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Monthly Archives: June 2014

A Great Father’s Day Gift Junk Removal For His Cincinnati Home

Perhaps the greatest gift you can give your dad is an afternoon nap. After clocking in many work hours during the week, nothing would make dad happier than catching up on his sleep. Of course, his day off is usually full of chores. Sure, you can pitch in with some of those tasks but there are some things that only dad can handle. At least that was true before Junk King set up business here in Cincinnati. These are the junk removal specialists who can help dad with the biggest job on his chore list: cleaning out the clutter around your home.


No matter how hard we try, we’ll always have some amount of junk in our home. This doesn’t mean junk in the “rusty” sense but instead think of all those things that are either broken or no longer in use. These would be the stuff that is too big to fit into a garbage can otherwise, they would have been thrown out long ago. To get rid of these things you need extra help and a big truck. That’s just what you’ll be getting when you hire Junk King for the project.

Every Junk King junk removal appointment comes with a pair of very capable movers. This is the crew who will climb up into the attic or down the basement to take away whatever you’re tossing out. This will certainly spare dad any chance of straining his back. That’s going to make his nap go a whole lot smoother!

After the Junk King crew has worked on clearing out the clutter from inside your home, they can do the same routine around your front and backyard. If you’ve been storing lumber scraps, remodeling waste or old tools then this is your golden opportunity to make all that disappear. The Junk King crew can even pitch in to take away organic items like bags of leaves, grass clippings, bushes and hedge trimmings. Dad will love it if Junk King can help with the yard work!

Everything that the Junk King crew collects will be loaded onto the big Junk King moving truck. As they load up the truck, the crew will be keeping an eye out for those items that can be donated or recycled. Yes, Junk King will even help dad reduce his carbon footprint. Give dad an extra Father’s Day gift of junk removal help from Junk King.

Cincinnati Summer Decluttering Tips

Most back alleys are used for trash collection. This is where businesses and homes put their garbage for pickup. Unfortunately, alleys can also become an illegal dumping ground, as some irresponsible folks think nothing of leaving their trash for others to contend with. Does this mean that folks give up on alleys? Not always. Consider the Five Points Alley. This section of Walnut Hills sits on one of Cincinnati’s most historic commercial district. As its title implies, Five Points Alley is an intersection of five alleys that had been neglected for several years. That was until the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation decided to turn things around. First came the cleanup. There was one parcel of back alley that was overgrown with weeds 30 feet high. Once all that debris was removed, business developers could see the potential for this area. So far, a new coffeehouse open in the alley and there are plans to bring in a bar.


Reclaiming valuable space isn’t limited to a business district. You can do the same thing around your home with a decluttering appointment set up by Junk King. These are the junk removal specialists who make it their business to give people back their space. Remember when you first moved into your home or apartment? Wasn’t it great to have all those empty rooms? How long did it take to fill them up? Now you can take back all that space with a Junk King decluttering session.

Before Junk King shows up, make sure you decide exactly what you want hauled away. You don’t have to move anything, just point it out the Junk King crew. This includes those really big items that might need to be taken apart. The Junk King crews have carted off plenty of pool tables, hot tubs, swing sets and backyard sheds. They’ll have all the right tools to take anything apart!

Everything that gets loaded onto a Junk King truck will be sorted by that crew. They’re going to be looking for those items that can be recycled or donated. Even though that might mean and extra drop off, Junk King is happy to oblige. Don’t worry about those drop offs or extra time it takes to dismantle something. You’re not going to be charged for any of that! You’ll only be paying a flat fee based on the volume of your junk. This is an extremely affordable price point that will seal the deal! Taking back your home space begins with decluttering help from Junk King.

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