National Home Improvement Month In Cincinnati, OH

Will you be making home improvement your priority this month? It is National Home Improvement Month, so why not? Although setting aside an entire month to tackle a home improvement project is noble, you won’t need 30 days to get the job done. You can start with a major cleanup that will take less time than it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee and a bagel. At least, it would be that fast if your hire Junk King to clear your clutter.


Junk King likes to fill up their days with as many pickup appointments as possible. This is how they keep their customers happy. Most appointments are completed within 24 hours of that initial phone call. Of course, not everyone is in a rush to get rid of their junk. You can make your appointment for the weekend if that works better for your schedule. That would also give you more time to decide what you want tossed out.

When it comes to getting rid of stuff, some folks have a clear list of what needs to go. Others have to spend a little time sorting through boxes, closets and shelves to determine what should stay and what can be tossed out. Because Junk King will assign you two movers and a big truck, there is no limit to what you can get rid of. You can clear out a single closet or an entire household. Either way, Junk King has your back.

Also, because the Junk King crew will be doing all the lifting and loading, you can finally get rid of those really heavy objects that are taking up too much space. Finally, you can say good-bye to the piano that nobody plays or the sofa that nobody sits on. And if you have something that needs to be taken apart before it can be loaded up, then count on Junk King to take care of that job, too!

The Junk King crew will also be sorting through your stuff to pull out anything that could be recycled or donated to a charity. That means you stuff won’t be going to waste. That’s a big plus for the environment. Your home improvement can begin with a major cleanup provided by Junk King. You’ll be glad you made that call.