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Junk King Cincinnati Provides Efficient and Eco-friendly Junk Removal

Junk King was founded on three principles: superior customer service, safety, and environmental consciousness. Unlike our competitors, who provide junk removal without this threefold mission statement, we are proud to state that our customers have ranked us one of the best junk removal businesses in Cincinnati. What’s more, we have an international reach—our ranking in North America is #1 in the junk removal business.

We are dedicated to providing efficient, safe, and eco-friendly removal of any and all debris that is cluttering up your home and life. We believe that in this age of mass consumerism, the choice to downsize and declutter is a bold and honorable one. But you can’t do it alone. With the helped of highly skilled, professionally trained, and Workman’s Compensation-covered manual laborers, Junk King Cincinnati has helped countless Ohio residents make a step forward into a more minimalist and eco-conscious future.

Efficiency and Reliability

We are proud to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to servicing our customers in the Cincinnati area. Junk King Cincinnati is always prompt, reliable, and willing to listen to any safety or health concerns that clients may have. We are never more than a brief call away, prepared to answer any questions that have arisen during or prior to the debris removal process.

Health and Safety Regulations

Since debris removal can often be a tedious and even dangerous process, we believe in full transparency and like to explain to our customers what we are doing. We clear out spaces before we begin and ensure that each work space is well-lit, and that all of our employees are wearing safety goggles, slip-resistant shoes, and gloves before handling your debris.

Environmental Consciousness

More than half of our products are recycled or reused, meaning that even your least desirable debris or clutter is used for something positive. Junk King Cincinnati helps you rest easily knowing that your trash becomes treasure and that you are playing a role in making our city a more breathable and cleaner place to live. Best of all, since Junk King takes control of all stages of the debris removal process, you don’t even have to lift a finger to know you’re making a difference. We continue to stand by the eco-friendly values on which our business was founded.

Tips For Making Your Bed-And-Breakfast Guests Happy

A happy guest often means a repeat guest. Those happy guests will also share their positive experiences of staying at your bed-and-breakfast. Although you may not be able to please everyone, you can certainly take some proactive steps to ensure that you’re doing all you can to make your bed and breakfast guests happy. Here’s what you can do starting today:


Make Your Televisions An Entertainment Center

Folks are accustomed to a wide variety of television channels at home. You should give them that same kind of selection when they are staying in your establishment. An old TV with 10 or 20 channels just isn’t going to cut it. Instead, make the investment to high definition flat screens with cable packages providing a hundred to 200 channels. If you can make it so that they can play games or watch Blu-rays on the television, then all the better. This is the kind of investment that can have a very decent return.

A Coffee Station in Every Room

Everyone likes to start their day with a bracing cup of coffee or tea. That’s why every room in your inn should have a coffee station. Don’t just offer Styrofoam cups but instead put a couple of mugs in there. You may discover that folks prefer getting coffee once they are out and about but providing them that option is always a nice touch.

Be Creative With Room Service

It takes a lot to offer room service for your guests. That’s a big expense that might not be worth it with a small inn. However, it doesn’t cost anything to set up relationships with local restaurants and bistros that deliver. They would be happy for the business. You can put together a binder of menus for these businesses and let your guests do their own ordering. Everybody wins.

Offer Giveaways

Along with the restaurants, you may be able to utilize other businesses in the area to provide discounts and/or free tickets. There could be local theaters who would appreciate having their seats filled. Stores and shops would welcome the business even if it means giving a discount. It’ll take a little effort on your part to round up those giveaways but once you have them established, you may discover a lot more business will be coming your way to offer the same thing.

Get Rid Of Debris

A nice view is always welcomed. Guests don’t want to look out on a lawn or alley that is overrun with rubbish and junk. One call to Junk King Cincinnati can take care that. These are the junk removal professionals who will provide you with a team of strong movers able to lift and load just about anything you want to get rid of. One session with Junk King Cincinnati will make sure your bed-and-breakfast guests aren’t looking at any rubbish.

Economical & friendly junk hauling solutions in Cincinnati

Junk King’s expert junk hauling team can help you get rid of your trash in an economical and environment friendly manner. All of our staff are well trained and professional, and provide committed customer service no matter how big or small the job. We are committed to being the junk collection and junk hauler team in Cincinnati that you can count on.

We service a large range of clients both domestic and commercial. Our customers include home owners, tenants, shops, corporates, warehouses and real estate agencies. Whatever the job, we are able to help you with all facets of junk collection and disposal.
We often land upon a lot of items that are actually quite usable (you would be surprised what some people throw out). In such situations, we donate many items to local charities. Other things we try to recycle so that our land is not filled with dump.

Four reasons to choose our services:
• On time pickup.
• We’ll take almost anything- furniture, computers, garbage and other rubbish.
• No need to bring your items- We load them from any location you point us to and clean up afterwards.
• Sustainable recycling and disposal.
Call Junk King Cincinnati today.

Haul Away Junk From Your Cincinnati Home

Give Back Cincinnati is a non-profit organization who does just what the title implies: they give back to Cincinnati. Among the many programs kick started by GBC is Paint the Town. This past year saw close to a 1,000 volunteers come together for a little neighborhood makeover. Instead of sweeping up these folks were painting houses. In fact, over 350 homes got the paint treatment with the supplies being donated by local businesses and the painting power donated by those dedicated residents.

It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do to the exterior or interior of your home. If you’re thinking about sprucing up your home for the holidays with a little paint, you might want to first get rid of all the junk that could be cluttering up the area. Of course, after you clean up the junk you might not even need the paint job! The best approach to take with this task would be to hire Junk King. When it comes to junk hauling, these folks are the pros and that’s just who you want working on your property.

When you hire Junk King it’s like you’re hiring your own work crew. Two very capable movers will be showing up to take away your junk. The word “Movers” is the best way to describe the Junk King crew because there are literally moving your junk out of your home. The big distinction is that instead of taking that junk to a new home they’ll be making sure it is tossed out. Bottom line: it will be gone for your world for good!

You’ll also have use of the Junk King moving truck. Yes, this truck is the same size as the moving van you used to bring all your stuff into your home. It only stands to reason that you would need a truck of equal size to take it all away. As a professional crew, you need only tell the Junk King movers what you want taken away. They’ll make all the trips up and down the stairs or out to the garage. If you feel the need for a little exercise and want to pile up some of your stuff in the driveway you can but it’s not necessary. Junk King likes it when they do all the work.

After all your junk has been loaded onto the truck it will be headed off for a drop off center. That will either be a recycling facility or a certified landfill. Either way you know your junk will have a final resting spot in a proper place. Want to get rid of your junk? Call Junk King today to make it happen.

Is Your Cincinnati Junk Removal Service Cleaning Up?

“Friendly and prompt service. Fair price for service rendered.”

“Junk King arrived on time; they were professional and friendly and got the job done quickly. I would absolutely use their service again, should the need arise.”

“It was more affordable than I expected, and the representatives were fast, professional, and efficient. Junk King provides an outstanding service.”

Those are just a few of the many positive reviews that pour into the Junk King of Cincinnati’s testimonials every day. This is the kind of positive word of mouth that has driven Junk King to become the Cincinnati area’s number one professional junk removal service. As part of a national franchise, this local Junk King branch has to maintain those high standards of customer service. This is a business where details matter.

Showing up on time is very important to Junk King Cincinnati. We know how hectic your days can become. Waiting for any type of service crew can take a big chunk out of your day. Unlike the phone or cable company, Junk King isn’t going to make you wait all day. Typically, we’ll present you with a two-hour window for a pickup time. We’ll also call when we’re on the road to make sure everyone is in sync.

Once the Junk King crew arrives, you’ll be taking charge of them. What they’ll need to know is what you’re throwing out and where it is being kept. Armed with that information, the crew will make quick work of removing all those bulky items from your home. This includes any kind of furniture from down in the basement or boxes from up in the attic. You won’t hear any grumbling from the Junk King crew as they climb those stairs!

Another detail that customers like is what Junk King Cincinnati does with your stuff once they’ve collected it. They will do everything within their power to avoid a trip to the landfill. It’s not because they don’t like the landfill; they would just rather see your junk get recycled or reused by a charity. No extra charges for this service even if it means several stops to complete the mission.

Finally, that attention to detail can be found in the last thing a Junk King crew will do at the job: They’ll sweep up after themselves. You don’t have to ask, it’s what they do. That way you can get a fresh start with a clean garage, attic or basement. When it comes to professional junk hauling, you simply can’t beat Junk King.

Back to School Junk Removal in Cincinnati

back to schoolIt is back to school time for thousands of Cincinnati Public School students. To mark the occasion, Superintendent Mary Ronan conducted a whirlwind tour of five schools. Among the stops were Silverton Paideia Academy, Aiken New Tech and Aiken Carpe Diem, Gamble Montessori High School, Rothenberg Preparatory Academy and Clark Montessori High School. Over at Aiken, the returning kids were the first to see the results of a decade-long billion-dollar building plan that will reach across the entire district. Aiken has two new buildings on their campuses and nothing beats being the first student in a brand new classroom.

The same can be said for coming home to a clean house. If you do all your own cleaning then you know what a difference it makes to walk in the door that first time after you’ve got the job done. Perhaps this is also the time of year where you can be inspired by the fresh start all those students are embarking on. Are you ready to get rid of the junk that has been cluttering up your home? That will be a hassle free endeavor if you hire Junk King Cincinnati today.

By hassle free we mean you won’t have to do any of the back-straining lifting. You won’t have to rent a truck to hold what you’re throwing out. And you won’t have to drive around looking for a proper dumpsite. The Junk King crew is going to handle all of that. It’s just part of the complete removal service. All you have to focus on is what you’re going to actually be throwing out.

This is the golden opportunity to get rid of anything that has been an eyesore in your home or yard. Maybe it’s even something you’ve been tripping over for months. How hard is it to make your way through your garage after you park your car in there? Is there even enough room to park the car? Do you have trouble making your way down the basement to your washer and dryer? Are the hallways crammed with old stuff that could actually be a hazard in an emergency? These are the things you need to consider as you decide what you want to get rid of. With Junk King you can get rid of it all in a single appointment.

When you’re ready, Junk King Cincinnati will be ready. Most removal appointments happen in the same day. Call Junk King in the morning and your junk will be gone by the time supper is ready! What can be better than that?

Got Junk Items In Cincinnati?

Visitors to Mill Creek at Oak Park are greeted with a sign that says, “Mill Creek Watershed. Keep It Clean!” Obviously, there have been plenty of careless folks who aren’t paying attention to that sign. That’s why a group of volunteers showed up at Mill Creek on a recent Saturday morning for a cleanup effort. The teams divided into two groups: the land and water workers. The folks on the land went along the banks picking up trash and refuge while the water workers took to some canoes to clear out the waterway. Yes, even the way got junk tossed into it. But now that trash is gone, for now.

What happens if you’ve got junk in Cincinnati? Can you depend on a group of strangers to come by your home and help you clean it all up? Probably not but you can certainly depend on Junk King. These are the junk removal specialists who never saw a pile of trash they couldn’t haul away!

Junk King is a local Cincinnati based business that is part of a national franchise of junk removal professionals. Yes, you can remove junk in a professional manner and this is something that Junk King excels at. Just take the latest reviews on their Facebook page and you’re sure to see dozens of entries from satisfied customers. They were all surprised at how fast and friendly it was to use Junk King. In not time, homes when from “borderline hoarder” to “clutter free.” Doesn’t that sound like a good thing to shoot for?

When you hire Junk King Cincinnati you’ll actually be hiring a team of workers who know all about lifting and loading. You’ll also be getting a huge truck capable of fitting an entire household worth of furnishings. You might not be throwing away that much junk but isn’t it nice to know you could if you hire Junk King.

It terms of pricing, Junk King can’t be beat. That’s because they’re only going to charge you based on the amount of space your junk will be taking up on their truck. Yes, this is a volume business which means the more Junk King can fit onto the back of their truck the more business that get. What does that mean for you? They want to pack in things tight which translates into the best deal in town. Best of all there will be no hidden fees or extra charges tacked on at the end of the job. You can depend on Junk King to show up on time, do the job right and charge you a fair price. What more could you want from Junk Removal in Cincinnati?

Dayton Furniture Removal

Dayton Couch RemovalJust in time for back to school, returning students to the University of Dayton are going to see the beginnings of a $70 million renovation project that is going to be spread out all across the campus. Slated for make-overs are the GE Aviation Dayton Electrical Power Research Lab, Founders Hall and the Roesch Library. This is going to mean new roofs, boilers, workspaces, equipment and furniture.

Imagine if you had $70 million to spend on your home makeover? You’d probably sell the house and buy a tropical island! At the very least you might splurge for some new furniture. Truth be told, it is not that expensive to replace a piece or two of furniture. In fact, just swapping out an old sofa could be enough to totally freshen up your living room. The issue then becomes what to do with the old sofa. If you have space in your garage or basement you could try and keep it there but if you’re really done with that sofa why hang onto it? Perhaps the better way to go is hiring Junk King to come by and haul it away.

Junk King is the local Dayton based junk removal company that is part of a national franchise. This means they are following very strict guidelines with regard to conducting business. Without that they wouldn’t be able to carry the Junk King brand. That is indeed a very valuable brand in this type of service industry. All you need to do is read the amazing reviews on the Junk King Facebook page to see how many satisfied customers have already turned to Junk King for all kinds of removal.

When it comes to getting rid of your old furniture, Junk King is a perfect partner but why stop there? If you have a child going off to college it might be time to rethink their room. You don’t have to kick them out of the house but there could be some items in there that are no longer needed. The same can be said for any of your children who are outgrowing their furniture. Let Junk King load it all up on a single trip and make room in your house for more practical things. You might even find a way to repurpose an entire room. What’s your wish? A reading nook? Home theater? That can happen but first you have to clear out the clutter and Junk King is the only way to go. Give them a call today to set up your personal junk removal appointment.

Cincinnati Home Cleanouts

If you were asked, “What did you do over the summer?” hopefully you have an answer full of vacations and family fun. If you’re one of the many health inspectors working in the Greater Cincinnati region then you’ve had a very busy summer indeed. A recent review of 5,000 eateries found upwards of 33,000 violations. These violations have included everything from minor issues with grease traps to major vermin infestations. In extreme cases, the restaurants were shut down for a thorough cleaning. Not sure how clean your favorite restaurant might be? The records of those violations are on line but because of the various districts reporting in the standards aren’t always the same.

“Our goal is to have uniformity across the state in how the inspections are conducted and in how the reports are written,” Jamie Higley, the department’s food program administrator, told a local news outlet. “The public is going to be viewing these records and for the public to be able to read those records and be able to understand them is important.”

What about your kitchen? Could your home pass inspection? Sure, most of us aren’t serving up dinners for the masses but that doesn’t mean we have to neglect cleaning up our homes. Scrubbing, wiping, dusting and moping are easy. You just have to schedule the time to dedicate to the chores and then buckle down. A cleanup issue that isn’t so easy to accomplish is getting rid of big pieces of junk. At least, it wasn’t easy until Junk King Cincinnati opened for businesses. Now with one call to these professional junk haulers you can have all your unwanted stuff carted away in a single trip.

When it comes to hauling junk, the only limit that Junk King has is with certain hazardous materials. Even then they’ll be able to help you find the proper way to dispose of them. As for everything else, if it can fit on the back of the Junk King truck it can be taken away. That means just about anything you’re itching to get rid of can be gone. That includes furniture, kitchen appliances, yard waste, concrete, wood, construction debris and even a piano. Those are all the exact kinds of things that Junk King picks up every day.

After Junk King has helped you with your cleanup their work isn’t quite done. They still have to make sure your junk is dropped off at the right place. Usually this will mean a certified recycling center. Depending on what they collect, this could mean stops at several facilities. It doesn’t matter how many stops they have to make, you’re only going to be paying a single fee based on the amount of space your junk takes up on the truck. When it comes to cleaning up, it doesn’t get any easier than with Junk King.


Summer Decluttering In Cincinnati

Are you ready for a Cincinnati staycation? This is a vacation where you stay within the city limits and not only enjoy all the comforts of home but all that Cincinnati has to over this summer. For instance, over at Sawyer Point there is climbing, playgrounds and picnic areas which are all free. You can take a tour of the Paul Brown Stadium and get down on the field where the Bengals play. Over at the Krohn Conservatory you’ll be able to explore a rain forest and desert environment all under one roof. Down the Cincinnati Museum Center there are three major museums with a little something for everyone in the entire family to enjoy. And you can’t forget the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens with new baby giraffe Zuri. There’s so much to do this summer it’s easy to see why so many of the locals are opting for a staycation. However, this is one thing you might want to take care of before you start enjoying the city and that would be de-cluttering your home.

After spending a day out and about you don’t want to come home and face the same clutter you’ve been staring at. This would be all those things you keep saying you’re going to get rid of some day. Well, that day could be today if you give Junk King Cincinnati a call. These are the hardworking professional junk haulers who will have your home clutter free before you can say, “Zuri, here I come!”

Hiring Junk King will take all the stress out of moving those heavy objects out of your home or garage. Since it took a moving crew to bring some of that stuff in, it’s going to take a moving crew to get it out and that’s just what you’ll be getting with Junk King. The two-man Junk King crew that comes out to every job will pull your junk out from where ever it’s being stored. Junk King crews have climbed up into attic crawlspaces and under houses to get at the clutter. Nothing you present to them will be a shock. They welcome a good junk hauling challenge.

When you’re ready, all you need to do is call Junk King Cincinnati at 1-888-888 JUNK to set up an appointment. You’ll be given a free estimate based on how much space your stuff is going to take up on the truck. There are never any extra charges with a Junk King job. As soon as you get this project done you’ll feel a lot better about inviting folks into your home to really enjoy the summer. Call Junk King today and get to de-cluttering tomorrow!