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Monthly Archives: March 2021

Give Your Boxes Of Rubbish To Junk King

How many boxes did you use to move into your current home? Was it more or the same amount as you used for the last move? Professional movers always recommend that you label boxes so that you know what to unpack and where to unpack them. That labeling can also help if you want to put any of those boxes to storage. Not everything has to be unpacked! On the other hand, not everything has to be kept either. If you have boxes in your home that contain items that you are no longer ever going to use, then there is no reason to hold onto them. You can open up a lot more storage space by consolidating boxes and getting rid of rubbish. To take care of that rubbish, you just need to call in the crew from Junk King Cincinnati.

All the Work

Hiring junk King is really hiring two movers. That is who will be assigned to your session. This is the standard operating team for every junk King appointment. Of course, there are some requests that require additional crew members and trucks. Junk King is happy to accommodate those big cleanups as well. But if you are just getting rid of a few boxes of rubbish and some other random items, then the two-man team is all you will need. This is a crew that’s going to do all the work for you.

You may be inclined to make things easy for the Junk King team by bringing all the boxes downstairs to a central location. That is not necessary. The Junk King team is happy to make as many trips as needed up and down stairs to remove all the boxes that you want cleared away. This is the type of work they do day in and day out. You should never feel guilty about letting Junk King do all the work!

To get rid of boxes of rubbish from your home, make a call to Junk King Cincinnati and set up a rubbish removal session today.

Junk King Is A Big Help For A Backyard Cleanup

How many objects in your backyard have “overstayed their welcome?” This could be anything from an old birdbath to a rusty swing set. It can also be a hot tub that needs to be replaced or garden shed that looks like it might fall down in the next big storm. These are the kinds of objects that might prevent you from even spending time in your backyard. If you have to look at something that you are upset by, then that is no way to spend a relaxing afternoon. If you have anything like that to get rid of in your backyard, then you would be well served by setting up an appointment with Junk King Cincinnati. These are the junk hauling experts that can help you clean up your backyard.

Piece by Piece

Some of those objects that you would like to get rid of from your backyard might have to be taken apart and load it piece by piece. The Junk King crew will not have a problem with that task. In fact, there is nothing that you could present to them for removal that they probably haven’t already removed on a previous job. When the crew arrives, you’ll show them what needs to be taken apart. Before they start working, they will be able to estimate just how all those pieces will fit onto the back of the junk King truck. This will be how your final fee is determined. The less space that your stuff takes up the less you will be paying.

The team from Junk King can also clear out any debris from a landscaping project. That includes gravel, dirt, rocks inside. It can all be packed onto the junk King truck. They could also be room left over for any item that you might want to get rid of from the inside of your house. One session with Junk King gets rid of everything!

Junk King Cincinnati can be a big help with your backyard cleanup project. Put them on the job today.

Yard Debris Removal in Cincinnati

The coming of Spring usually brings about a refreshing new energy to people and their households. Since it’s the time when flowers start to blossom, it seems an appropriate time to clean your yard and declutter the space for the new season. However, you may be looking at a monumental task that seems almost impossible. You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the amount of junk you have in your backyard. Other people around Cincinnati are experiencing the same issue. We’re here to inform you that there is help in the form of Junk King Cincinnati, who will take care of your yard debris removal around Cincinnati.

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Where to Start?

Instead of focusing on the magnanimous task of decluttering your yard, for a moment, consider the benefits you can enjoy when you’ve rid your property of unwanted junk.

The first step to take is to pick up the obvious junk. Once Spring comes in, you can inspect your yard thoroughly for litter, dog waste, and fallen branches from trees during winter. Leaving these elements unattended will hinder your grass from growing efficiently amongst other plants. We advise you to wear a pair of gloves in case there’s broken glass.

Rake the Lawn

pile of leaves in a brown bag on a lawn of leaves and a rake next to a tree Once the winter ends, it’s advisable to rake through your yard to gather together loose debris. Dead leaves, twigs, and pinecones are the typical dirt you may discover that you can rake up and collect in a trash can. 

Additionally, you can use a pair of scissors or garden shears to eliminate dead leaves and stalks. Be mindful that the dirt you gather will eventually add up to become a massive heap of mess.


If you’re passionate about your garden, this is the best time to trim perennial plants, shrubs, and other trees. This will keep them in a healthy state while you maintain a high level of aesthetics in your yard. 

Shed and Garages

These storage facilities seem like a positive idea until it becomes the place where you dump everything. Set aside a particular day to go through every possession of yours thoroughly. This is the time to be bold and make decisions that may hurt. Don’t hold onto old clothes that you’re hopeful of fitting in one day after building momentum in your fitness regime. Consider ridding these spaces of items that used to hold sentimental value.

It’s not a bad idea to ask for assistance from another family member or friend as they can provide you with an objective point of view to dispose of certain items. Set all the things you wish to remove aside for the junk disposal company. This simplifies the process for the junk removal service and marks the items that you no longer require.

Fire Features

Several homes have external fireplaces where you entertain guests during the colder months. A backyard fire pit is an attractive feature, however, over winter, it will gather ash and dust. When you’ve cleaned it, make sure that you’ve done the safety checks for the next season. As a result, your backyard patio will be welcoming to your guests in the future.

Patio Furniture

Sometimes having patio furniture can have adverse effects. Because they stand outside and rain and shine, they tend to wear away quicker. You may have debris and dust near your furniture. It’s the perfect time to apply oil on certain wood furniture pieces or repaint other items on your patio.

Furthermore, if you have a patio refrigerator, make sure you get down to cleaning this appliance. It’s pretty easy to forget about the external refrigerator, especially when you have one indoors. However, to make outdoor entertaining easy and attractive, you should throw out old food and drinks before entering Spring.


Over time, dried leaves wander in the wind and end up in your gutters. They do pose a threat to the health of your roof and other components, which highlights the need for gutter cleaning. Apart from leaves, other objects can lodge themselves in that space and cause severe problems. You can hire a professional to clean out the gutters or use a ladder to reach up there and physically remove the dirt and debris by yourself.

Dog Homes and Beds

Humans love sleeping on clean sheets, which is why you wash your bedding regularly. If you have a dog, take the time out to clean their houses and bedding to get rid of allergen-causing mites and dust. Although it seems insignificant, it will add to creating a clean, healthy space for the family.

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Help is Available

You’ve probably read that list and became instantly tired. Now imagine having to arrange the disposal of the dirt, debris, and unwanted items you’ve collected by Spring cleaning your backyard. More often than not, you will require a third-party solution like Junk King to help you collect your junk and dispose of it responsibly. This is where you enjoy the benefits of a professional junk removal company.

In the 21st century, you can order almost anything with the touch of a few buttons. The convenience is irresistible; however, these packages usually arrive in large cardboard boxes, which you end up throwing away in your storage space. Instead of driving multiple times to the nearest dump, hiring a junk removal service is a perfect idea.


There are junk removal companies that offer a service where you don’t have to put in much effort. While you can take care of the menial tasks to organize your trash, a professional company can provide a service to assist you with loading the items you no longer require onto the trucks. This is ideal for people with mobility issues.


In the age of climate change, people everywhere are making more eco-friendly decisions. When you hire a junk removal business with a reputation for recycling your junk, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve done your part for the planet.

A reputable company will possess the necessary contacts in recycling centers that cater to specific material types. As a result, they will separate your unwanted items and deliver them to these waste centers to remain eco-friendly.

Charity Donation

You may regard a piece of furniture as unusable; however, to a charity organization, it may be what they’ve been requiring. Some junk removal companies have close relationships with charities and take items that they could use straight to them to use again.

Create Space

When you take the time to declutter your home, you open up the space for more productive projects. If you want to set up a study room, she-shed, or man cave in what is supposed to be your garage, spring cleaning around your yard will help you achieve your goals.


Outsourcing the lifting of your unwanted goods ensures that you’re safe as you avoid injuring yourself in the process.

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Consider Hiring Your Local Cincinnati Junk Removal Service

Save yourself the stress, time, and money by enlisting the services of a leading junk removal company in Cincinnati. Junk King has developed a reputation for consistently delivering an efficient service, and with our numerous contacts at recycling plants and charity organizations, we guarantee to channel your junk in the right direction. There is a reason we’re America’s greenest junk removal service.

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