A Garage Clean Out Happens Fast With Junk King

How long did it take before your garage became a storage unit versus a parking place for your car? It is understandable that a big empty space in a home would be utilized for storage. In fact, it is hard to imagine any garage that doesn’t have some level storage. But there’s a big difference between a single wall of shelves as opposed to the entire space being filled up with boxes and bins. If you have reached the point where nothing else can fit into your garage, then you’re ready for a cleanout session with Junk King Cincinnati. What would that look like? Take a moment to watch this video to see how Junk King can take on your garage cleanout.

Trash and Rubbish

It might be that a lot of what is in your garage could be categorized as straight up trash and rubbish. This might be some debris and material left over from the remodeling project. Or it could be scraps from some of your repair or craft projects. When the Junk King team shows up, they will find the most efficient way to gather up all that trash and get it on to the back of the truck. That might mean bagging it up or filling of trash cans and dumping them on the truck as what happens in the video.

There might also be some objects that need to be taken apart before they can be loaded onto the truck. This is something that the Junk King can also handle and will come equipped with their own tools to get the job done.

The Reusable Stuff

Beyond the trash and rubbish, you could have several items in your garage clean out that would be considered reusable. Junk King will make every effort to see that those kinds of things like exercise equipment, sporting goods, clothing, books and other household goods gets dropped off at nearby charities. That way they can be given to families in need. Junk King never likes to see anything go to waste.

One call to Junk King Cincinnati could have your garage clean out taken care of by tomorrow. Make that call today.