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Category Archives: Cincinnati Furniture Disposal

How To Dispose Of Old Furniture

Antique furniture would definitely be considered “old” if you go by years. But antique furniture is not something you would want to get rid of. In fact, the longer you hold onto it the more valuable it can become. However, there are probably a few “old” pieces of furniture in your home that you would like to get rid of. The only problem is finding the movers and the truck to make it happen. Actually, that is rather easy with one call to Junk King Cincinnati. These are the professional junk haulers who can help with any type of furniture removal from any home or apartment.

Two Movers Get It Done

Most furniture removal is a two-man operation. That is exactly what you will be assigned with Junk King. Every Junk King moving crew shows up with a friendly attitude and lots of moving experience. This is a crew that knows how to navigate tight hallways and flights of stairs. That means you can send Junk King down into the basement to bring up anything you would like to clear out.

The cost for Junk King’s removal service is determined by how all that furniture will fit on to the back of the truck. If it is just a few pieces, then you will probably pay the low end of the price scale. That also means that you could add more things that you’d like to clear out in the same session. This is your chance to clear out your closets of any old clothing or electronics that you’re holding onto. Just think of what a difference that can make what all that stuff is finally gone.

To get your old furniture removed today, start a plan of action with Junk King Cincinnati.

Junk King Patio Furniture Disposal

Make Patio Furniture Disposal Easier – Call Junk King Cincinnati

Do you need patio furniture disposal immediately? Maybe you need yard waste removal or hot tub disposal? In all of those cases, the crew here at Junk King Cincinnati can help! Call us, let us know what you need. We can offer a quote and often come out same-day if you call early in the day! Want to save more? Then book online and you can save $20! if you want to learn more about our patio furniture removal, then read our full blog post below!

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Is your patio furniture starting to look a little worn? Maybe it hasn’t survived the winter. While this outdoor furniture is designed to stand up to rain, snow, bright sunlight, and much more, that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. At some point, you may find that the chair fabric has rips in it and that the table is a little wobbly and showing its age. When this happens, what do you do? You likely want to replace your outdoor patio furniture, but you have to get rid of the old stuff first.

You have a few different options, but they’re not all simple or easy. Before you start trying to load up your old patio furniture, take a look at what your options are for getting rid of it. You may find that your furniture removal plan isn’t as easy as you thought.


Is Your Patio Furniture at the End of its Life?

First, is it time to get rid of your patio furniture? There are a few things you’ll want to look for. On chairs or benches, check the fabric for rips or other signs of wear. While most outdoor furniture cushions won’t fade quickly, they might start showing some discoloration years later. Check the legs and the overall stability of each chair. Some may be fixed by tightening the screws, but even that may not help for long.

Your patio table may show signs of rust or other damage. The tabletop might be scratched or, if its glass, even have a crack in it. If you have an umbrella, check it for signs of damage and wear as well. If you have any broken furniture, it may be easier to replace everything so you have a matching set instead of trying to find one chair that matches the rest or a table that works with the chairs.

Another thing to consider is whether or not your patio furniture is working for you. You may have bought a small table and four chairs years ago, but now you have more friends over regularly or your family has grown. It may be time to upgrade to a larger table that more people can sit around. You may have purchased a patio set that didn’t have a space for an umbrella and have decided you need one. Even if your outdoor furniture is still in good condition, if it’s not meeting your needs, it may be time to replace it.

full service junk removal

What About Repairing It?

With indoor chairs, it’s often possible to fix rips and tears by reupholstering the piece. Doing this with outdoor furniture can be more difficult. First, you have to find outdoor fabrics. These fabrics can be difficult to find and may cost more than you’d think. In some cases, it’s actually more affordable to buy new yard chairs than it is to redo them.

Another issue is finding outdoor fabric that matches the other chairs. You don’t want one chair that doesn’t match the others. You may find that you have to redo all the chairs just to make them match.

Figuring out how to change out the fabric can be difficult, too. Chairs with cushions might not be too different from redoing indoor chairs, but those that are mesh are different. In fact, it may not even be possible to remove the old mesh and replace it. Often, it’s simply easier and more affordable to buy new patio furniture than try to fix what you have.


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How to Dispose of Patio Furniture

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to get rid of your patio furniture, it’s time to figure out how to do so. Figuring out how to dispose of patio furniture isn’t quite as simple as it might sound like because of its size. You may not be able to fit your outdoor furniture in your car to get it to the dump, especially if you have a large table or more than a few chairs. Many patio furniture pieces don’t fold up or easily come apart, either, which can make dealing with them more difficult.

While the first option may be to take your old outdoor patio furniture to the dump, if you don’t have a truck or someone with a truck you can use, that’s not an option. You could drag them out to the curb for bulk trash collection. However, you can only put out a specific amount of trash each time. Bulky trash is only collected on specific days, so you may end up with your old patio furniture for weeks or months. Your broken furniture is left on the patio or in your garage taking up space.


You Could Give Away or Donate Your Old Garden Furniture

If your old patio furniture is still in good condition, you could give it to someone or donate it. You may have friends or family members who could use it. However, there’s still the challenge of getting it to them if no one has a truck. The same goes for donating it. There are some services that will come pick up donations, but you do have to schedule the pickup and often have to be home for it. There are also some organizations that don’t accept patio furniture. While it’s great to save your patio furniture if it’s in good shape, you may find it’s harder to do than you’d think.


What’s the Solution? Junk King of Cincinnati!

So how can you get rid of your garden furniture easily if you don’t have a truck? If your patio furniture is broken, there’s no point in keeping it. That’s where a call to Junk King is the right move. Our team will collect broken furniture and much more. Our large collection trucks can hold just about anything, and our process is very simple to navigate. You may find that you have more than just a few old patio chairs and a table to get rid of, too. Gather everything you have to get rid of, and we’ll cart it off in one visit!


furniture removal guide


What Can Junk King Do for You?

Junk King is a full-service junk hauler and is your answer to the question of “how to get rid of old furniture.” That means we handle everything associated with getting garbage out of your home. You don’t have to move anything. When we arrive for furniture pick up, you simply point us to what we’re to take, and we grab it. We’ll move furniture and appliances out of your home and get your old patio furniture from the backyard. You don’t have to move anything to the curb or even bring it outside.

We take everything from furniture and appliances to old hot tubs and yard waste. We’ll haul of electronic waste, trash, and DIY construction debris, too, as long as it doesn’t contain any hazardous materials. For the safety of our crew, we cannot take anything classified as hazardous. If you have anything that falls into that category, we may be able to refer you to a specialized service. We recycle or donate as much as we can, too, so if you have patio furniture that’s in good shape, we’ll make sure it gets passed on to someone who needs it.


Scheduling Furniture Removal is Easy

Ready to get rid of that old patio furniture? Scheduling a furniture pick up by Junk King is very simple. The first step is to get a free, no-obligation quote, and you can do that a few different ways. You can give us a call and describe what you have for us to pick up. If it’s a standard patio furniture set, we can likely give you a quote over the phone. If you have more than that, we may need to see what you have before we can give you a price. You can text us photos to 1-737-888-5865, or we can come in person to assess the job.

If we need to come to your home to get an idea of the scope of the job, we’ll bring one of our large collection trucks. Once we’ve put together an estimate, we can start the job right away if you agree to it. This means everything is done in one day. You don’t have to take off or make arrangements to be home twice.


Rent Your Junk King MINI Today


What Else Can Junk King Provide?

In addition to providing furniture removal near me, Junk King also offers commercial hauling services. We work with a number of businesses in the Cincinnati area during remodels, spring cleaning, and more. Some businesses need us every month, while others may call on Junk King once or twice a year.

You can also rent a dumpster from Junk King. If you just need to know how to get rid of old furniture, the solution is typically to have us come pick it up. However, if you’re cleaning out your entire home or have inherited a house you need to empty out, sometimes a dumpster is the better option. This way, you have several days to go through everything. You can toss what you don’t need into the dumpster while also setting aside things you want to keep.

Whether you just need us to handle patio furniture removal or want to get a dumpster to clean out your entire home, Junk King is here for you. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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Junk King Cincinnati Can Help Cincinnati Realtors

7 Benefits Cincinnati Realtors Get from Pairing with Junk King

As a real estate professional, you know how to sell houses. You understand how to market them, how to negotiate with buyers and sellers, and how to help your buyers get a great deal. All of this takes a lot of time and effort. When you have a property that is full of garbage, you know it’s going to sell faster and for more money if you have it cleaned out.

Normally, this is something you would ask the seller to deal with. However, there are times when that’s not an easy option. The seller may live out of state, or you may have been hired by a lender to sell a foreclosed property. Maybe you even purchased the property yourself to flip or invest in as a rental. No matter what the reason, you don’t have time to deal with the garbage. That’s where Junk King Cincinnati comes in. We can help you take care of all the trash and other junk at a property quickly and affordably. Here are a few of the benefits realtors get when they pair with us.


full service junk removal


You Don’t Have to Do Any of the Work

Perhaps the biggest benefit to working with Junk King is that you don’t have to do any of the work. Just call us up, tell us what you need, and accept our estimate. You can tell us what you need removed over the phone or text some photos to us. If you’re dealing with a major hoarder house or foreclosure, we can meet you at the property and do a walkthrough to give you the most accurate quote possible. We will also likely bring one of our trucks with us so we can get started right then and there if you’re agreeable.

That’s it. You don’t have to do anything else. We will take notes on what you want us to take or, in the event of a large amount of junk, what few items you want us to leave. You let us know what you need us to do, and we will take care of it. That includes yard debris and other garbage on the outside of the home in addition to the trash inside.

This leaves your team free to work on selling the home and your other tasks. You don’t need to coordinate renting a truck or hiring people to come load it up. We take care of that plus all the necessary dumping fees, recycling fees, and any other extra charges. They’re all built into our very transparent estimate. If you have any questions about any of these fees, please ask.


We’re Professionals

Junk hauling may seem like a fairly straightforward task, but there are a few major differences between us and the average person trying to load up a truck of garbage. Our team understands how to safely move heavy and bulky appliances and furniture. We can get that old sofa or broken refrigerator through the tightest spaces, and we will do so without scratching up the walls or floor. 

We also know the proper method for lifting and carrying items. If you have your employees, the sellers, or a few friends try to move heavy objects, they could hurt themselves. This could come back on you as the business owner or on the sellers as the property owners. No one wants to have to deal with the insurance nightmare that could come from someone being injured like this. We know how to safely lift heavy objects, and we have safety gear such as back braces to assist in preventing injuries.


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We Bring the Right Equipment

To move some large appliances and furniture, you need to have a dolly or lifting straps. You may not have either of these items. We have this equipment and more that helps make the moving process easier and safer. Without the right equipment, you’re more likely to injure yourself or damage the home you’re trying to sell. We always bring all of our equipment to every job, so we have everything on hand.

Our trucks are large enough to handle almost any project. If you were using your own truck, it could take several trips. We can typically take everything in one load. These large vehicles are designed to haul a large amount of heavy items, too, so they’re better equipped than a standard pickup truck.

Empty Houses Sell Better

If you have a foreclosed property or have been hired by a seller to sell a home that is still full of stuff, you’re going to have a hard time getting buyers to be interested. Many of them are going to take one look at all the junk in the home and decide to look elsewhere, even if the house is in a great location and in good shape. All of the clutter, especially if it’s old furniture, broken appliances, and trash, is going to greatly decrease the attractiveness of the home.

We will come in and get rid of all of that junk. Once we’ve cleaned out the property, you can come in with the seller and make minor repairs or other changes. Then you can lead potential buyers through the home knowing that they will be able to better see the house for what it is. Even if the property is being sold as-is, potential flippers will be able to get a better sense of the space once it’s emptied out.

When you remove everything from a room, it’s going to look bigger. This can be very important if you have a small property you’re trying to sell. The larger each room seems, the more likely it is that a potential buyer will be interested in it. If some of this junk is blocking windows, having it hauled off will help bring more natural light into the house, too.


foreclosure cleanup guide


We Haul Away Yard Debris, Too

You may have a property that looks amazing on the inside, but the exterior is full of dead bushes, fallen limbs, and other debris. That brings down the curb appeal of the property, and some potential buyers may decide not to even look inside the home because the outside looks so bad.

Junk King will come in and remove all of this yard waste. Whether it’s clipping, branches, old fencing, lumber, or other types of yard debris, we’ll quickly remove it so your landscaping crew can transform the property. Even if you don’t have landscapers coming, getting rid of this debris will make the space look larger and safer. That can be a major factor in whether or not someone buys a home. Parents, for example, may not want to purchase a house that has a backyard full of downed limbs, unsafe equipment, or broken fence posts.

Buyers See Junk as an Expense

The bottom line is that buyers see junk as another expense that they will have to deal with. Whether it’s removing all the junk inside a house or dealing with debris in the yard, they’re going to either haul it away themselves or pay to have it done. Some buyers may make it their offer contingent on the junk being removed, while others may submit offers lower than the asking cost because the home is full of garbage. While lenders may just want to offload their foreclosed properties and not necessarily expect to make any profit, sellers will want to get every dollar they can. Spending a little to remove the junk can boost the selling price by a good amount.


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We Protect Your Bottom Line

No one wants to spend more money than they have to for anything, including junk hauling. We recognize that your sellers aren’t going to have a lot of money to spend, especially if they have to do costly repairs or updates on the home to get it on the market. That’s why we make our services as affordable as possible.

Our pricing structure is based on how much space your garbage takes up. You won’t pay for an entire garbage truck if all you have is an old refrigerator to haul away. Even if you do have an entire house full of garbage to get rid of, we will carefully measure how much space it takes up so you only pay for what you use. The end result is that you spend less money on junk hauling, giving your sellers more of a profit.


Contact Junk King of Cincinnati Today

Cleaning out a property is one of the first steps in getting it on the market and getting it sold. Whether you have just a few things that the previous owner has left behind or need to clear out an entire home, Junk King of Cincinnati is here for you. As a previous client said, we provide “easy online scheduling and availability with short notice!”

You can text us pictures of what you need removed to 1-737-888-5865 or give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK and describe the garbage you have. You can also make an appointment for an in-person estimate. All of our quotes are free and have no obligations attached.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator

junk removal in hyde park cincinnati

What We Do with Furniture Donation at Junk King Cincinnati

Junk King deals with all sorts of junk. Our trucks are busy every day picking up junk from our residential and commercial customers. A good amount of what we haul away is garbage, of course, but there are some items that are still in good condition. When we find these working appliances and gently used furniture, we don’t take them to the dump. Instead, we donate them. This helps reduce the amount of garbage we add to the landfill plus helps those in need.


What Happens with Furniture Donation?

When you donate furniture, Junk King will come and pick it up just as we would any other junk. In fact, you can combine a donation with a junk pickup. We will separate out what’s garbage and what can be donated. We then take the donated furniture, appliances, and any other items to one of the local organizations and charities we work with. These organizations are dedicated to helping Cincinnatians in need get back on their feet.

When we drop off furniture, it’s typically deep cleaned and carefully checked over before being given to those who need it. This ensures that the furniture is truly in good condition and can be used. If it’s not, we will take it to the landfill or recycling center. Once we drop off the furniture, it’s up to the organization to pass it on to those who need it. In some cases, such as when we take donated furniture to a shelter, the organization itself may use it.


full service junk removal


Why Do We Donate Furniture?

One question we often get is why do we donate furniture? It does take more work to sort out furniture and other items that are in good condition and donate them. We do not charge anything extra for this work, nor do we include any fees for donating furniture. We cover any additional costs and the manpower it takes to sort through the junk we collect because we are dedicated to protecting the environment.

Junk King’s goal is to donate or recycle at least 60 percent of everything we collect. That is a tall order, but we truly believe that it’s possible. There are many items that we pick up that can still be used, so why shouldn’t they be? Putting these gently used items in the landfill is a waste. They take up additional space and lead to more raw materials being used to create new furniture.

We also want to help those in Cincinnati and the surrounding communities who may not have the resources to purchase furniture. The charities and other organizations we work with help these individuals get the furniture they need for free or at a very low cost. We’ve worked with some of these organizations for years and are proud of the impact we have had on our community.


What Can You Donate?

You can donate any furniture or appliances, but we won’t be able to pass on all of them. If the appliance doesn’t work, there’s often nothing we can do except take it to the landfill or to be recycled. We don’t have any technicians who can repair these items.

Broken furniture is also, unfortunately, often not something we can donate. This furniture can present a safety hazard, so we don’t want to put anyone at risk. If the damage is cosmetic, such as a small stain on a chair cushion, it’s often still usable. However, if the stains are accompanied by an odor that cannot come out, we often have to dump the piece. It’s unfortunate, but we do want to make certain anyone who uses the furniture after it’s donated can do so safely.

Any furniture that has been exposed to pests or insects, including bed bugs or fleas, is typically not donated. We do not want to cause an infestation anywhere else. Likewise, we cannot take anything that includes hazardous materials. Most furniture doesn’t, but some appliances do include chemicals that we cannot take. If you have a question about what we can haul away, please call and ask. Most household appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, and washer/dryer units, are accepted.


Donation Centers May Not Accept Everything

While we will haul away any furniture you set out, donation centers do not always accept everything. In addition to broken furniture, many donation centers will not accept mattresses. This is due to the personal nature of beds and the fact that mattresses are often the source of bedbugs. Because of this, many organizations will also not accept box springs. Some are open to bedframes. We will do all of the research and know what organizations will and will not accept, so you don’t have to worry about it.


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How Can You Donate Through Junk King?

Furniture donation is incredibly easy with Junk King. If you have gently used furniture that you believe someone else could use but you no longer need, just give us a call. Tell us what you have and that it’s still in good shape. We will work with you to find the right time to come pick it up. We can also haul away other junk at the same time, so you don’t need to make two different appointments.

That’s all you have to do. We will come pick up the donation and anything else you have at the scheduled time. Once we have verified that the furniture is in good condition, we will take it to the right place. You don’t need to remove the furniture from your home or have it set out anywhere in particular. Just point our team to it. We will take great care in removing the items from your house so we don’t damage them or your home.


What Does Junk King Take?

We will haul away just about anything that isn’t hazardous. This includes much more than furniture and appliances, of course. We will also haul away the following:

-Yard waste
-Hot tubs
-Electronic waste, including televisions, monitors, and computers
-Construction waste
-And so much more!


furniture removal guide


What Happens to Furniture that Cannot Be Donated?

Junk King hates putting anything in the landfill. While we know that there are some items that simply cannot be reused or recycled, we do our best to keep things out of the dump. While not all furniture can be recycled some can. We will do what we can to ensure that any damaged furniture we take gets recycled. Unfortunately, it’s not always simple to recycle furniture. Some of the materials used cannot easily be reclaimed and used again. For example, wood used in furniture may be treated with a coating or varnish that makes it hard to reuse.

It’s not impossible to recycle furniture. Metal furniture is often taken by scrap metal recyclers, so anything that is mostly metal can easily be recycled. Wooden furniture isn’t always as simple to recycle, but there are places that will remove what they can. This is especially true if the furniture is vintage or contains unique materials.


Junk King has Helped Cincinnati Residents and Business Owners for Years

No one wants old furniture, broken appliances, or other garbage sitting around in their home. That’s where Junk King comes in. Our full-service junk removal will help you with any junk you need to get rid of. Our past clients have been very pleased with our services, calling us “courteous and professional” and ranking Junk King a “10 out of 10.”

We do more than just help homeowners who have an old sofa or need to get rid of a busted stove. Our team also works with landlords and rental management companies. If you’ve had a tenant leave behind a few pieces of furniture, give us a call. We can donate this furniture or take it to the landfill, depending on its condition.

While most furniture and other items left behind by tenants aren’t in great condition, some people do abandon items that still have life in them. They may not have had room for this furniture in the moving truck, or they may have simply decided to replace it. Regardless of why it was left, you need it out of your rental unit, and we will help you with that.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


Why Junk King?

Why should you choose Junk King as your professional junk hauler? As one of the top ranked junk disposal companies in the nation, Junk King provides outstanding service to all our customers. It doesn’t matter if you need us to come out once to pick up a few old chairs or if you need to arrange regular pickups for your business. You’ll receive the same level of professional services no matter what you need.

Our dedication to the environment and recycling or donating items is another difference between us and our competitors. We are doing everything we can to keep usable and recyclable items out of the landfill. When you work with us, you’re helping keep our planet safe.

These are just a few reasons why Junk King has the reputation that it does. If you would like to learn more or want a free, no-obligation quote, please contact us today. You can submit a question or book online, plus you can call us at 1-888-888-JUNK or send us a text to 1-737-888-5865. 

Utilize Junk King For Bedroom Furniture Removal

If you have kids, then there is a good chance that they had a bedroom makeover before you had one. That occurs when your toddler makes the transition from the crib to their own bed. That is also when the other nursery furniture is cleared out. Often, you hold onto that type of furniture to pass onto another family member. But what about your master bedroom? When was the last time you did a makeover in that room? You certainly spend a lot of time in that room. Perhaps it is time for a fresh coat of paint and a new bedroom set. Before that makeover can get under way, you’ll need to clear out the old bedroom furniture. That is something that Junk King Cincinnati can help with from start to finish.

Total Swap

Your bedroom makeover might involve removing just a few pieces of your old furniture or a total swap of everything. Regardless of what you’re getting rid of, it can be swiftly handled by the team from Junk King. You’ll be assigned a two-man moving crew to take care of this task. All you have to do is point to the furniture pieces that you want removed and the Junk King crew will handle the rest. That includes making as many trips up and down the stairs to get to that furniture.

That bedroom furniture that you’re having removed might still be useful to someone else. Junk King has set up working partnerships with local charities. These are the organizations that can turn that old furniture around and make sure it gets to a family in need. That should make you feel good about getting rid of those items.

To get old furniture cleared out of your bedroom, you’ll want to hire Junk King Cincinnati for the job. Book your removal session today.

Junk King Cincinnati Junk Removal

The Junk Removal Solution Cincinnati Rental Management Companies Can Trust

If you own a rental management company in Cincinnati, you have likely found yourself in need of a junk removal crew several times. Tenants may move out or be evicted and leave behind unsalvageable furniture, large piles of garbage, and other junk. You have to get this trash removed quickly before you can begin searching for new tenants for the property.

While smaller pieces of furniture and a few garbage bags of trash can be dealt with fairly easily, it’s not quite as simple to remove an entire property’s worth of junk. That’s where the experts come in. These experienced junk haulers at Junk King know how to quickly, safely, and affordably handle large amounts of trash, including furniture, garbage, and more.


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When Good Renters Go Bad, Junk Hauling Is Often a Necessity

Many tenants are great. They are respectful of the property, pay their rent on time, and communicate with you whenever there is an issue. When they move out, they give you 30 days’ notice and completely clean out the property.

However, some tenants are not so great. They may damage the property themselves and not report it. They might be short on their rent or perpetually behind. When they do move out, they may leave behind a lot of garbage. This can include trash, but it may also include things such as stained carpets and broken cabinets that you must dispose of and replace. They may also leave behind some of their own property.

This issue may be even worse if you must evict someone. These tenants may intentionally damage the property before leaving or leave large amounts of trash behind. This junk has to be dealt with before anything else can happen with the property. If you manage a number of properties or a large apartment complex, however, you may not have time to personally deal with the situation.


Let Junk King Help with Junk Removal in Cincinnati

That’s where hiring a junk removal company in Cincinnati can save you time and money. These teams are not afraid to enter properties that have been thoroughly trashed. They have the equipment to do so and are prepared to quickly empty everything from a small apartment to a large three- or four-bedroom house. Even if the tenants took most of their items and left the property in fairly good condition, you may still need a junk hauler to get rid of what was left before you can prepare the property for new tenants.


full service junk removal


How Junk King Can Help You with Leftover Tenant Junk

Why hire a professional junk removal company instead of cleaning out the place yourself? There are a few reasons why you should let others handle this chore:

– You have other responsibilities as a property manager that take up your time.

– You may not have a large truck or other vehicle to use to haul away the junk.

– Cleaning out these properties often takes more than one person, and you may not have others you could call on for help.

– Some properties may require several days to clean out, which could tie up your own personnel and prevent other tasks from getting done.

Junk King Cincinnati is here to help you with cleaning out any rental property. It doesn’t matter how large or small the property is or how much junk there is in it—we’re here to ensure that everything is removed quickly and for a reasonable cost. We can handle many types of junk and are available to clean out both residential properties and commercial buildings.


What Will Junk King haul away?

We will remove a wide range of junk and garbage, including the following:


Yard waste

– Old air conditioners

– Dishwashers

– Trash compactors

DIY debris, including plastic, wood, and metal

– Electronic waste, including old televisions, computers, printers, and monitors

Refrigerators and Freezers


Hot tubs

– Landscaping equipment

Stove/ovens and microwaves

– Washing machines and dryers

– Water heaters


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There are some materials that we are unable to remove, including hazardous materials, concrete, and other construction debris. If you have any questions about what Junk King can handle, please ask. Other than these specific materials, however, there is nothing too large or too bulky for us to handle. Don’t worry about being embarrassed by the state of the property or concerned about the quantity of junk, either. In our years of experience in this industry, our teams have seen and dealt with it all.

What do we do with your waste? Whenever possible, we take junk to the appropriate recycling center. We firmly believe in being eco-friendly. We typically recycle more than 60 percent of everything we haul away.

In addition to recycling scrap metal, paper, plastic, and other materials, we also donate any usable items to local nonprofit organizations and other community donation centers. We believe that one person’s junk can truly be another person’s treasure.


Avoid Injuries and Further Property Damage

When it comes to a rental property, the type of junk left behind can vary. In some cases, it may be limited to a few trash bags of garbage and a couple pieces of broken furniture. In other instances, especially if the tenants left quickly or were evicted, it may include much more. There may be heavy wardrobes, large mattresses, refrigerators, and other large items that require several people to maneuver out of the home.

Working with these bulky, heavy appliances comes with a few risks, especially for those who are not familiar with moving them.

First, due to their weight, you could drop the appliance on your foot, resulting in a fracture or even broken bones. The appliance could also fall into someone, causing them to fall or slam into a wall or other furniture. The risk of injury increases if you have to carry these items up or down stairs. It’s also possible to strain your back, injure your knee, or incur any of the other injuries that are common with moving heavy furniture.

A professional junk removal team also knows how to carefully maneuver these bulky items to get them out of the house without damaging the property. When the hard corner of a shelf, refrigerator, or other item collides with a wall, it can damage the drywall or chip the paint. These appliances can also easily scratch up hardwood floors or crack tiles if they’re dropped.

Our junk removal experts understand how to carefully remove heavy, bulky items safely and without damaging the walls or flooring. We use tools such as lift straps, sliders, and dollies to ensure that items are removed properly and safely.


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Don’t Leave Junk in Your Rental Properties—Call Junk King Cincinnati Today


As the top ranked junk removal business in the country, Junk King is dedicated to providing every client in Cincinnati with prompt, professional service. We make the junk removal process as easy and uneventful as we possibly can. We understand you don’t have the time, resources, or desire to deal with the junk left in your properties, so we want to allow you to focus on your other tasks while we handle this one for you.

Our junk removal services start with a free estimate. Once you have looked it over, you book an appointment either online or over the phone. We will give you a call 15 to 30 minutes before the appointment to confirm. Once we arrive at the property, we will go over what needs to be removed. We will then load up the garbage into our truck quickly and safely.

All our staff wear official Junk King uniforms and will show ID if asked. Our teams are fully trained, licensed, and insured, and they can answer any questions you may have before, during, or after the job.

One of our customers summed up their experience with Junk King by saying, “They were hard working, respectful young men and completed the job efficiently and professionally.” That is exactly what we strive for!


How Cincinnati Rental Management Companies Can Partner with Junk King


We are ready to assist any rental management company in Cincinnati with their junk removal needs. There are several different ways you can reach out to us for a quote or more information about Junk King and our services:

Online – click on the Pricing tab to find our Pricing Estimator. Follow the prompts and enter the requested information to get an estimate right away.

Call us – give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK to talk to one of our team members about your job.

Text us – Take a few photos of the property or the junk to be removed and text them to us at 1-737-888-5865. We will get back to you with a quote as soon as we can.

Request an on-site evaluation – One of our junk removal experts is more than happy to come to the property and do a no-obligation estimate at no cost. This allows us to give you an accurate estimate for the job and discuss your particular junk removal needs.


Commercial Rental Management Companies Should Turn to Junk King Cincinnati to Save

Our estimates are designed to be fully transparent, and we will let you know if there will be any additional costs once we arrive on-site the day of the job. There are no hidden fees or other charges. Simply tell us what you want us to haul away, review and approve our quote, and we go to work. It’s that easy.

Please reach out to us via one of the contact methods above for your no-cost/no-obligation estimate or use our website to book your appointment today.

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When It Comes To Furniture Removal, Furniture Donation Is A Great Solution

old furniture removal cincinnati


For some people, household furniture is primarily a functional item. In other words, they don’t spend much money on furnishings and tend to select pieces that will “do the job” but may not be potential heirlooms or intended to last for decades.

Others of us invest in furniture pieces, seeing them as both utilitarian items as well as part of our home’s decor. We buy furniture that we expect to be substantial, sturdy, and long-lasting. 

So, when it comes to time to get rid of furniture, how people approach that chore is often dictated by how much the pieces cost us when we bought them, and what condition they are in by the time we’ve decided to replace them.

But almost everyone faces the challenge of how and where to dispose of furniture, especially the heavy, bulkier items.

And that’s why Junk King Cincinnati specializes in furniture removal.


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1.Furniture Removal and Disposal: You Have Options

No matter where you live in the Cincinnati area, furniture shopping can be exciting. Even if you’re only shopping to replace old pieces that are worn out or even broken-down.

This is true for those of us who live in Lawrenceburg, Camp Dennison, Hamilton, Addyston, and Clarksville.

However, regardless of the reasons for your new furniture, getting rid of the old furniture is still a challenge for most people. Regardless of whether you’re upgrading your furnishings, replacing old or broken pieces, or even making the decision to downsize, you may not be sure how to manage your old furniture removal.

The good news is that there are easy ways of getting rid of them.

2. You Might be Able to Sell Your Furniture

Thanks to the popularity of online shopping there are also multiple platforms available to people for online selling, as well.

Most people know of eBay, for example, and probably the other most popular site for buying and selling is Craigslist. So, if you’re looking to remove some old furniture and make some money in the process, these platforms as well as many others can be a great way to make that happen and make some room for all your new furniture!

Today, the online listing and selling process has become much simpler and user-friendly with online tools that are easy to use.

3. Make Room While Being Green: Recycle Your Furniture

When it comes to disposing of broken-down or unusable furniture, recycling is an option that many people don’t realize is a viable one.

As we all know, recycling is a way to turn trash into raw materials that can then be used to produce new goods that can be sold again. Most of us tend to think of paper, plastic, glass, and metals when we think of recycling – and mostly what comes out of our household trash.

But the reality is that most household furniture is made of, well, you guessed it – plastic, glass, and metals. And, of course, wood.

This means that recycling furniture is definitely a viable option when you need to get rid of your old pieces. And the good news is that most furniture can be recycled most of the time.

So, why should you consider recycling your furniture and what are the benefits?

  • Conserves limited natural resources
  • Saves up to 95% of the water used to make furniture components
  • Prevents waste products from going into oceans
  • Preserves forests which help to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduces fossil fuel use, which also reduces CO2 emissions


junk removal service recycling


Furniture Donation: Doing a Good Thing with a Good Piece is a Good Option

The biggest key to getting rid of your old or unwanted furniture effectively is to determine what you want to achieve. 

If you are in a hurry to get those pieces out of your home, then selling them online may not be the fastest path to furniture removal. In those situations, it’s important to keep in mind that your goal is fast furniture removal and not necessarily to make a lot of money.

And, if you feel you have plenty of time to remove your old furniture, you may want to think about what pieces are best suited for selling online because of their overall condition and quality, versus items that might be better off being donated, or even given to family or friends. 

In other words, think strategically about which furniture items you would rather try to sell online versus those that you feel should be donated.

For some of us, making some money from our old furniture is not that important, but giving our gently used pieces a new home is. And that’s when furniture donation can be a great option. The good news is that there are dozens of organizations and outlets that will take almost every type of donated furniture items.

In addition, almost any kind of used furniture that is donated will often be sold to provide much-needed funds and resources for those who are less fortunate and at risk.


Furniture Removal and Furniture Donation Made Easy

As it turns out, removing and disposing of your old furniture may not simply be a matter of having them hauled off to the dump – which may not be much of an option for these days anyway.

With that in mind, Junk King has created this handy guide to help you through the furniture removal process:

furniture removal checklist

Whether it’s simply a matter of needing to downsize and get rid of some furniture, or you have to replace household items like old furniture, selling, donating, or even recycling those pieces can be great options.

And, for those of us who are not able to move, load, haul, and unload large, heavy furniture items ourselves, there are great options as well. And the best option is to call Junk King Cincinnati to take advantage of our reliable, affordable, and fast furniture removal service. 

In addition to quickly and efficiently removing your old, unwanted furniture items from your home (or place of work!) we will ensure that every piece is properly disposed of. This can mean being recycled if the piece is no longer usable, or for those furniture items that are in good condition, being donated to a suitable non-profit organization.

Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


For Furniture Removal and Furniture Donation, Cincinnati Calls on Junk King

That’s because Junk King Cincinnati offers safe, efficient, affordable, and eco-friendly furniture removal and disposal service that takes the worry out of how to properly and best dispose of your unwanted furniture items.

And, whether you need our services several times during a big furniture removal and house cleaning project, or just one time, our junk hauling professionals will ensure that all your old furniture and unwanted items are out of your way. No need to take care of it all yourself.

So, got old furniture? Then call us today!

Our team is fully insured and well-trained, which means we will help you get rid of your unwanted items in a professional and courteous fashion.

Our expert junk disposal team will call 15 to 30 minutes before we arrive at your home. And, once we’re there, we can give you a free estimate based on how much room your junk takes up in our truck.

All you need to do is simply point and we’ll load your furniture items into our clean, red junk removal trucks and haul them away – with no hidden fees!

And one of the best things about hiring Junk King Cincinnati is that we recycle as much of the material we pick up as possible. This is proof of our commitment to being an eco-friendly junk removal service.

Our experienced junk removal teams have the resources to haul off any large, bulky, and heavy junk items – like old furniture! We can remove them and load them quickly and easily, and without damaging any of your home on the way out.

Ready to get rid of your unwanted furniture in Cincinnati? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

You can make an appointment by booking online above or by calling 1.888.888.JUNK (5865).


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Will I Need a Dumpster for My Cincinnati Junk Removal Project?

How much “stuff” do you have? For those who have called the same place home for many years, it’s all too easy to accumulate a huge amount of personal items, both important and unimportant. Eventually, you could reach a point where it’s time to simply say “enough is enough” and make the decision that it’s time for some things to go for good. In another situation, you could face the need to clear out a home after the passing of a loved one, or to tidy up after a home renovation. Do you need a dumpster to be able to take care of this process? There are a few things that go into making that decision. Let’s break them down.

Assessing the scope of your project with accuracy

Need a Dumpster Sometimes it is easy to know right away when a junk removal project you wish to undertake will generate a large amount of garbage. In the case of cleaning up a property after a renovation, it could be that you had to store the debris generated by the work somewhere else in the house, such as the garage, or elsewhere on the property. It could consist of everything from old, broken drywall and timber framing to paint, large plastic tarps, and more. There’s no need to engage in any estimation when you can see a giant pile of junk in plain sight.

Not every project is so straightforward. When you’ve only just decided it is time to let go of many old items, you may not know right away whether a dumpster is the right choice. After all, what if it turns out that you don’t have that much to discard after all? Go space by space and prepare the property for the removal process. This evaluation can be daunting, but breaking it up into smaller chunks and learning how to determine if you should keep something can make the process that much simpler.

During this process, it is a good idea to make a list of the items that may require special disposal. Your list might include old tires, broken electronic items, or certain types of hazardous waste. It will be important later when you need to choose a dumpster company. Once you’ve done a thorough examination of your home and gotten a first-hand look at how much needs to go, you can decide which disposal method will work best.

Do you really need a dumpster?

Answering the above question requires thinking about some other things first. You may not initially think that a dumpster is the right choice; after all, doesn’t it mean a hassle-filled process and an unsightly dumpster sitting in front of the property for a long period? Neither of these things are necessarily true. In fact, armed with a sense of what you need and what you plan to accomplish, neither are even true concerns. Renting a dumpster can be fast and easy, and when done in sync with your junk removal plans, can streamline the entire process.

Okay, what about those other things you should consider? First, ask yourself if you have any oversized, bulky, or otherwise very heavy items for disposal. Consider the previous example of a house where junk from a renovation and excess building materials have accumulated. That’s not going to be anything you can force into your normal trash can. Even large “contractor” style garbage bags may not be a good idea. Considering that drywall weighs roughly a pound and a half per square foot, it can add up to a hefty weight quickly. Even if you could place the junk inside garbage bags, they could be too heavy to move. If you face a situation like this, a dumpster rental is a smart move. The same goes for large objects.

Next, consider the potential impact of your project. Do you care if everything you throw away goes straight to a landfill, or would you prefer a “greener” approach to the process? Some dumpster companies will sort through the garbage you discard, only sending the most unusable objects to the landfill. The rest go on to recycling facilities. Instead of throwing things in the regular trash, you could choose this option instead.

the do you really need it checklist

As a final consideration, think about the convenience. A dumpster doesn’t just mean less time spent filling garbage bags and hauling heavy objects around. It also means less time spent on the project overall. With an on-site rental, you can spend less time thinking about the logistics of disposal and more time moving things straight from the house into the dumpster. Sound like what you need for a successful project?

Picking the right partner for a rental

So, you’ve decided that you do need a dumpster to execute the project you have in mind after all. What next? For most people, pricing will be the number one concern. This isn’t typically the sort of undertaking that pays for itself, so you’ll naturally want an option that’s cost-effective. Pricing models vary, but among the most helpful for homeowners is the usage-based model. Rather than paying a flat rate or by weight, both of which can prove to be more expensive if you have a lot to discard, you pay based on what percentage of the space in the dumpster you use. Consider how useful this can be, especially in a situation where you fill one dumpster and require another — but with that one, you only fill it up halfway. Instead of paying the entire rate again, you save money by only paying for the half you did use.

the complete summer cleaning guide

Remember the potentially hazardous waste you made a note of earlier? Now is the time to discuss disposal with the dumpster company you choose. Find out what is and is not allowable, then make alternative plans as necessary. For example, many auto supply stores and mechanics will accept used motor oil for disposal, while some brick-and-mortar electronics stores take lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for recycling. It’s important for both safety and environmental reasons not to discard these things with “regular” junk, so check with the provider for tips on how to proceed.

Executing your project with an eye towards success

Plan where you will want the dumpster to go ahead of time after deciding to book a rental. After placement, you may not have the opportunity to move the unit again until the company returns to pick it up again. Where is the place most convenient to your project? Some homeowners may opt for the driveway, while others may make way to allow for the drop-off in the backyard or another area. Wherever you ask for placement, take care not it does not create an obstruction.

With everything now in place, homeowners can proceed apace with their junk removal project. Rental rates typically include several days before any additional fees come into play. This way, you have plenty of time to finish the project and send that junk on its way. When all is said and done, the only thing left to do is tidy up the space and put things back in order.

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There’s no need to let unwanted items, broken furniture, or discarded appliances accumulate around the house. With a fair pricing scheme such as those described above which scale to the amount of space you fill; a rental dumpster can streamline your junk cleanup project even if you only have a small amount of debris to clear. Whether you need a dumpster because you have a huge amount of junk to remove or because you’re looking for something to add convenience to the project, find a dumpster rental company that has the right flexibility and products to help you.


Junk King Cincinnati Provides Efficient and Eco-friendly Junk Removal

Junk King was founded on three principles: superior customer service, safety, and environmental consciousness. Unlike our competitors, who provide junk removal without this threefold mission statement, we are proud to state that our customers have ranked us one of the best junk removal businesses in Cincinnati. What’s more, we have an international reach—our ranking in North America is #1 in the junk removal business.

We are dedicated to providing efficient, safe, and eco-friendly removal of any and all debris that is cluttering up your home and life. We believe that in this age of mass consumerism, the choice to downsize and declutter is a bold and honorable one. But you can’t do it alone. With the helped of highly skilled, professionally trained, and Workman’s Compensation-covered manual laborers, Junk King Cincinnati has helped countless Ohio residents make a step forward into a more minimalist and eco-conscious future.

Efficiency and Reliability

We are proud to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to servicing our customers in the Cincinnati area. Junk King Cincinnati is always prompt, reliable, and willing to listen to any safety or health concerns that clients may have. We are never more than a brief call away, prepared to answer any questions that have arisen during or prior to the debris removal process.

Health and Safety Regulations

Since debris removal can often be a tedious and even dangerous process, we believe in full transparency and like to explain to our customers what we are doing. We clear out spaces before we begin and ensure that each work space is well-lit, and that all of our employees are wearing safety goggles, slip-resistant shoes, and gloves before handling your debris.

Environmental Consciousness

More than half of our products are recycled or reused, meaning that even your least desirable debris or clutter is used for something positive. Junk King Cincinnati helps you rest easily knowing that your trash becomes treasure and that you are playing a role in making our city a more breathable and cleaner place to live. Best of all, since Junk King takes control of all stages of the debris removal process, you don’t even have to lift a finger to know you’re making a difference. We continue to stand by the eco-friendly values on which our business was founded.

Cincinnati Couch Pickup

Cincinnati Couch PickupThe city of Cincinnati recently overhauled its trash collection operation which meant new trashcans for everyone! Along with the 88,000 carts that were dropped off throughout the city, there were some new rules enacted. First of all, whatever trash you’re throwing out has to fit into that can. This means the lid has to close. The municipal workers will no longer pick up any overflow. No matter how insignificant you might think that extra bag of trash or box of papers might be if it’s not in the trashcan it’s going to stay on the curb. The goal is to make the permanent switch over to automatic trash pickups. The trucks will be doing all the work.

So, what happens if you have overflow or want to get rid of something bulky like an old couch? You might think that if you can manage to drag that sofa down to the curb that somebody will come by and pick it up. Maybe if you’re lucky and it’s within the first few minutes of your “drop off.” Beyond that you run the risk of that sofa being assaulted by the neighborhood dogs who a looking to mark their territory. If the sofa spends the night on the curb, then the next morning it could be drenched in dew. From that moment on it is truly a piece of junk that nobody is going to want. Then what happens? You could be fined. On the other hand you could avoid all of those complications by making a call to Junk King Cincinnati.

When Junk King takes on the task you’re guaranteed that all of your unwanted stuff will be collected and disposed of in a single trip. What you need to focus on is what you’ll be tossing out. You can start with the old sofa but there is really no limit to how much junk you can finally get rid of. This is because you’ll be working with a professional team of junk haulers who have the muscle and the truck space to clear out all your clutter.

As soon as the Junk King Cincinnati crew arrives to your home you can point them in the direction of your junk. They’ll climb the stairs, do the lifting and then carry that item right out and onto the back of the truck. Within a few moments you could have an entire room emptied out. Your garage could be clear and your closets will be sparse. This is your chance to reclaim all that wonder open space you had when you first moved into your home. Junk King can help you get there!

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