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Category Archives: Cincinnati Hot Tub Disposal

Junk King Cincinnati Provides Efficient and Eco-friendly Junk Removal

Junk King was founded on three principles: superior customer service, safety, and environmental consciousness. Unlike our competitors, who provide junk removal without this threefold mission statement, we are proud to state that our customers have ranked us one of the best junk removal businesses in Cincinnati. What’s more, we have an international reach—our ranking in North America is #1 in the junk removal business.

We are dedicated to providing efficient, safe, and eco-friendly removal of any and all debris that is cluttering up your home and life. We believe that in this age of mass consumerism, the choice to downsize and declutter is a bold and honorable one. But you can’t do it alone. With the helped of highly skilled, professionally trained, and Workman’s Compensation-covered manual laborers, Junk King Cincinnati has helped countless Ohio residents make a step forward into a more minimalist and eco-conscious future.

Efficiency and Reliability

We are proud to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to servicing our customers in the Cincinnati area. Junk King Cincinnati is always prompt, reliable, and willing to listen to any safety or health concerns that clients may have. We are never more than a brief call away, prepared to answer any questions that have arisen during or prior to the debris removal process.

Health and Safety Regulations

Since debris removal can often be a tedious and even dangerous process, we believe in full transparency and like to explain to our customers what we are doing. We clear out spaces before we begin and ensure that each work space is well-lit, and that all of our employees are wearing safety goggles, slip-resistant shoes, and gloves before handling your debris.

Environmental Consciousness

More than half of our products are recycled or reused, meaning that even your least desirable debris or clutter is used for something positive. Junk King Cincinnati helps you rest easily knowing that your trash becomes treasure and that you are playing a role in making our city a more breathable and cleaner place to live. Best of all, since Junk King takes control of all stages of the debris removal process, you don’t even have to lift a finger to know you’re making a difference. We continue to stand by the eco-friendly values on which our business was founded.

Cincinnati Hot Tub Guide – How to Buy, Use & Get Rid of One

For many Cincinnati homeowners an old hot tub is an eyesore. This could be something that came with the house and you had no control over. Even though there might have been a promise that this was a working hot tub, it often turns out that it’s not functioning at all. So now what was once a selling point has now become just a pile of junk. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider replacing that old hot tub with a new one. They are just so many great things about having easy access to a hot tub.
If you’re going to buy a hot tub you should have an understanding of how the basics work. Obtaining this kind of knowledge will let you handle the simple maintenance for the hot tub as opposed to having to call in a plumber anytime something might go wrong. Depending on the type of new hot tub you purchase, you should have many years of unencumbered use. The operational basics of a hot tub are rather simple. It’s a tub that’s filled with water and that water is heated. Often it’s the heating mechanism that need special attention in terms of making sure it is weatherproof. This is especially true if you hot tub is going to be outdoors during the winter.
The water heater for your hot tub is not something you want to scrimp on. A good heater will make all the difference between how precisely you can regulate the temperature of your water. Although early forms of hot tubs were just the water in the tub, today you can get a hot tub with power jets that pump massaging water throughout the tub. This takes the soothing effects of the hot tub up to the next level as those powerful jets massage your aching muscles. Once again, if you’re buying a new hot tub why not go for all the bells and whistles otherwise it would just be a big tub of water.
Then there is a question of the optimal hot tub temperature. Here is where the Goldilocks principle might come into play: you want water that is not too hot or not too cold but just right. Cranking up the heat on your hot tub could actually be dangerous. You might think this is the best way to get to the temperature to rise quickly but it’s better to take the slow approach and let the temperature gradually rise to the degree that you desire. For comfort the water temperature of a hot tub shouldn’t go any higher than 104°. It might feel great getting into water that’s hotter than that but it could lead to some serious complications. You specially want to be aware of temperature controls if you have children around. This also holds true for pregnant women. Basically if you are pregnant you should not be getting into a hot tub.
Last but not least, before that new hot tub arrives at your Cincinnati home you want to make sure you’ve gotten rid of the old one. This can be accomplished if you hire a professional crew like Junk King Cincinnati that is well versed in hot tub disposal. Getting rid of a hot tub will definitely require a professional multiple man crew and a very large truck – both of which Junk King’s Cincinnati Junk Removal team have in stock.
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