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Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Perfect Parents Day Gift Cincinnati Junk Removal

What are you doing for your parents on Parent’s Day? Even though the official day is July 27th, shouldn’t mom and dad get props all year long? Of course, they should! However, this year you can do something truly unique by setting up a junk removal appointment with Junk King. How is that honoring mom and dad? By taking this task off their to-do list, you’re giving them back their weekend and that is really the best gift of all. You don’t even have to have the appointment on the official day. The mere fact that you’re going to handle this chore for them is showing you care. The best thing of all? When you hire Junk King, you’re not actually going to be doing any of the work!


Every Junk King junk removal appointment provides you with a hard working crew and truck. That is the crew who will be doing all the lifting and loading. You don’t have to pull anything off a shelf or up from the basement. Just point to what you want taken away and watch it fly out the door. The Junk King truck will be big enough to haul away anything you want to toss out. That includes old furniture, appliances and general junk. Having that crew and that truck means there is no limit to what you can get tossed out. If your mom and dad had to do this work, they would have to rent a truck, hire a crew then spend hours driving to the nearest facility. Instead, everything is handled by Junk King and you’re only giving up as much time as it takes to load up that truck.

Remember that just because Junk King is clearing out the inside of your home doesn’t mean they won’t be able to help with the outside. You’ll be able to set them to the task removing all kinds of yard waste or stuff that is collecting rust behind the garage. If you need something taken apart to be taken away, Junk King has you covered. The crews are equipped with the right tools to get the job done.

Mom and dad will also appreciate the fact that all the items collected by Junk King could end up getting recycled or donated. A Junk King junk removal session is good for your home and good for the environment.

Don’t Sweat The Junk Removal This Summer In Cincinnati

While most of us are looking for ways to take it easy this summer, there is one resident of the Cincinnati suburbs who is hard at work. That would be a young black bear seen roaming through the area. The last spotting was outside a church in nearby Oakley. Wildlife officials think the bear might have swam across the Ohio River from Kentucky. Clearly, he is on the prowl for something good to eat. He’s got to fill up before he heads back to the woods for his winter hibernation. It’s hard work packing on the pounds!


If you’re determined for this to be a relaxing summer (as it should be!) then you should turn over the “heavy lifting” to a company like Junk King. By heavy lifting, we literally mean heavy lifting. When you hire Junk King for your junk removal needs, they’ll be sending over a two man moving crew. This team will be doing all the hard work of hauling out your bulky items. Don’t feel bad for the crew. They love a good junk removal assignment. You’ll be greeted with smiles from start to finish by the Junk King crew. That includes when they climb up and down your basement stairs to get at the junk. This is what they do and they’re very good at it!

Before the Junk King crew shows up, you’ll want to decide which specific items you want removed from your home. You don’t have to pull anything out of the garage or down from the attic. Leave everything right where it is. When the Junk King crew shows up for the appointment, just show them what you want removed and it will disappear.

Summer is also the time to spend in your backyard. Here too, hiring Junk King can prove to be a huge benefit. That same crew that brought the old sofa up from the basement can also take away your rusty BBQ grill or busted patio furniture. If you have something like a swing set or shed that needs to be dismantled for removal, the Junk King crew will have you covered. They’re going to work around your schedule because they know how fast the summer can fly by. Junk removal is a hassle free and sweat free job when Junk King does all the work.

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