Reliable Junk Hauling Services For Mason

The New Year is just a few weeks old and already severe storms have swept through Ohio trigging flooding yet again in Mason. This latest storm happened on February 18th and caused cresting all along the Ohio River. Thankfully, this storm wasn’t as devastating as previous storms but it only takes an inch of water flooding into a basement to cause all kinds of upheaval in a home. If your home ever suffers any flood damage, then it is vital to act fast. A call to Junk King Cincinnati will be a big help.


Junk King already responds quickly to any request for junk hauling. Most sessions are completed the following day of that first contact with some even being finished on the same day. With storm damage, Junk King will strive to put your request for help ahead of the line. They know how important it is to get any water-soaked items from your home.

After a flood, you might see a lot of damaged furniture and rugs piled up on the curb for pickup. Junk King’s crew will pick everything up from the basement. You don’t need to drag things down to the curb. Those soaked objects are also going to weigh more. That isn’t a problem for Junk King. They never charge by the pound. Their pricing policy is based on how much space that stuff will fill on the back of the truck. It is an estimate provided by the crew before the work begins. Junk King wants you to be happy with the price and once it is agreed to, it will be locked down.

Outside of storm damage cleanup, Junk King is always standing by to provide a wide range of junk hauling services. The moving crew and truck is just what you need to clear out old beds, desks, sofas and recliners. You can also turn over any busted stoves, washers or fridges that you want to clear from your property. It all can go in a single session. Junk hauling in Mason won’t be complicated when you turn that job over to Junk King Cincinnati.

Get Your Backyard Garden Ready for Growing

Despite what the ground hog said, the official start of is just a few weeks away. Soon you’ll be opening the windows, firing up the grill and mowing the lawn. You’ll also want to get your garden ready for growing season. Here is a helpful action plan to make that happen.


Test Your Soil

Watering and sunlight are the easiest part of growing anything. It is getting the soil right that can be a challenge. Start this season with a PH test of your soil. You can pick up a test kit from any nursery or hardware store. The result of those tests will help you decide which nutrients your soil might need.


Over the winter, your garden plot might have overgrown. Time to break out the edging tool to create those clean lines once again. This is a good job to do know so you won’t have to do later. And if you’re thinking of expanding your garden plot, then you’ll want to edge out the extending area at this time, too.


Once you have removed the winter weeds you should lay down some mulch. This will help cool off the roots of the plants. That in turn will mean less water once the growing starts. As the mulch breaks down it will feed the soil. That’s all good.

Stake Plants

You should know in advance what plants or veggies need a little help in the form of stakes. Before you plant, put up those stakes. This will also help you map out the garden and allow you to move things around without stomping on anything that is growing.

Finally, think about your potting area. If you don’t have one, then perhaps you can pull out an old table and put it up against the garage. To make room for your potting zone you might need to clear out some unwanted items like lumber, old patio furniture or even a swing set. All of that can be easily removed with one call to Junk King Cincinnati. They’re always loading up furniture and appliances. Nothing is stopping them from lending you a hand in your backyard for a big cleanup. To get your garden ready for growing, bring in the crew from Junk King Cincinnati and watch how fast things get cleared away.

A Pair Of Moms Help Take School Recycling To The Next Level

Sycamore parents Elizabeth Bruggeman and Sarah Newman are on a mission to inspire the next generation of environmental champions. To achieve that goal, these moms created and installed waste sorting stations in school cafeterias throughout the Sycamore Community School District.


“We tried to take recycling to the next level,” said Newman, to a local news website.

Because of their efforts, Newman and Bruggeman were picked to join the inaugural class of “Game Changers.” This is a new feature sponsored by The Community Press and Recorder that profiles residents that have made a positive impact to the community.

“This is about teaching the next generation to be good stewards and champions of the environment through waste reduction, composting and recycling,” Bruggeman said.

How they accomplished this is to create a waste sorting station at Symmes Elementary School back in 2013. The program was so successful that is went districtwide the following year. The waste sorting station replaces trash cans in the cafeteria. Now there is a spot where trash is tossed into slots that are labeled for compost, recycling and landfill. There was a bit of a learning curve for the students but once they understood how to sort their trash, it became second nature to them.

This is the kind of inspiring program that gets kids involved with recycling not just at school but at home, too. It would be easy to set up the same kind of sorting station in your kitchen. But you don’t have to stop the recycling there. There are a lot more items around the house that could be recycled if you work with the right partner like Junk King Cincinnati.

Junk King Cincinnati is part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who are all dedicated with keeping as much collected rubbish out of landfills as possible. They’ve been able to maintain a respectable 60% diversion rate. When you consider the national average is closer to 30% you can see that Junk King is keeping a lot of trash out of dumps. When you want to recycle your junk, turn it over to Junk King Cincinnati. They’ll handle it the right way.

What Are The Best Home Improvement Investments?

Just because you’re still paying on your mortgage doesn’t mean you can’t make improvements on your home. In fact, certain home improvement projects can increase the value of your home. That can help you refinance your mortgage. Which are the home improvement projects that offer the best return on your investment? Consider the following:


Major Kitchen Remodel

A dream kitchen is often created after you’ve lived with the old kitchen for a few years. You know all the things that can make that space more practicable and comfortable. Among the most popular items for a major kitchen remodel are putting in a island, replacing tile or laminate countertops with stone, installing a stainless steel sink and upgrading appliances. There are other finishes for floors, cabinets and windows that can also enhance the value. A major kitchen remodel might also involve taking down a wall to open up the floor plan. Now you’re transforming the entire ground floor and that’s a huge potential return on your investment.

Deck or Patio

A backyard should never be thought of as just a place for the dog to do his business but as an extension of your home’s living space. To that end, you might want to consider adding a deck or refurbishing a concrete patio. The key is shade and comfort. You want to make these areas cozy to longing on a warm spring day. It is important that you seal wood decks to keep them protected from the elements. You might want to look at building out an outdoor kitchen in this space as well. This is also when you should bring in planters for fresh flowers or a small herb garden. Think oasis and you can’t go wrong!

At the start of any home improvement project, you’ll have to do a lot of debris clearing. One call to Junk King Cincinnati gets that job done. These professional junk haulers never met a pile of demolition rubbish they couldn’t get rid of. It doesn’t matter how heavy something might be. It can all go on the back of the truck. For your next home improvement project, count on Junk King Cincinnati to help with the rubbish hauling.

Awesome Ideas For New Year’s Resolutions

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions last year? Did you stick with them? That is the great thing about New Year’s resolutions: You always get to do them over. Here are some awesome ideas for your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions:


Lose Weight

Everyone wants to lose weight especially have all the treats from the holidays. Don’t get caught up on those reality diet shows. The best approach to losing weight is to set a goal of dropping 1 to 2 pounds a week. If you stick to that, at the end of two months you could have lost up to 16 pounds. That is a great way to start the New Year.

Travel More

How many destinations are on your travel bucket list? Perhaps this is the year you can finally make it to one or two of those. If the big trips are out of your budget range, then consider smaller road trips. There is plenty to see and do within a hundred miles of Cincinnati. Not all travel has to be by plane!

Quit Smoking

If you’re still smoking, then you’ve probably tried to quit at least once in your lifetime. Time to try again. Although there are a lot of products and systems to help, the best way remains going cold turkey. The worst time will be the first 72 hours when the cravings will be at the height. If you can make it through the weekend, then you can keep it going for the New Year.

Get a Check Up

It is hard to make health goals without knowing what your health is. That can only start with a trip to the doctor for a physical checkup. Once you have all the results in, then you and your doctor can plot out a plan to help you reduce blood pressure and shed those pounds.

Remove Rubbish

Not every goal you set for the New Year has to be related to your physical and emotional well-being. You can also set a goal to make a better living environment for yourself. That is where Junk King Cincinnati can make a huge difference. One session is all it will take to finally remove all the useless clutter you have crammed into your closets and piled into your garage. Start 2018 with a New Year’s resolution of living in a junk free home. Junk King Cincinnati can be a big help with that.

Smart Ways To Start A Home Business

Will 2018 be the year you become your own boss? Starting a business out of your home isn’t uncommon. In fact, many successful businesses got their start in a garage. Can you say, “Apple?” Once you’ve settled on an idea, here are some smart ways to start your home business:


Use Free or Low Cost Resources

Setting up a business in your home is going to save money right out of the gate. After all, you won’t have to sign a commercial lease. There are some other great resources you can tap for your business that won’t break the budget. For instance, Google Voice can become your business phone line. Freshbooks lets you set up cloud-based accounting and Wave Accounting has templates for professional invoices.

Outsource Work

You might be your only “employee” to start with but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a freelance support staff. There are a lot of jobs that you can outsource like writing content for your business blog. You can get an endless supply of professional blog posts at very affordable rates using sites like oDesk or PeoplePerHour. As you get more confident writing your own blogs, you can phase out the independent contractors. After all, they work for you!

Network With Professionals

Once your business is operational, you’ll want to start networking with the professional community in your area. There will probably be plenty of business groups you can access who will in turn provide all kinds of resources. These are great ways to cross promote your business and potentially sign up new clients. All the while, you’ll be getting valuable advice on how to improve your business from folks who have already made the journey.

Set Up A Dedicate Office Space

You’ll need a place to work for your business that is free from distractions. In other words, the kitchen table is out. A good option would be setting up a corner in the basement, attic or garage. First, you’ll need to clear out the junk. One call to Junk King Cincinnati can take care of that chore. It will only take one session to have any piece of furniture, appliance or box of rubbish carted off. Get your home business off to a positive start with a home free of junk thanks to Junk King Cincinnati.


Make Your Holiday Guests Feel Welcome

Are you opening your home to holiday guests this season? There are so many wonderful memories that can be created by hosting a small dinner party or a large open house. But there’s someone special in your life that you haven’t seen in a while, then you can invite them to spend the Christmas holiday with you and your family. That would be especially fitting if they would otherwise be alone for Christmas. All of this means you want to make sure your holiday guests feel welcome. Here are some great ideas to pull that off:


If someone is spending the night, then you will want to make them feel at home. That starts with a comfortable bed. Sometimes, sofa beds are better off staying as a sofa as opposed to pulling out the bed. It might help if you actually try to sleep on your sofa bed to see if it really is comfortable. The same can be said for a guestroom bed. Is that room warm enough at night? Are the pillows fluffy enough? Do the linens smell fresh? Those are things that are easily taken care of.

Everyone loves staying at a hotel and getting a mint on the pillow. You don’t have to go that far but it would be nice to have some bottles of water in the guest room so your visitor doesn’t have to go looking for a drink in the middle of the night. They would also appreciate having a coffee station set up in your kitchen. You can get this ready the night before so that whatever time they wake up they’ll have a fresh pot of coffee or tea waiting for them.

It also helps to get rid of any clutter that might be piled up in the guest room. You would never want your company to have to move things out of the way just to get into the room. This is where call to Junk King Cincinnati can make a big difference. These professional junk haulers can sweep into your home and take away any amount of unwanted furniture, appliances, electronics or other household goods that you want to get rid of. You can also turn over to them all the unwanted clothing from closets and dressers. You’ll feel a lot better about inviting holiday guests over once Junk King Cincinnati has cleared out the rubbish from your home.

How To Prep For The Holidays

As the holiday decorations start to go up in your neighborhood you might be asking yourself, “what happened to 2017?” Yes, the year flew by as it always does. Now the focus is on enjoying the remaining few weeks left in the year by making the most of the holiday season. Here are some good reminders on how to prep for the holidays:


Make a Plan

It all starts with a plan. The center of your holiday plan will revolve around whether or not you are doing any entertaining. If your home is a holiday hub for the family, then you need to set the times for the gang to show up. If you’re hosting any other kind of open house, then the rest of your calendar will fall into place around that event. Even without hosting a party, you could still find yourself very busy between various social engagements. Some of these might fall by the wayside given the amount of other tasks you need to accomplish. There’s nothing wrong with skipping a holiday party in order to get some well earned rest.

Ask For Help

Once you worked out your plan for the holidays you want to start asking for help. Taking on everything as your own personal mission is what causes stress to go up. This is when you need to divide and conquer among your family and friends. You’ll be surprised at how willing everyone is to help especially this time of the year. Even if you can take off six tasks from your to do list you’ll be ahead of the game.

Shop Online

Shopping online will not only save you time but also money but you don’t have to stop with presents. You’ll find that there are many outlets like Amazon prime and Wal-Mart who are offering grocery shopping online. And because they’re in fierce competition with each other you’re going to find great prices all around. Won’t it be great to do all your grocery shopping without fighting the crowds?

Remove Rubbish

Before the decorations go up in your own home you want to make sure you are clear of clutter and rubbish. It’s not just the little things you should get rid of but also the big stuff that are taking up space in your basement, closets and garage. One session with Junk King Cincinnati will have all your unwanted rubbish removed in the blink of an eye. That’s a great way to start your holiday.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Cincinnati Garbage Dumpster

Many people who live in Cincinnati lead active lives and enjoy a host of different activities each season. Some of those undertakings are leisurely, while others are of a more practical nature. For every garden or block party, there’s landscaping or remodeling to complete, which means that the residents of Cincinnati often find themselves in need of practical junk removal strategies. There are several ways to dispose of unwanted trash or other waste materials when you have items that the regular garbage collectors can’t take. We’ll use this article to examine one of the most popular options for many area members: the prospect of renting a garbage dumpster for a predetermined period.

Garbage DumpsterThere are several ways in which renting a waste container can provide you with greater convenience than other options. Dumpster rental often proves to be one of the most stress-free and cost-effective methods of junk disposal available anywhere in the Cincinnati area, because it puts more control in the hands of the individual than many other options allow. Consider the following: you might be able to transport junk to the landfill by yourself if you have your vehicle, but even if you have a pickup truck you’ll need to make several trips to deal with the material from even small household projects. Conversely, you could hire a full-service junk removal company to clean up your site for you, but then you’ll need to make yourself available to let them onto your property, which could interrupt professional responsibilities and other commitments. However, renting a dumpster of your own allows you to avoid any of these logistical problems.

That’s not to say that renting a dumpster doesn’t come with specific considerations though, so to make things easier we’re going to give you a brief overview of what we think everyone should know before they rent a dumpster in Cincinnati for the first time. Keep reading to see how you can make cleaning up after your next project a smoother experience.

Garbage Dumpster Bin Placement and Why it Matters

One thing you should be aware of when you decide to rent a dumpster in Cincinnati is the place where it will ultimately take up space during the rental. Many first-time renters do not understand that a dumpster cannot occupy a public right of way area. Public right of way areas are defined as land designated for transportation, and they typically include all streets, sidewalks, and paths. For that reason, you won’t be able to keep your rental garbage dumpster on the curb outside your property, unless you apply for a permit and pay the required fees. You’ll probably have to have it placed on the property itself, which means you’ll need to be a little strategic.

One of the most responsible places you can arrange to have your dumpster placed is in your driveway. Putting the bin in your drive will allow your rental company easy access to the drop-off point, which will make it easier for them to deliver your dumpster in the first place. It will also make it easier for them to collect your dumpster again once the rental period is over. It is essential for your rental company to be able to access your dumpster once your rental period has ended. If they cannot access it, they may have to wait until they can do so, which can result in the renter being charged a late fee or for additional time. The easiest way to make sure you don’t have to deal with these issues is to rent a dumpster that fits comfortably in your driveway without taking up all the space in it. That way, you’ll still be able to use your driveway during the rental period without worrying about blocking access to the container.

Materials You Can Put in Cincinnati Dumpsters

Deciding where to place your dumpster is not the only consideration you must undertake when you choose to rent a garbage dumpster in the Cincinnati area. You will also have to make sure that you only fill your bin with appropriate materials. You may find certain restrictions on what you can or cannot put in dumpsters depending on the rental company that you choose. At Junk King, we try to make the process of filling easier by providing easily accessible information on what you’re can put in your skip once you have rented it. We offer dumpsters capable of handling most leftover materials from renovations and home improvement projects and even provide extra services aimed at helping renters deal with heavy or otherwise challenging materials such as concrete.

How to Fill Your Rental Container

Once you have decided on where to put your dumpster and what you plan on putting inside, you should learn about how to organize your materials so that you can fill it adequately. Many people just throw their unwanted material into the container without a second thought, but this can waste space and even create hazards. Instead, it is best to make sure that all loose materials going into your dumpster are as organized as possible. You might want to consider bagging leaves or lawn clippings and tying bundles of scrap materials together so that you can arrange it conveniently and responsibly.

Different Pricing Models

The way you pack your rental dumpster might even allow you to save money, depending on the dumpster rental company that you select. Not all companies price their rentals according to the same criteria; you could be charged based on the weight of your full unit, the size of the container, the length of time you need it for, or a combination of those factors. At Junk King, we try to simplify the process in a way that provides customers with an incentive to fill their containers responsibly. We offer a pricing model based on the amount of space that our customers use when they rent our dumpsters so that they can enjoy lower costs by conscientiously packing the units. Not only does this encourage users to wrap their materials in safe ways and place them correctly in the containers, but it also makes it easier for us to sort those items at our facility and dispose of them in the greenest way possible.

Choosing a Rental Company

Ultimately, the decision you make when choosing a dumpster rental company will be yours alone, but it can be much easier when you consider some of the factors listed above. You’ll want to be sure that your dumpster is small enough to occupy your driveway unless you have secured a permit from the city before you begin working. You’ll also want to make sure that you have thought about what you’ll be putting in your container so that you can find a company offering appropriate receptacles. Then, you’ll want to arrange everything you need to organize the contents ahead of time, especially if you’re renting from us and want to save money on your container. Our dumpsters are a driveway-friendly 12 cubic yards in volume, so you should have no trouble finding an appropriate place for them on your property during your rental.

Renting a garbage dumpster remains one of Cincinnati’s best ways to deal with the unwanted material during a cleanup, whether you’ve just hosted a public event or undertaken a personal project. For more information on how we approach dumpster rental at Junk King, contact us during regular business hours and speak to an operative.

Junk King is committed to increasing sustainability wherever we can. The top-rated customer service offered by Junk King is something we pride ourselves on. Please consider using Junk King for your dumpster rental and junk removal.  1-888-888-JUNK  OR  LIVE CHAT


Take Care Of Big Appliance Recycling The Right Way

Whether you rent or own the place where you live, there’s a lot of things you can do on your own in terms of upkeep and maintenance. Not every task requires a call to the landlord or professional handyman. You can actually take a great amount of pride in making those minor repairs. However, there are some tasks that will benefit by bringing in outside help. That is certainly true when it comes to big appliance recycling. Getting rid of an old stove or refrigerator usually means you’re replacing it with a new model. Recycling that old item is in a priority. But it’s a task that can be easily handled by a company like Junk King Cincinnati. They’ll take care of big appliance recycling the right way.


Anytime you buy a new major appliance like a refrigerator or stove you always are going to be concerned with what to do with the old one. Some people can actually put a second refrigerator to use provided it can be kept down the basement or out of the garage. But if that refrigerator is beyond repair, then it needs to be taken away. You certainly don’t want it hanging around as a potential trap for kids playing hide and seek. The same can be said for any type of appliance that can be crawled into like a dishwasher, wash machine or dryer.

Junk King Cincinnati can make sure those big appliances are removed on the same day you get delivered your new appliance. This can also be the same day you get rid of the rest of your unwanted clutter from around the house. You’re going to be assigned a two-man working crew for your task. This is the team that will do all the manual labor for you. You don’t even have to unplug the refrigerator! As for the other stuff you want to get rid of it can be scattered throughout your house. You just have to point to the things you want taken away and Junk King will do the rest.

Getting rid of unwanted clutter and a big appliance has never been easier thanks to Junk King Cincinnati.

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