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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Set Up A Clutter Free Homework Zone

Do you remember procrastinating with your homework? It’s natural for some kids to put off until the last minute those assignments. After all, they would much rather be doing just about anything else than trying to remember chemistry formulas or algebra problems. Today’s students are even more challenged with their homework assignments because of the many distractions they have. Those distractions are increased if your kid participates in Facebook or Instagram. Sometimes it’s really hard to tear them away from the Internet!


The best approach to help them get through their homework is to set up a homework zone. This should be a designated area in your home that is as free from distractions as possible. That might also include distractions around the kitchen table. Setting up a nice desk in their bedroom or down in the basement would be a good way to go. When that is your focus then you definitely want to think about bringing in Junk King Cincinnati. These are the decluttering pros that can help you create that homework zone in no time at all.

Just as your child need certain “tools” to get through their homework assignment like calculator, pencils and a notebook you’ll also need tools to get rid of your clutter. That is provided by the two-man moving crew Junk King Cincinnati is going to set up for you. This is a crew who will be rolling up in a truck big enough to hold whatever it is you want to throw out. That can be an old computer, recliner, ping-pong table or box of shoes. It can also be an entire garage full of clutter.

The best part about hiring Junk King Cincinnati is you don’t have to do any of the work. Your moving crew is going to do all the heavy lifting and loading. It doesn’t matter how many stairs they have to climb or how heavy something might be if you want it gone, then consider it gone.

As they load up your truck there also going to be keeping an eye out for anything that might be of a benefit to a charity or recycling center. Junk King is dedicated to disposing of everything they collect in a responsible way that is good for the environment. That’s a great lesson to teach your kids. Getting rid of all the clutter is going to totally transform your home for the better. Let Junk King Cincinnati make that happen today!

Get Your Yard Ready For Winter Today

How big is your leaf battle every year? This would be the amount of time you spend raking up leaves only to have them fall down again. It’s kind of like shoveling snow before the snow has actually finished falling. There are some folks that don’t even bother with the leaf raking until that first snowfalls. Of course, there many other things to do around your home and yard besides raking the leaves in order to get ready for winter. This is the time to put away things like grills and patio furniture. You should also be on the lookout for possible nesting areas. Rodents and other vermin would love to build a winter home in a pile of lumber or wood stacked in your yard. It might be a better choice to have all that stuff removed before the temperature drops. That’s where Junk King Cincinnati can be a huge help.


Junk King Cincinnati provides every junk removal session with a pair of very capable movers. This is the team who has been bonded, licensed and insured. In other words they are completely trustworthy and just the type of workers you want to invite onto your property. Although the Junk King crews might not be able to help with the actual raking of the leaves they can certainly get rid of however many bags you might fill up. They can also take care of removing any fallen tree branches. If you’ve got yard waste, then they can get rid of it.

Your yard waste might also include things that you’re done using like a child’s swing set or above ground swimming pool. The Junk King crews can break that down and have it loaded up onto the truck in no time at all. This will certainly make your backyard a lot safer for winter.

During that same junk removal session, you can also get that crew to help you declutter the inside of your garage and closets. This is another great way to get ready for winter and making your home a much more cozy living space. Are you ready to finally get rid of all the clutter in your home and backyard? Then you’re ready to call in Junk King Cincinnati.

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