Haul Away Junk From Your Cincinnati Home

Give Back Cincinnati is a non-profit organization who does just what the title implies: they give back to Cincinnati. Among the many programs kick started by GBC is Paint the Town. This past year saw close to a 1,000 volunteers come together for a little neighborhood makeover. Instead of sweeping up these folks were painting houses. In fact, over 350 homes got the paint treatment with the supplies being donated by local businesses and the painting power donated by those dedicated residents.

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to the exterior or interior of your home. If you’re thinking about sprucing up your home for the holidays with a little paint, you might want to first get rid of all the junk that could be cluttering up the area. Of course, after you clean up the junk you might not even need the paint job! The best approach to take with this task would be to hire Junk King. When it comes to junk hauling, these folks are the pros and that’s just who you want working on your property.

When you hire Junk King it’s like you’re hiring your own work crew. Two very capable movers will be showing up to take away your junk. The word “Movers” is the best way to describe the Junk King crew because there are literally moving your junk out of your home. The big distinction is that instead of taking that junk to a new home they’ll be making sure it is tossed out. Bottom line: it will be gone for your world for good!

You’ll also have use of the Junk King moving truck. Yes, this truck is the same size as the moving van you used to bring all your stuff into your home. It only stands to reason that you would need a truck of equal size to take it all away. As a professional crew, you need only tell the Junk King movers what you want taken away. They’ll make all the trips up and down the stairs or out to the garage. If you feel the need for a little exercise and want to pile up some of your stuff in the driveway you can but it’s not necessary. Junk King likes it when they do all the work.

After all your junk has been loaded onto the truck it will be headed off for a drop off center. That will either be a recycling facility or a certified landfill. Either way you know your junk will have a final resting spot in a proper place. Want to get rid of your junk? Call Junk King today to make it happen.