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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Junk King Helps Keep The Office Clear Of Rubbish

Do you hold weekly staff meetings in your office? These are good time to catch up with  the progress of various projects and to discuss any emerging needs from your office staff. Depending on the setup of your workspace, the staff meetings could be held in the conference room or the company break room. What is needed for successful meeting is a clear agenda and seats for everyone.

Just because everyone will have a chair for the staff doesn’t mean every chair will be used in the office. In fact, it’s hard to imagine any workspace that doesn’t have a few old office chairs that nobody wants to sit on anymore because they are either broken or uncomfortable. These are also the kinds of things that can’t be tossed out into the dumpster or put onto the curb. The best way to help keep your office clear of rubbish is to turn it all over to Junk King Cincinnati today.

Dependable Service

Junk King has been in this type of service for several years. They have the rubbish clearing process down to a science. Each appointment is staffed by two capable movers. This is a crew that has been licensed and insured. There also quick with making assessments about the best approach for removing something from any given space. In an office, that might mean navigating a freight elevator. It could also mean dismantling some things in order for it to fit out the door and onto the truck. You’ll find that the Junk King crews are terrific problem solvers and approach each task with a very friendly attitude.

Great Pricing

Pricing is always a concern when hiring an outside vendor for your company. Junk King makes their pricing easy. It is a flat rate that is based on volume not weight. That means you will pay a fee reflective of how your stuff will fit onto the truck.  Will it use up one third, one half or the whole truck? Keep in mind, that the Junk King truck all the equivalent six pickup trucks. You can use the pricing estimator on the website to get a sense of what the price range might be. When the crew locks down the final price it won’t change. That is something you can depend on.

When you need rubbish cleared out of your office, you need to put Junk King Cincinnati to work. They’ll get it done fast and for the right price.

Get Rid Of Warehouse Rubbish Fast

Almost every warehouse operation has a sign that probably proclaims how many days it has been since the last accident. The hope is that the numbers will keep going up on that sign and never have to be reset to zero. One of the best ways to make a warehouse safe is to get rid of any excess rubbish. Sometimes there is an overflow that can fit into the building’s dumpsters. That can create a hazardous situation by the loading docks. When you’re dealing with that kind of rubbish overload, you need to bring in the pros from Junk King Cincinnati. One call will set a plan into motion that will get your warehouse clear of any excess rubbish and unwanted junk.

Work Crew Extension

You should think of the crew from Junk King as an extension of your warehouse work crews. The Junk King teams will work just as efficiently. Their goal is to take away all the things that don’t belong in your warehouse. Not only can that mean rubbish and debris left over from deliveries, but also things like unwanted office furniture and equipment. Those are the kinds of things that can take up valuable room in your storage areas. It would be a shame if that prevented you from adding more inventory to distribute. Junk King can make it disappear in one session!

A typical Junk King session is staffed by two capable movers. When there is the need for more help, Junk King can provide those additional crews at no extra cost. The flat rate charge by Junk King is always determined by how the truck is packed up. The Junk King squad has a lot of experience with packing trucks with all kinds of debris. They can look over any pile of rubbish and know exactly how to squeeze it onto the truck using the least possible room. That will make sure that you are paying the low-end of that price scale.

The Flat Rate

Included in that flat rate is all the disposal effort provided by Junk King. This can include dropping cardboard off at a recycling center. That means you can maintain your status as a green company. When you want your warehouse cleared out of rubbish overflow, you can count Junk King Cincinnati to get the job done the fast and affordable way.


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