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Monthly Archives:

Put Junk King To Work For Your Spring Cleaning

When organizing your spring cleaning task, you have two things to consider: what cleaning supplies do you need and who is going to help. In a household with kids, they can be put to work handling some of the spring cleaning tasks. You might not want them cleaning out the oven or your windows but they can certainly do a lot around their own rooms when it comes to taking up clutter and putting things away. You might also want to consider bringing in some outside help your spring cleaning. Yes, having a team of professional cleaners would be great but that is not always practical. It’s what is practical is hiring Junk King Cincinnati. These are the junk hauling pros who can bring your spring cleaning to completion by hauling away all of the unwanted rubbish throughout the house.

Pick as You Go

As you go through each room in your home cleaning, dusting, mopping and vacuuming you will certainly find plenty of things that could be targeted for disposal. A lot of those items might be small enough to toss out into the trash. The bigger objects are what you want to get to Junk King. Spring cleaning can mean getting rid of an old sofa and replacing. It can also mean pulling out all of those items in the closet that you are no longer using. That could be anything from an old pair of shoes to a computer monitor. How many pieces of electronic year are you keeping in storage that you would never plug-in again? All of that e-waste can be turned over to Junk King for responsible disposal.

Actually, Junk King takes its disposal duties very seriously. They will always sort through everything that they collect to decide if there’s anything that can be recycled or dropped off at a charity. You don’t have to make those decisions because the Junk King teams have working partnerships with several charitable organizations throughout the Cincinnati area. They know exactly what these groups are looking for at any given time. If they spot something in the stuff that you are getting rid of, then they will make every effort to drop it off at that place.

Your spring cleaning won’t be complete until Junk King Cincinnati has hauled away all the rubbish. Set up that session today.

Make Room For A She Shed In Your Backyard

There was a time when a backyard shed was just for gardening tools and lawnmower. Today, a she shed is a very popular option. As the title implies, this is a place where the woman of the house can “escape” to. It can be set up as a solitary reading nook, arts and craft center or even an extension of the garden. She sheds have become so popular that they are now being sold as kits on Amazon. If you’re handy with a hammer and screwdriver, you could put your own she shed together in just a few hours. First, you need to clear some space. That is where Junk King Cincinnati will be a big help.

Dismantling When Needed

The place where you want to put your she shed might currently be occupied by some other structure like a swing set or older tool shed. Those are the kinds of things that the crew from Junk King will be able to dismantle. The Junk King team has a lot of experience with these types of projects. Their goal is to get everything broken down so it can fit onto the back of the Junk King truck. How those pieces fit onto the truck will be the determining factor in assessing your final fee. That estimate will be provided before the Junk King crew starts dismantling things. They’ll know how all those pieces will fit just by sizing up the structure. Whether it might be one-third, one-half or the entire truck bed, you’ll appreciate the fair and competitive pricing.

That flat fee also includes the labor costs. It might take longer to dismantle those structures. On one Junk King job, the crews literally had to saw a hot tub in half in order to get it loaded onto the struck. It was all in a day’s work!

When you set up your session with Junk King, just tell them what might be involved with the clearing. They’ll make sure they have plenty of time and truck space to get the project complete in a single session.

Make room for your backyard she shed with help from Junk King Cincinnati. Set up your session today.

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