Before you can get into total relaxation mode for your vacation, you’ve got to make the journey. That might mean heading to the airport and taking to the skies. That’s where things can get a bit “bumpy” both literally and figuratively. Here are some smart tips for making airplane travel go a lot smoother.


Wear Warm Socks and a Sweater

There is no regulating how hot or cold an airplane can get. That’s why you have to prepare for both extremes. Warms socks and a sweater can help when things get frigid in the friendly skies. If it heats up, then the sweater can come off and you’ll still be comfortable.

Ask For Upgrades

If you’re traveling alone or on a special trip like a honeymoon be sure to let the airline staff know. Both of those scenarios could yield an upgrade. Start by being very nice. No matter when you talk to those staff people, it’s a good chance that they’ve already been berated by irate customers at least a dozen times that day. They might just bump you to first class to spite those mean flyers!

Wear Glasses

If you normally wear contacts, then you might want to switch them out and wear your glasses for the duration of the flight. You’ll find that flying can dry out your skin and eyes during the flight. This also means packing hand lotion and eye drops.

Take the Red-Eye

The red-eye is the name given to the cross country flights that take off late in the evening and arrive early in the morning. These are also cheaper flights and the airports a less busy. They work best for those folks who can fall asleep on the plane. Time it right, and you could sleep through the entire flight. It also lets you get a full day of fun when you land.

One of the other items you want to add to your vacation prep list is a session with Junk King Cincinnati. What does getting rid of junk have to do with your vacation? Won’t it be nice to come home from your vacation to a house that is free of rubbish and clutter. One session with Junk King Cincinnati before you travel can make that happen. Book today.

Get Junk Hauling Help For Your Midsummer Cleaning

How many new things have you brought into your home so far this year? We’re not just talking about the weekly groceries but all the outfits, shoes, books, appliances, gadgets and other items that you’ve bought in a store or online. A good organizing rule to follow is that for every new thing that comes into the house, at least one old thing should go out. If you’re fallen behind on that concept, then it might be time to bring in the Junk King Cincinnati team. These are the junk hauling pros who can make a big difference with your midsummer cleaning.


Everybody has at least one big thing that they would like to get rid of that can’t fit into a trashcan. This is usually a piece of furniture or television that has been replace or upgraded. Without anyway to get rid of that item, it goes into the garage or down in the basement. That’s where it could stay until you literally move out of the home. At least that is what would happen before Junk King started collecting unwanted items from homes. Now you can have a moving crew and huge truck dispatched to your property to pick up those items and quickly get them out of house and loaded onto the truck for removal. But you don’t have to stop there.

Spend time going through your closets and you’re sure to find all kind of items that can be tossed out. That is true for your closet and any kid’s closet. Think about all the outfits you’re never going to wear again. Instead of keeping them jammed into the closet, turn them over to Junk King. They won’t go to waste. Junk King makes charity donation drop offs every week as part of their disposal routes. Anything that doesn’t go to a charity can go to a recycling center. This is just how Junk King operates. The things you’re getting rid of don’t have to go to waste.

If you want to take care of your midsummer cleaning this week, then put Junk King Cincinnati on the job. You’re going to like the results.

Will I Need a Dumpster for My Cincinnati Junk Removal Project?

How much “stuff” do you have? For those who have called the same place home for many years, it’s all too easy to accumulate a huge amount of personal items, both important and unimportant. Eventually, you could reach a point where it’s time to simply say “enough is enough” and make the decision that it’s time for some things to go for good. In another situation, you could face the need to clear out a home after the passing of a loved one, or to tidy up after a home renovation. Do you need a dumpster to be able to take care of this process? There are a few things that go into making that decision. Let’s break them down.

Assessing the scope of your project with accuracy

Need a Dumpster Sometimes it is easy to know right away when a junk removal project you wish to undertake will generate a large amount of garbage. In the case of cleaning up a property after a renovation, it could be that you had to store the debris generated by the work somewhere else in the house, such as the garage, or elsewhere on the property. It could consist of everything from old, broken drywall and timber framing to paint, large plastic tarps, and more. There’s no need to engage in any estimation when you can see a giant pile of junk in plain sight.

Not every project is so straightforward. When you’ve only just decided it is time to let go of many old items, you may not know right away whether a dumpster is the right choice. After all, what if it turns out that you don’t have that much to discard after all? Go space by space and prepare the property for the removal process. This evaluation can be daunting, but breaking it up into smaller chunks and learning how to determine if you should keep something can make the process that much simpler.

During this process, it is a good idea to make a list of the items that may require special disposal. Your list might include old tires, broken electronic items, or certain types of hazardous waste. It will be important later when you need to choose a dumpster company. Once you’ve done a thorough examination of your home and gotten a first-hand look at how much needs to go, you can decide which disposal method will work best.

Do you really need a dumpster?

Answering the above question requires thinking about some other things first. You may not initially think that a dumpster is the right choice; after all, doesn’t it mean a hassle-filled process and an unsightly dumpster sitting in front of the property for a long period? Neither of these things are necessarily true. In fact, armed with a sense of what you need and what you plan to accomplish, neither are even true concerns. Renting a dumpster can be fast and easy, and when done in sync with your junk removal plans, can streamline the entire process.

Okay, what about those other things you should consider? First, ask yourself if you have any oversized, bulky, or otherwise very heavy items for disposal. Consider the previous example of a house where junk from a renovation and excess building materials have accumulated. That’s not going to be anything you can force into your normal trash can. Even large “contractor” style garbage bags may not be a good idea. Considering that drywall weighs roughly a pound and a half per square foot, it can add up to a hefty weight quickly. Even if you could place the junk inside garbage bags, they could be too heavy to move. If you face a situation like this, a dumpster rental is a smart move. The same goes for large objects.

Next, consider the potential impact of your project. Do you care if everything you throw away goes straight to a landfill, or would you prefer a “greener” approach to the process? Some dumpster companies will sort through the garbage you discard, only sending the most unusable objects to the landfill. The rest go on to recycling facilities. Instead of throwing things in the regular trash, you could choose this option instead.

the do you really need it checklist

As a final consideration, think about the convenience. A dumpster doesn’t just mean less time spent filling garbage bags and hauling heavy objects around. It also means less time spent on the project overall. With an on-site rental, you can spend less time thinking about the logistics of disposal and more time moving things straight from the house into the dumpster. Sound like what you need for a successful project?

Picking the right partner for a rental

So, you’ve decided that you do need a dumpster to execute the project you have in mind after all. What next? For most people, pricing will be the number one concern. This isn’t typically the sort of undertaking that pays for itself, so you’ll naturally want an option that’s cost-effective. Pricing models vary, but among the most helpful for homeowners is the usage-based model. Rather than paying a flat rate or by weight, both of which can prove to be more expensive if you have a lot to discard, you pay based on what percentage of the space in the dumpster you use. Consider how useful this can be, especially in a situation where you fill one dumpster and require another — but with that one, you only fill it up halfway. Instead of paying the entire rate again, you save money by only paying for the half you did use.

the complete summer cleaning guide

Remember the potentially hazardous waste you made a note of earlier? Now is the time to discuss disposal with the dumpster company you choose. Find out what is and is not allowable, then make alternative plans as necessary. For example, many auto supply stores and mechanics will accept used motor oil for disposal, while some brick-and-mortar electronics stores take lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for recycling. It’s important for both safety and environmental reasons not to discard these things with “regular” junk, so check with the provider for tips on how to proceed.

Executing your project with an eye towards success

Plan where you will want the dumpster to go ahead of time after deciding to book a rental. After placement, you may not have the opportunity to move the unit again until the company returns to pick it up again. Where is the place most convenient to your project? Some homeowners may opt for the driveway, while others may make way to allow for the drop-off in the backyard or another area. Wherever you ask for placement, take care not it does not create an obstruction.

With everything now in place, homeowners can proceed apace with their junk removal project. Rental rates typically include several days before any additional fees come into play. This way, you have plenty of time to finish the project and send that junk on its way. When all is said and done, the only thing left to do is tidy up the space and put things back in order.

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There’s no need to let unwanted items, broken furniture, or discarded appliances accumulate around the house. With a fair pricing scheme such as those described above which scale to the amount of space you fill; a rental dumpster can streamline your junk cleanup project even if you only have a small amount of debris to clear. Whether you need a dumpster because you have a huge amount of junk to remove or because you’re looking for something to add convenience to the project, find a dumpster rental company that has the right flexibility and products to help you.


Don’t Share Your Front Porch With Rubbish

Although a nice front porch might not have been top of your list of amenities for a new home, it is a very nice feature. This is the place you can unwind after a long day. It’s where you can spend a lazy Sunday afternoon while dinner is cooking. It’s also a great meeting spot to catch up with neighbors and friends. When you think about it, your porch is like another room in your home. It might not get much use in the winter but during the summer it can be a very popular spot. What you don’t want is to be sharing that porch with a lot of rubbish. That’s where a session with Junk King Cincinnati can make a big difference.


First, consider under the porch. Some porches are designed with storage space underneath. It is usually accessed by a small door or might just be open on the side. This is where old lumber, pipes and other long things get tucked away. It’s also where those items become forgotten. After while, they start rotting away. This is not something you want under your porch. The crew from Junk King can easily slide all of that out and get it loaded onto the truck.

Up on the porch itself, you might have been forced to store some big items from your home like chairs, a couch or a major kitchen appliance. It makes sense to get those things out of the house and since they can just be plopped down in the yard, the porch is a good temporary fix. However, it only takes one rainstorm for those items to become officially “ruined.” Once that happens, they quickly slide into the junk category and that’s when you need to bring in Junk King Cincinnati.

The Junk King crew won’t have any problem pulling that rubbish off your porch and getting it onto the truck. That could literally take less than five minutes. If that is all you want to get rid of, then it will still be worth hiring Junk King. But you don’t have to stop with porch rubbish. The team from Junk King can clear the rubbish from anywhere on your property. Get your porch and your home clear of rubbish with one call to Junk King Cincinnati. It’s a great call to make today.

Get Junk Removal At A Great Price

The reason for making any repair project a “do it yourself” project is to save money. Nobody enjoys changing the oil on their car but if you have those skills, then it could save you money. Too often the best intention behind a DIY job actually ends up costing your more not only in money but also in time. That would certainly be true with junk removal. To do that job right, you would probably have to hire a couple of day laborers. That would come after having someone drive you to the truck rental place to rent that truck that is going to haul everything away. After your crew loads up the truck, you then have to spend the rest of the day driving to a disposal drop off. When you add it all up, that can become a very expensive proposition just to get rid of junk. A much better approach would be to hire Junk King Cincinnati from the start.


Obviously, you’re going to pay a fee for Junk King’s amazing service. That’s where they’re helpful pricing estimator comes into play. With the pricing estimator, you can build out a list of items you want to get rid of. The size of those items will be a determining factor for your estimate. That’s because Junk King bases its price on how the crew packs up the truck. The less space they use, the less you’ll be paid.

Keep in mind that the price you create is still just an estimate. The final price can only be locked down when the crew has had a chance to look over all the things that you’re getting rid of. You might be pleasantly surprised when the Junk King crew’s estimate is lower than your estimate. Nothing wrong with that!

Hiring Junk King also means you can finally get rid of those items that might be down in the basement or up on a second or third floor. The team from Junk King does all the work even if that work involves climbing stairs. To take care of your junk removal at a good price, bring in Junk King Cincinnati today.

Tips For Better Sleep At Night

How often does someone tell you that you look tired and you respond with, “I couldn’t get to sleep last night.” We all have those occasional bouts of insomnia but those should be the exception and not the rule. If you need to sleep better at night, then you have to pay attention to what you do during the day. Consider the following tips for better sleep at night:


Cut Back on Caffeine

Everyone knows that you drink coffee to stay awake. The caffeine boost can be extremely effective. However, you might be surprised to know that the caffeine you drink in the morning could still be in play at night. Many folks have a “cut off” time at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. You might want to dial that back even further.

Avoid Big Meals

A lot of folks living in Italy and Spain get this one right: They eat their biggest meals in the middle of the day. At night, it is just a light dinner. Ideally you should stop eating at least 2 hours before you go to bed. All those spicy foods can churn up the moment you recline. If you want a snack before bed, then the best options would be yogurt, a banana, half a turkey sandwich or whole-grain cereal.

Avoid Liquids

Not only should you not be eating before bed but you should also avoid drinking. The more you drink before bed, the greater the chances of waking up in the middle of the night for a trip to the bathroom.

Cut Back On Carbs

A lot of refined carbs during the day can lead to wakefulness at night. Refined carbs would be found in foods like white bread, white rice or pasta. A simple switch to whole grains can help with this issue.

Get a Good Mattress

Everyone has a different approach to the ideal mattress. Some like it extra firm where others prefer is a bit more adjustable. Regardless you your preference, over time that mattress is going to stop conforming to your ideal. That’s when it is time to make the switch and that is where Junk King Cincinnati can be a big help. They won’t sell you a new mattress but that can easily get rid of your old mattress. This session with Junk King can also inspire you to get rid of the rest of your unwanted stuff. When Junk King Cincinnati removes your old mattress, they’re helping you pave the way for a better night’s sleep. Are you ready for that?


Spring! Time for a Yard Waste Dumpster Rental in Cincinnati

When we think of spring cleaning, we tend to think mostly of indoor projects. Cleaning out the garage. Decluttering the basement. Going through our closets and pulling out garments we don’t wear anymore. Cleaning up the dust, pet dander, and other debris that has built up on surfaces throughout the winter months. By all means, though, your spring cleaning routine should also include some attention to your yard. A yard waste dumpster rental can make it that much easier to execute springtime cleanup and landscaping projects for your yard.

Your Springtime Yard Cleanup Checklist

yard waste dumpster rentalEven a well-maintained yard can start looking pretty decrepit over the course of the winter. Between cold weather, snow, and melting snow, your yard might look brown, flooded, or generally in ill health. Of course, a lot of these issues will take care of themselves as the spring season moves forward. Your grass will start growing again, the trees will blossom, and the flowers will begin to bloom. In a month or two, your yard will look likely and beautiful again.

With all that said, the fact is that you can do a few things to get your yard back into shape sooner. Your springtime yard cleanup checklist might include steps like:

  • Raking up leaves: If there are trees in your yard, then there are probably still leaves strewn about from last fall. Your yard might also be littered with twigs and branches that broke off the trees under the weight of the snow. Raking up the debris and removing it will clean up your yard for a new season.

  • Prune trees, shrubs, hedges, or other plants: Even the most resilient plants can be damaged by heavy snow and bitter cold. Trimming damaged or dead branches from shrubs, trees, hedges, or other plants can make for a healthier growing season for those plants. In other cases, you might have to prune healthy plants that have become a bit overgrown in the past year. Evergreen trees, especially, tend to need some strategic pruning in the springtime.


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  • Clean other litter out of the yard: Is there other litter that needs to be cleaned up before you can start work on your yard? If you have a dog, you might need to go around the yard cleaning up dog waste. There could also be pieces of garbage that have ended up in your yard some way or another. Collecting this junk should be one of your first steps in the spring.

  • Mow the lawn: Your lawn may or may not be very long at this point, depending on whether you mowed it in the fall and how much snow you had. However, giving the lawn a quick, low-cut mow early in the spring is a good idea. Mowing at this stage can help clean up some of the dead grass on the ground, making way for healthier growth in the months to come. An early spring mow can also help clean up snow mold if you have that issue.

  • Plant and landscape: What does your landscaping plan look like this year? Whether you are planning on building a new garden, planting a few trees, or simply dotting the yard with flowers, you should start the planting process early in the summer. Other landscaping tasks, such as mulching certain parts of the yard, should also happen now. Depending on the extent of your landscaping, you might need to do some extensive digging or sod removal. And don’t forget to shore up the more damaged-looking parts of your lawn with fresh seed!

Making a point of completing these tasks in April or May will ensure a green, glowing yard by June and July. You’ll have to set aside some time to do the work, but you’ll be thankful you did when the time comes for summer grilling or warm weather entertaining.

Make Your Yard Cleanup Easier with a Yard Waste Dumpster Rental

Most of the tasks discussed above result in a considerable amount of waste and debris. Piles or bags of leaves; excess dirt; clumps of discarded sod; sticks or twigs; etc. If you have a big yard, you might have a place near the back of the property where you can build a pile of firewood or start a compost pile. In many places, though—especially suburban areas where homes are close to one another—there might be no yard space to spare. Where do you put all that yard waste from your spring cleanup project?

The solution you need is a yard waste dumpster rental. From leaves and grass clippings to sticks, logs, and stumps, virtually any landscaping waste can go in a yard waste dumpster. You can fill the dumpster as you work, getting yard waste out of the way so you can move on to other parts of the project more quickly. Best of all, when you finish the job, your junk removal company will come and haul the dumpster away. You won’t have to worry about finding a place on your property to pile up yard waste because it will all be gone in just a matter of days.

the complete summer cleaning guide

Finding the Right Dumpster Rental

As you shop for a dumpster rental for yard waste disposal, remember that not all dumpster rental businesses provide this service. Dumpster rentals are often meant more for the interior cleanouts mentioned above, like garages and basements. Some dumpster rental companies don’t offer yard waste or require you to rent a specific type of bin for yard waste.

While no dumpster rental company will let you mix yard waste with standard household junk like electronic waste or old, unwanted childhood toys, some businesses are a bit more flexible than others. For instance, it’s not a bad idea to look for a dumpster rental company that lets you throw shingles, plasterboard, or other outdoor building materials into the yard waste bin. Many homeowners pair landscaping projects with improvements to the outside of their homes. In such cases, it can be nice to have one bin where you can deposit everything.

As for other areas of focus, try to find a dumpster rental company that offers eco-friendly service and fair pricing. Especially for yard waste dumpsters, it’s smart to look for rental companies that price their bins according to the amount of space you use. Many dumpster rental businesses have pricing structures that bill in “flat rates,” based on the size of the dumpster you rent. The problem is that predicting what dumpster size you need is not easy. How many cubic yards of debris are waiting in your yard to be cleaned up? It’s hard to know for sure until you are dumping clubs of dirt, piles or leaves, or pieces of wood into the bin.

Don’t let the unpredictability of your yard waste removal project cost you extra money. You don’t want to rent a yard waste dumpster that is too big, because you’ll end up paying for space you don’t use. Instead, choose a dumpster rental company that bills according to how much dumpster space you actually use. That way, you will be getting your money’s worth without sacrificing quality of service.

the do you really need it checklist

A yard cleanup is a smart step in any spring cleaning project. However, the fact is that most people don’t have the means of hauling yard waste away from their property. Taking bags of unwanted junk from your house and loading them into the trunk of your car is one thing; doing the same with bags of dirty yard waste is another. With a yard waste dumpster rental, you’ll never have to worry about the logistics of a yard cleanup again.

Junk King is committed to increasing sustainability wherever we can. The top-rated customer service offered by Junk King is something we pride ourselves on. Please consider using Junk King for your dumpster rental and junk removal.  1-888-888-JUNK