Tree Branch Disposal in Cincinnati

There is a nasty little pest that has shown up in certain trees around the Cincinnati area which is causing a major headache to city officials, businesses and homeowners alike. We’re talking about the Emerald Ash Borer who loves nothing better than to feast on ash trees. Over at the Woodland Mound Park and Vineyard Golf Course over 800 ash trees are going to be chopped down. That’s because if the Ash Borer gets in there is no turning back. And don’t think if just because you don’t live anywhere those “hot zones” that you won’t be impacted. Some researchers have found that this strain of bug can travel up to 20 miles a day in search of a meal. Add wind and weather to the day and the beasty can get to just about anywhere in the area.

Take a look at your trees. If you see tracks in the bark, you might have the bugs. What would this mean? It could mean they are munching away at the insides and making that tree extremely weak. This in turn could cause branches or the entire tree to become uprooted. All it takes is one storm to knock that into a power line and its good-bye electricity! If you think any trees on your property need to come down or have already broken apart, give Junk King Cincinnati a call. Yes, their name says junk but they’re just as capable of removing tree branches as they are of taking away an old sofa.

What you really need for an effective junk removal job is some muscle and truck space. With Junk King you’ll be getting both in abundance. Each Junk King crew consists of at least two men with strong backs and knowledge of the proper lifting techniques. Yes, lifting with the legs instead of the back really does matter! As for the truck, you’re guaranteed that it will be able to handle whatever you’re tossing out. If those limbs need to be broken to fit into the truck, the JK Cincinnati crew will handle the job. They’ll also be able to help you remove any other item from your home that is too big for the garbage or the back of your SUV. You might think the city will pick up bulky items but you really can’t depend on that. Junk King Cincinnati will work on your schedule to make sure the job is done right.

After this latest winter storm, there is no telling what shape your trees will be in. Don’t take any chances with fallen limbs. Let Junk King clear them away ASAP!