One Call Can Take Care Of Christmas Tree Removal And Junk Hauling

In the next couple of days, the lights, ornaments and other decorations are going to be carefully plucked from the Christmas tree and put away until next Christmas. Your once vibrant tree might already be showing signs of “age” and it will be time to get it out of the house. But then what? There is a small window of opportunity for having the Christmas tree removal handled by the city. Miss that window and the tree will be stuck on the curb for a long time. There is also the issue of getting that tree down to the curb. It’s a challenge if you were to do it on your own. Thankfully, Junk King Cincinnati is standing by with an alternative approach to Christmas tree removal. And that removal also includes some serious junk hauling.


If you set up a session with Junk King, then you’re going to be assigned a two-man moving crew. This is the team that can lift the Christmas tree right up from where it currently resides and safely get it out of the house and onto their truck. The only trace that the tree was ever there will be a few needles that Junk King team will sweep up!

By hiring Junk King for this task, you get to take care of your Christmas tree removal on your schedule but that’s not the only thing you get to take care of. You can also utilize the crew to remove all kinds of other unwanted junk items in the same session. Is there a piece of worn out furniture that you’ve like to get cleared out of the home? Is there an appliance out in the garage that has already been replaced? What about all the other clutter and rubbish that has been piling up over the years? Take a moment to picture your home without any of that junk.

When you know what you want hauled away, call Junk King and set up your session. It can happen very fast. Christmas tree removal and junk hauling is a job best handled by Junk King Cincinnati. One call gets it done.