Remove Dangerous Debris For Trick Or Treaters In Cincinnati

Halloween is a perfect example of a holiday that is over too soon. Many folks spend a lot of time getting ready for the big day. The yard decorations could go up weeks before. Hours can be spent picking the right pumpkin and then carving it up. Then there is all the effort that goes into making a custom costume. By midnight on Halloween, all of that hard work kind of goes, “poof!” Halloween is over and it’s time to pack everything up for next year. This could also be a good opportunity to remove the debris from around your property in order to get your home ready for the next wave of holidays. To get that job done right, you’ll want to bring in Junk King.


Junk King never met a pile of debris it couldn’t haul away in a hurry. Many Cincinnati residents have already put Junk King to work clearing out their yards of all kinds of mess. After the recent round of storms, Junk King was kept very busy making the rounds to remove fallen tree limbs and water damaged furniture and carpets. You can put your own two-man Junk King crew to work around your yards to get them cleared of anything and everything that you don’t want to look at. That includes big things like tool sheds, tree forts, play sets and even an outdoor spa. It can all be taken apart and loaded by the team from Junk King in no time at all.

Getting ready for the next holiday might include out of town guests staying over. You can get that spare room ready or the basement cleared out in the same Junk King appointment. Remember, the crew is going to do all the work. Don’t worry if that means lifting something really heavy or climbing up and down stairs. It’s all good as far as Junk King is concerned.

As an added bonus, everything that is collected by Junk King has the opportunity to be put back into circulation. Junk King has set up partnerships with many charitable organizations and recycling centers. If there is a way for your unwanted stuff to be repurposed, then Junk King will get it to the right people. If it is time for debris removal around your home, then it is time to call Junk King.