Great Cincinnati Recycling Efforts this week in September

Junk King Cincinnati has had a great recycling week so far. On Monday we hauled a couple of tons of coal out of an older home that used to have coal burning furnace. We brought it back to our warehouse and worked on finding a place for it. We received a call from a gentleman that volunteers for the Christian Appalachian Project.  He donates time and materials to help people in Eastern Kentucky.  He came and took 3/4 of the coal that we hauled and loaded it into his pickup truck to take it to a poor family in eastern Kentucky that has a coal burning fireplace and stove.  He even told me the name of the family that would probably get the coal.

On Tuesday we hauled out 2.25 trucks of paper, cardboard and electronics out of a business downtown. Although the job took most of the day, we are going to be able to recycle all but 2-3 items. Two trips to the paper recycler, the rest back to our warehouse and we recycled 95% of that job.

COME ON CINCINNATI! Call us up, let us haul your junk and recycle all that we can. You can call the main number at 800-995-JUNK(5865), call Pete directly at 513-800-3941, or book online at Junk King Cincinnati’s website.