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A Beginner’s Guide to the Cincinnati Garbage Dumpster

Many people who live in Cincinnati lead active lives and enjoy a host of different activities each season. Some of those undertakings are leisurely, while others are of a more practical nature. For every garden or block party, there’s landscaping or remodeling to complete, which means that the residents of Cincinnati often find themselves in need of practical junk removal  strategies. There are several ways to dispose of unwanted trash or other waste materials when you have items that the regular garbage collectors can’t take. We’ll use this article to examine one of the most popular options for many area members: the prospect of renting a garbage dumpster for a predetermined period.

Garbage DumpsterThere are several ways in which renting a waste container can provide you with greater convenience than other options. Dumpster rental often proves to be one of the most stress-free and cost-effective methods of junk disposal available anywhere in the Cincinnati area, because it puts more control in the hands of the individual than many other options allow. Consider the following: you might be able to transport junk to the landfill by yourself if you have your vehicle, but even if you have a pickup truck you’ll need to make several trips to deal with the material from even small household projects. Conversely, you could hire a full-service junk removal company to clean up your site for you, but then you’ll need to make yourself available to let them onto your property, which could interrupt professional responsibilities and other commitments. However, renting a dumpster of your own allows you to avoid any of these logistical problems.

That’s not to say that renting a dumpster doesn’t come with specific considerations though, so to make things easier we’re going to give you a brief overview of what we think everyone should know before they rent a dumpster in Cincinnati for the first time. Keep reading to see how you can make cleaning up after your next project a smoother experience.

Garbage Dumpster Bin Placement and Why it Matters

One thing you should be aware of when you decide to rent a dumpster in Cincinnati is the place where it will ultimately take up space during the rental. Many first-time renters do not understand that a dumpster cannot occupy a public right of way area. Public right of way areas are defined as land designated for transportation, and they typically include all streets, sidewalks, and paths. For that reason, you won’t be able to keep your rental garbage dumpster on the curb outside your property, unless you apply for a permit and pay the required fees. You’ll probably have to have it placed on the property itself, which means you’ll need to be a little strategic.

One of the most responsible places you can arrange to have your dumpster placed is in your driveway. Putting the bin in your drive will allow your rental company easy access to the drop-off point, which will make it easier for them to deliver your dumpster in the first place. It will also make it easier for them to collect your dumpster again once the rental period is over. It is essential for your rental company to be able to access your dumpster once your rental period has ended. If they cannot access it, they may have to wait until they can do so, which can result in the renter being charged a late fee or for additional time. The easiest way to make sure you don’t have to deal with these issues is to rent a dumpster that fits comfortably in your driveway without taking up all the space in it. That way, you’ll still be able to use your driveway during the rental period without worrying about blocking access to the container.

Materials You Can Put in Cincinnati Dumpsters

Deciding where to place your dumpster is not the only consideration you must undertake when you choose to rent a garbage dumpster in the Cincinnati area. You will also have to make sure that you only fill your bin with appropriate materials. You may find certain restrictions on what you can or cannot put in dumpsters depending on the rental company that you choose. At Junk King, we try to make the process of filling easier by providing easily accessible information on what you’re can put in your skip once you have rented it. We offer dumpsters capable of handling most leftover materials from renovations and home improvement projects and even provide extra services aimed at helping renters deal with heavy or otherwise challenging materials such as concrete.

How to Fill Your Rental Container

Once you have decided on where to put your dumpster and what you plan on putting inside, you should learn about how to organize your materials so that you can fill it adequately. Many people just throw their unwanted material into the container without a second thought, but this can waste space and even create hazards. Instead, it is best to make sure that all loose materials going into your dumpster are as organized as possible. You might want to consider bagging leaves or lawn clippings and tying bundles of scrap materials together so that you can arrange it conveniently and responsibly.

Different Pricing Models

The way you pack your rental dumpster might even allow you to save money, depending on the dumpster rental company that you select. Not all companies price their rentals according to the same criteria; you could be charged based on the weight of your full unit, the size of the container, the length of time you need it for, or a combination of those factors. At Junk King, we try to simplify the process in a way that provides customers with an incentive to fill their containers responsibly. We offer a pricing model based on the amount of space that our customers use when they rent our dumpsters so that they can enjoy lower costs by conscientiously packing the units. Not only does this encourage users to wrap their materials in safe ways and place them correctly in the containers, but it also makes it easier for us to sort those items at our facility and dispose of them in the greenest way possible.

Choosing a Rental Company

Ultimately, the decision you make when choosing a dumpster rental company will be yours alone, but it can be much easier when you consider some of the factors listed above. You’ll want to be sure that your dumpster is small enough to occupy your driveway unless you have secured a permit from the city before you begin working. You’ll also want to make sure that you have thought about what you’ll be putting in your container so that you can find a company offering appropriate receptacles. Then, you’ll want to arrange everything you need to organize the contents ahead of time, especially if you’re renting from us and want to save money on your container. Our dumpsters are a driveway-friendly 12 cubic yards in volume, so you should have no trouble finding an appropriate place for them on your property during your rental.

Renting a garbage dumpster remains one of Cincinnati’s best ways to deal with the unwanted material during a cleanup, whether you’ve just hosted a public event or undertaken a personal project. For more information on how we approach dumpster rental at Junk King, contact us during regular business hours and speak to an operative.

Junk King is committed to increasing sustainability wherever we can. The top-rated customer service offered by Junk King is something we pride ourselves on. Please consider using Junk King for your dumpster rental and junk removal.  1-888-888-JUNK  OR  LIVE CHAT


Guide To Picking The Right Storage Unit

Have you run out of room in your home? Is amazing how quickly we can fill up closets, garages and basements with all kinds of stuff. Just because you have a lot of stuff doesn’t mean it is all worthless. But instead of feeling that the clutter has overrun your house you could rent a storage unit. Transferring some of your property into a storage unit will free up a lot of space. Here’s what you need to look at when picking the right storage unit:


Proximity to Your Home

Out of sight, out of mind applies to putting stuff into a storage unit. But that doesn’t mean it has to be out of reach. A storage unit is meant for easy access and that starts with proximity to your home. It should be a burden to drive to your storage unit.

Basic or Climate Control

Storage units are a lot like your garage. In other words, they’re not always going to be climate controlled and they could be susceptible to the elements. That might not impact what you’re packing inside but it could make a difference if your store some valuables. Many storage facilities offer climate control units. This means that your storage unit won’t overheat in the summer or freeze in the winter.


Security at your chosen storage unit facility needs to be of a high standard. Some of these facilities are open 24 hours. Just because they’re open 24 hours doesn’t mean anyone can get access. How easy would it be to get into your storage unit facility? Is there security in the form of video monitoring? Are those video systems up to date? These are all things you need to look into when shopping for a storage unit facility.


Locks are often the responsibility of the renter of a storage unit. The most common is a padlock or combination lock. Unfortunately, those can be cut with bolt cutters. The most secure storage unit has locks without a hasp or a keypad entry system.

No matter which storage unit facility you land on you want to make sure you aren’t wasting space. That means don’t pack up any clutter. Junk King Cincinnati can help get rid of the clutter you want to toss out. After you sort through all the things you want to put into storage unit bring in the team from Junk King Cincinnati take away what has been left over. Working with Junk King Cincinnati keeps you from packing up junk in your storage unit rental.

Tips For Making Your Bed-And-Breakfast Guests Happy

A happy guest often means a repeat guest. Those happy guests will also share their positive experiences of staying at your bed-and-breakfast. Although you may not be able to please everyone, you can certainly take some proactive steps to ensure that you’re doing all you can to make your bed and breakfast guests happy. Here’s what you can do starting today:


Make Your Televisions An Entertainment Center

Folks are accustomed to a wide variety of television channels at home. You should give them that same kind of selection when they are staying in your establishment. An old TV with 10 or 20 channels just isn’t going to cut it. Instead, make the investment to high definition flat screens with cable packages providing a hundred to 200 channels. If you can make it so that they can play games or watch Blu-rays on the television, then all the better. This is the kind of investment that can have a very decent return.

A Coffee Station in Every Room

Everyone likes to start their day with a bracing cup of coffee or tea. That’s why every room in your inn should have a coffee station. Don’t just offer Styrofoam cups but instead put a couple of mugs in there. You may discover that folks prefer getting coffee once they are out and about but providing them that option is always a nice touch.

Be Creative With Room Service

It takes a lot to offer room service for your guests. That’s a big expense that might not be worth it with a small inn. However, it doesn’t cost anything to set up relationships with local restaurants and bistros that deliver. They would be happy for the business. You can put together a binder of menus for these businesses and let your guests do their own ordering. Everybody wins.

Offer Giveaways

Along with the restaurants, you may be able to utilize other businesses in the area to provide discounts and/or free tickets. There could be local theaters who would appreciate having their seats filled. Stores and shops would welcome the business even if it means giving a discount. It’ll take a little effort on your part to round up those giveaways but once you have them established, you may discover a lot more business will be coming your way to offer the same thing.

Get Rid Of Debris

A nice view is always welcomed. Guests don’t want to look out on a lawn or alley that is overrun with rubbish and junk. One call to Junk King Cincinnati can take care that. These are the junk removal professionals who will provide you with a team of strong movers able to lift and load just about anything you want to get rid of. One session with Junk King Cincinnati will make sure your bed-and-breakfast guests aren’t looking at any rubbish.

How To Make Your Next Move A Smooth One

The average distance a person moves from their home where they grew up is around 18 miles. On your next move, will you be moving further way? Perhaps you will be going to an entirely different state. No matter the distance, packing up your stuff and setting up a new life can be somewhat stressful but it doesn’t have to be that way. The following tips will help you make your next move a smooth one:


Try To Move During the Week

Most people move on the last or first day of the month. Often they’ll wait until that first weekend of the new month to make the move. That means the movers you book could be double booked. They might rush your job to get to another job. If you can move during the week, then you might be able to catch a break. It’s also helpful when banks and utilities are open in case there’s any trouble to deal with at your new place.

Switching Utilities

You should probably arrange to have the utilities turned on in your new apartment at least two weeks before you make the move. Additionally, you should leave the utilities on at your old place for a few days to give you time to clean up with the power. Be sure to check out the new space for phone outlets. If you require rerouting, then you definitely want to schedule with the phone company as soon as possible because their appointments become busy at the first of also.

Start Packing Early

The moment you give notice means you have 30 days to vacate the premises. That is more than enough time to pack up everything you own. A good plan would be to pack a few boxes every day. If you can knock out a shelf for a kitchen cabinet in a day, then by the end of the week you will have a lot done. It might mean living surrounded by boxes but it’s much less stressful than packing on moving day.

Label the Boxes

Don’t just put the room designation on a box but also its contents. This is especially important when you’re packing up things like remote controls or television cables. There’s also kitchenware that you might need to unpack first before you get to all your gadgets.

Send the Pets Out For Grooming

It’s very exciting for you and your pets to move into a new space but that doesn’t mean they have to be there on that first day. It might be a lot smarter to send your pet for daycare for grooming on moving day.

Don’t Move Your Clutter

As you pack up all your stuff, you’re going to discover a lot of things you could do without. These are all the outfits you don’t wear anymore, the computers that you’ve already replaced and the extra household goods you simply don’t need. None of the stuff should be brought with you to your new home. Instead, turn it over the Junk King Cincinnati.

When you set up a junk removal session was Junk King Cincinnati be put in charge of two strong movers who have their own truck. They’ll do all the lifting and loading but this time your stuff will be going away for good. You can always count on Junk King Cincinnati to get rid of your old clutter before moving into a new home.

Stay Organized Around The House With These Terrific Tips

Are you tired of being surrounded by clutter? Then find a day that you can dedicate to organizing your home. That’s the first step. The rest can fall into place when you use these terrific organizing tips around the house.


In The Kitchen

The kitchen is a very popular area for clutter. Start with the utensil drawer. Take everything out and toss out the things that are broken or beyond being cleaned. Wipe the drawer down then put in a flatware holder or drawer separator so that all your utensils aren’t bunched up in a tangled pile.

Move on to your junk drawer. We all have one that is full of keys, screws, rubber bands, take out menus and other debris. These can also be organized into small Tupperware containers. If you can find a purpose for something in that drawer, then toss it out. Make sure all those menus are still from restaurants that are open!

Go through your pantry cabinets and toss out anything that has been expired. Everything comes with a date these days and so it’s easy to know what should be trashed. Once you’ve removed everything you have a chance for reorganizing. Canned goods should be on one shelf and dry goods on another. Take the same approach on the inside a refrigerator to freshen that up as well.

In The Home Office

You should create a binder or folder that is full of all your important phone number contacts, warranty agreements and school emergency numbers. It’s much better to have all of those things in one place then scattered throughout the office.

You can tame your cords with many organizing gadgets or just even zip ties. Put your phone chargers in a small wicker basket. That way you always know where they are.

Use a paper shredder to destroy any mail or bills that have personal information on it. Everything else should be kept in a folder. You can also scan and store documents rather than keeping them around. If you’re holding onto magazines because of one particular article, then why not pull the article out and put it in a folder?

In The Foyer

Right inside the door of your home becomes a drop zone for all kinds of things. It’s also where a lot of stuff gets lost even in plain sight! Have a table nearby the door that has a bowl for keys and a basket for mail. At the each day sort through the mail to toss out all the junk. If there is a closet in this area, then it’s time to get rid of all the stuff that is taking up valuable room. Anything you have in use in over year should be tossed out.

Remove Rubbish Once And For All

As you go through your home organizing task you’re sure to run across a lot of things you could probably do without. It might be a couple of boxes of junk or big pieces of furniture. Either way all of that rubbish can be removed with one call to Junk King Cincinnati. These are the professional junk haulers who never met a pile of rubbish they could get rid of in a timely manner. Junk removal session with Junk King Cincinnati will go a long way towards helping you get your home organized.

Amazing Backyard Grilling Tips

Do you agree that food cooking a backyard grill just tastes better? The same amount of prep work that you would use in the kitchen can be applied to grilling outdoors. It’s just a lot more fun on a cool summer evening to sit outside and enjoy your dinner that you’ve just cooked by the table. Even though you’ve been grilling for a long time there is always room for improvement. These are some of their great backyard grilling tips you could put into use this summer:


Gas Or Charcoal

Serious grill masters will debate the merits of gas versus charcoal for hours on end. Propane gas is obviously much cleaner and more efficient in terms of turning on and off the flame. However, cooking with charcoal or certain flavors of wood chips can have a big impact on the taste of your food. If you have a propane grill, then maybe you want to get a small woodchip barbecue to experiment with this summer. Just be extra cautious because you won’t have the same amount of control over the fire as you would with a propane gas burner.

Preheat the Grill

Preheating your grill is going to make all the difference. You should allow at least 15 to 25 minutes of preheat time before you start cooking. Not only will this help you reach the right temperature but it will also kill off any lingering bacteria. At the high end, your grill should get as hot as 450°. For low heat, it should be 300°. You’ll know your grill is properly heated when it sears food on contact. This helps keep the food you’re cooking moist in the inside and prevents it from sticking.

Additive Free Charcoal

If you are going with charcoal for your grilling, then you should look for additive free charcoal. This is actually just charred wood that reignites when lit. Those common briquettes that you have been using might contain a few harmful additives that aren’t going to do the environment or your food any good. Although it is tempting to use lighter fluid to get your fire going, this can also release volatile compounds that can leave an unpleasant residue on your food. Start your fire using kindling instead.

Brush Off the Debris

It is much easier to clean your barbecue grate once the grill is hot. After you’ve preheated and before you put down your food, you should use your wire grill brush to scrape off any charred remains. It also helps to scrape again after you remove the food while the grill is still hot.

If you go out to your barbecue to start the summer and find that it is rusty or too grimy to work with, then you might want to toss it out altogether. You obviously won’t be able to put it into a trashcan. Instead, you can call on Junk King Cincinnati to remove the grill safely and efficiently. Junk King has a lot of experience hauling away all kinds of unwanted yard debris including grills, patio furniture and broken lawnmowers.

Are you ready to elevate your grilling game this summer? You can with these tips.

Important Backyard Trampoline Safety Tips To Follow

A backyard trampoline is a lot like a backyard swimming pool. It’s the kind of “magnet” for kids and a great way to have fun throughout the summer. But just like that swimming pool, you need to make sure everyone who uses the trampoline understands the safety rules. Here are some of the important backyard trampoline safety tips to follow:


For Jumping

As tempting as it is, children under five should not go on a trampoline. For those over the age of five, there should only be one person jumping at a time. Anyone who is waiting for their turn can act as a spotter around the edge of the trampoline. Although there is a temptation to get into stunts like somersaults and flips, these should be discouraged. Too much can go wrong when someone doesn’t have the proper training or experience.

When getting off the trampoline you should never “bounce” onto the ground. Everyone needs to stop jumping and carefully walked to the edge and then slide off. Before any jumping session, you want to make sure the trampoline is totally dry. Be on the lookout for wet spots from morning dew.

For Positioning

The best position for a backyard trampoline is in a flat area with no potential hazards surrounding it. Those hazards would be fences, hedges, trees, clothing lines or sheds. Just look at the space and consider the worst-case scenario for someone bouncing off the trampoline.

That trampoline should also be placed on a soft and springy surface like sand, mulch or any other material that would have a cushioning effect. It’s never advised to have a trampoline on concrete driveway.

You should establish a safe fall zone of at least 8 feet around the outside of the trampoline. That means keeping this area clear of toys, patio furniture or gardening tools.

For Added Safety

For added precaution, you can install a safety net around the perimeter of the trampoline. That will keep the jumpers contained within. Safety pads that completely cover the springs are vital. These will help prevent feet and hands from falling in between those springs.

As you get ready to start the summer with your trampoline, you need to give it a thorough inspection. If it appears that some of the springs have rusted or the surface has become to worn, then you should consider replacing the entire unit. Getting rid of an old trampoline is not complicated when you hire a company like Junk King Cincinnati. These are the junk removal experts that will dispatch a team of movers who can quickly dismantle that old trampoline and load it onto their truck for responsible disposal.

Make sure everyone jumping on a trampoline in your backyard plays by the rules.

Count On Junk King Cincinnati To Take Down An Old Swing Set

You have a swing set in your backyard that you built? If so, then you probably took a lot of pride in assembling that structure. It provided hours of entertainment for your kids. Hopefully, you have plenty of photos and movies of them taking there for swing. Now that those kids are grown, it’s time to take that old swing set down. Just because you put it up doesn’t mean you have to bring it down. That’s a perfect job for Junk King Cincinnati to handle.


The crews worked with Junk King Cincinnati are experts at taking things apart. Although it might not seem complicated at first glance, there are things like rusty nuts and bolts that could present a challenge. With Junk King Cincinnati on the job that swing set will come down very fast the matter what condition it is in.

All those pieces will be carefully loaded onto the Junk King Cincinnati truck. It’s perfect for an old swing set to be recycled as scrap metal. You know where the closest metal recycling facility is to your home? Actually, you don’t have to answer that question. That is because Junk King Cincinnati the answer and will happily make the drop-off on your behalf.

There is probably a lot that you’re getting rid of that can be recycled. Along with the old swing set Junk King Cincinnati can drop-off your old clothing, furniture and other household goods to a charity. That counts every bit as much as dropping things off at a recycling center. As long as nothing ends up in a landfill everyone benefits.

When you schedule your appointment with Junk King Cincinnati let them know they’ll need to take down an old swing set. This will help them schedule their day so that they have enough time to accomplish that task. Most junk removal sessions are completed within a day of first contact. You don’t have to finalize the list of what you want to get rid of until the crew shows up. That leaves plenty of time for sorting and organizing.

Even though you’ve had that old swing set for several years it will all be gone in a matter of minutes thanks to Junk King Cincinnati.

Junk King Cincinnati Helps You Say Goodbye To Your Junk

Once something comes in your home it is often hard to “let it go.” That certainly is true for things like furniture and appliances. Although it might be easy to toss out clothing you no longer wearing for some reason it ends up staying in your closet for a long time. If you were to do a tour around your home, then you would probably find a lot of things you could say goodbye to. The challenge is finding an easy way to get all that stuff loaded up and carted off. Thanks to Junk King Cincinnati that “easy way” as been found.


Before setting up your junk removal session with Junk King Cincinnati, you want to have a general idea of what you’re getting rid of. This will help with the scheduling. Every junk removal session is staffed by two strong movers. But there are some jobs that require additional help. If your junk has reached the level of a hoarder, then you might need those additional crews. That can easily be provided by Junk King Cincinnati and it won’t cost you any extra.

You won’t have to finalize your list until the crew shows up for the session. That is when they will look over all the things you want to get rid of and be able to provide you with an estimate for the final fee. They will be basing that estimate on how tightly they will be able to pack up the truck with all your stuff. Their mission is to cram in as much as possible into the smallest space possible. That will provide you with the low end of the pricing scale.

Junk King Cincinnati crew will be picking up your stuff from wherever it currently resides. That includes going out of the basement or up into the attic. Once the fence with the inside of the house, you can ask that same crew to clear up any type of yard waste you want to get rid of. Just think of how your home is going to look once all that rubbish has been taken away. When you’re ready to say goodbye to your junk then it’s time to say hello to Junk King Cincinnati.


Cincinnati Water Damage Cleanup

Not all that recent snow and ice has just been a headache for road crews and motorists. Homeowners are also dealing with the meltdown of frozen ice. The problem are ice dams. These are formed when ice on the warm roofs melts and pours into the gutter. Then it refreezes forming thick chunks of ice that stop the flow. Because of the blockage, the water seeps into shingles and into homes. Roofing companies are working around the clock to make repairs. Sadly, if a leak has sprung, it might mean time for a new roof with proper insulation. That might have to wait for warmer weather because nobody should be on the roof with ice.


In the meantime, you could have an issue of water damage cleanup to contend with. If that is the case, then you need to get Junk King out to your home ASAP. These are the junk removal experts who have carted away an amazing amount of water-damaged rugs, carpets, drapes and furniture. The caution is to get anything out of your home that is waterlogged before mold can develop. Mold happens when the temperature goes up even slightly and the bacteria in water are allowed to expand. On some level, turning up the heat to dry things out could be the very thing that creates the mold in the first place. It might be better to accept the loss and let Junk King handle the water damage cleanup.

When you hire Junk King, you’re actually hiring a hardworking two-man crew. In some cases, there might even be a third member of the team out for the job. What this means is you’ve got some very capable workers who won’t have any issue picking up and taking out all that soggy mess. If you’ve already pulled things out of your home, then Junk King will be happy to pick it all up from the curb and make sure it is disposed of properly.

Hiring Junk King for water damage cleanup is the kind of call we hope you never have to make. We would much rather show up at your home or business on a bright sunny day to take away your junk. That would mean you’re in charge of what you want to throw out. It makes for a much happier junk removal appointment! In either situation, Junk King is a trusted source for quality junk removal. Put them to work today and you’ll be very happy with the results.