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Organize Your Storage Unit With Help From Junk King Cincinnati

A storage unit is the perfect spot for all of your “overflow.” Sometimes closet and storage space in a home or apartment is limited. You need to keep around the stuff that you use all the time. Other items like seasonal clothing and sporting equipment, holiday decorations or furniture that doesn’t fit in your home can be safely kept in a rented storage unit. Just like your garage or closets, that unit could benefit from an occasional clearing. When it is time to organize your storage unit, you’ll want to bring in the crew from Junk King Cincinnati. They’ll make sure anything that you’re getting rid of from your storage unit is disposed of in the right way.

Start with the Sorting

Before you set up your session with Junk King, you’ll need to devote some sorting time in your storage unit. The amount of time will depend on how much you have in storage and how many boxes you need to go through. If you made a complete inventory of all the items before they went into storage, then you won’t need to spend a lot of time with the sorting. Then it just becomes a matter of deciding if you want to keep all the things that you’re holding onto or clear them out.

When you set up your Junk King appointment, you can arrange for the team to come directly to your storage unit. It will only take them a few minutes to load up all the things you want to get rid of. As soon as that happens, you’ll have a chance to get your unit organized to provide easier access to the things you need.

Where It Goes

What happens to all the things that you’re getting rid of from your storage unit? With Junk King on the job, the bulk of those reusable items can be donated to a charity. That allows them to be put back into circulation and used by a family in need. That should also be the approach to take when getting rid of unwanted items.

One junk hauling session from Junk King Cincinnati is all it will take to get your storage unit cleared out and organized.

Junk King Cincinnati Scores High Marks From Customers

Earning stars is one way that a company can determine whether or not it is providing exceptional customer service. The more stars, the better off the company obviously is. When you add of the stars that Junk King Cincinnati customers award it is like looking into a constellation! The average rating is for five stars which is the highest number given out for these types of reviews. Here are just a few of the five-star reviews that Junk King is earned in the last couple of days:

“Prompt, polite, professional, easy to work with and reasonably priced!” – Patrick G.

“I was extremely pleased with Junk King. The men who came were friendly, professional, and efficient. I would highly recommend them!” – Sharon L.

“From the first time I contacted them to the time they hauled away the full dumpster, Junk King communicated clearly and professionally. I appreciated the fair and transparent pricing and the care they took on my property when they loaded and unloaded the dumpster. I would use their services again.” – Ryan G.

These reviews are typical of the ones posted by Junk King customers. They highlight how friendly the Junk King crews are. That goes beyond a happy greeting. It also involves a positive attitude when it comes to being presented with a challenging item to remove. One of the main reasons that you hire Junk King in the first place is because it is difficult to bring down a heavy object from upstairs or take apart some structure from the backyard. The team from Junk King will happily perform those tasks swiftly and efficiently all the while smiling!

You will find that Junk King will usually complete an appointment by the next day. In many instances, you can also get a same day appointment. If you book online, you can start out with a $20 savings.

You would never have to wait long to get rid of your junk when you hire Junk King Cincinnati for the task. Are you ready to put them to work?

Property Managers Count On Junk King For Quick Cleanup

Sooner or later, every service professional will need to hire their own service professional. That is the person you want to help with your situation. Wouldn’t you like to go to the dentist that other dentists go to? Consider the issue of removing junk from your home. This shouldn’t be a complicated task but if you were to try to do this on your own it would mean hiring a crew, renting a truck and spending the time driving around disposing of the things you just got loaded up by the. That is a very time-consuming and costly enterprise. Instead, you might want to hire the professional junk haulers that many property managers count on. That would be Junk King Cincinnati. All that they need to know is “what do you want to get rid of and when do you want it to happen?”

Property managers are delegated to the task of making sure apartments, homes and commercial spaces are rented. Part of their services are to screen tenants and set up lease agreements. That means when a previous occupant moves out, they need to act fast to get that space ready to go on the market again. Often this will require a cleanup. Not every tenant is responsible. They will leave behind a lot of stuff. One call to Junk King gets all of that stuff cleared out quickly and efficiently. Property managers know that with Junk King on the job there is going to be an issue with weight or location. The Junk King crews can just as easily move a sofa from a fourth floor walk-up as they can a stove from a split level home. You can put that same kind of junk clearing work around your home.

When you set up your session with Junk King they want to know the scope of the job before them. Will this be just a few items or an entire estate clean out? The only reason they ask is to make sure that you have enough support from the Junk King teams in the form of movers and trucks. Every appointment is staffed by at least two movers but for the big jobs Junk King will be happy to dispatch additional crews.

It is Junk King Cincinnati’s “no problem” attitude that makes them the number one pick of property managers for all kinds of junk removal needs. Put them to work around your house today!

Make Your Guestroom Cozy Without Rubbish

As much as we like to have guests over during the holidays the worst thing they could do is surprised and just show up unannounced. Of course, immediate family members are excluded from that. They can surprise you at any time! If you do have out-of-town guests coming over, then they probably already bought their plane tickets lockdown the arrival date. That will give you time to get the guestroom ready and that should begin with a call to Junk King Cincinnati.


Guest rooms in a home have a tendency to become a kind of walk-in closet. Yes, you might be keeping extra outfits the guestroom but it’s really about all the rubbish you put in there to get out of the way. The guestroom is where chairs, end tables, bookshelves and all kinds of other unwanted items gets deposited. This could also be the room in the house where the old television has landed along with all the other electronic gear that has been replaced. Obviously, if you could throw the stuff away probably would have already. But since none of it can fit into the trash can it goes into storage. But now the guests the coming it’s time to get it cleared out and Junk King can help that.

They’ll be able to help by sending a pair of movers and a big truck. That’s exactly what you need to get rid of old furniture and other unwanted clutter. It won’t matter if the guest room is on the second floor or down in your basement. The Junk King crews have plenty of experience carrying all kinds of heavy objects up and down stairs.

When the guestroom is cleared of rubbish you may want to allow the Junk King crew to continue hauling out items throughout the rest of the house. Obviously, you’re going to give a tour of your home to your holiday visitors and you don’t want to them to see all the junk you have out in your garage. Just think of how much better things will be around the house got rid of everything that you are done with.

A cozy guestroom is one without a scrap of rubbish anywhere. Junk King Cincinnati can help make that happen today.

Junk King Can Help With Your Big Garbage Overflow

One of the messiest things to happen around the house is to have sink, bathtub or toilet overflow. Usually this happens when you’ve stepped out of the room and forgot the faucets were running. With a toilet overflowing, you might have to race to shut off the water to stop the flood. Then it’s time to break out the mops. Another overflow that can be equally messy is a garbage overflow. This happens when clutter has gotten out of control in your closets, garage or basement. When that happens, it is time to call in Junk King Cincinnati. These are the junk hauling pros who can help clear out any level of big garbage overflow from your home and yards.


Don’t think of a garbage overflow as the kind of trash spilling over from your kitchen garbage cans. Garbage can be defined as anything you want hauled away from your home. An old futon or broken water heater can be considered garbage. The same can be said for a bag of clothes that no longer fit. There is also the kind of garbage left over from a home repair project or landscaping makeover. The one thing they all have in common is that you wouldn’t be able to fit this this garbage overflow into a trashcan but there will be plenty of room on the back of the Junk King truck.

How hard will be it be for you to load all that garbage onto the back of the truck? Not hard at all because you won’t be doing any of the loading. That is what the crew from Junk King will be doing. And that lifting and loading includes stair climbing. Nothing has to be brought out to the curb when Junk King is on the job.

When you’re ready to for Junk King to come pick up the garbage overflow, then put in that call. A few same-day pickup appointments are available on a first come, first serve basis. That means you can call Junk King while having your breakfast and your garbage could be gone by lunchtime. Don’t let your big garbage overflow get you down. Bring in Junk King Cincinnati for a fast clearing today.

Get The Right Help For Hauling Old Carpet And Rubbish

Being a good friend means being there when someone asks for help. A good friend knows not to impose but they also know when to offer help. That can be help with a ride to the airport or when packing up to make a big move. Even though your friends might be helpful, there are some tasks that are simply out of reach for them. That would be true with a job like hauling out old carpet or rubbish. For that task, you need the kind of reliable help that is provided by Junk King Cincinnati.


The easiest part about hauling away an old carper is rolling it up but then what? Most carpets will take at least two strong movers to carry it out of a house and load it onto a truck. Junk King will be providing those movers and the truck. All you need to provide is the rolled up carpet!

Replacing a carpet usually means more renovation work is happening around the house. Junk King can be a help with that that, too. That same crew that is hauling away the old carpet won’t have any problem lifting and load a sofa, loveseat, recliner or coffee table that you want to get rid of. If you’re doing some remodeling that involves pulling up tile, tearing down walls or removing cabinets, then all that debris needs to be hauled away, too. Everything can go on the same truck. Doesn’t that sound easy?

Scheduling your session with Junk King is also easy. You just have to pick the best day and two-hour block that works for you. Junk King will strive to lock down that session. You might even have your old carpet already rolled up and ready to go today. Let Junk King know you’re available for a same day pick up and if they’ve got the time and the trucks are close by, then they’ll make it happen.

The sooner you get your old carpet hauled and unwanted furniture hauled away the sooner you can get your home looking like you want it to. Let Junk King Cincinnati take care of all the hauling.

Make Inventory Management Work For Your Company

Everyone has occasionally misplaced their car keys. Usually this means taking a few extra minutes before heading out the door to find them. It can be frustrating but not the end of the word. At a business, misplacing inventory isn’t just frustrating but also costly. That is why inventory management is so crucial for your company’s success. Here are some ways to increase your company’s inventory management effectiveness:


Know Your High Sellers

A company’s inventory is all about organization. That means having every item clearly labeled and stocked on the right shelves. You can adapt many labeling practices that work best for your inventory but the key is consistency. If shipping inventory is part of your business, then you might have several items that would be deemed as “high sellers.” You can set up a “hot zone” in shipping for these items that can be rotated on a regular basis. By keeping the high sellers close to shipping, you’ll be cutting on retrieval time.

Mobile Proof of Delivery

Technology has transformed the way inventory is managed and also how it is delivered. You should consider adopting a mobile proof of delivery for any products you’re shipping out. This can include alerts to the customer so that they know a package is waiting fort them. It can also mean actual photos of the item dropped on a porch or doorstep. This is a smart move that can help prevent your company by getting hit with the “I didn’t get the package” problem.

Maintain Proper Storage Upkeep

Whether your inventory involves a massive warehouse or a single stockroom, there will probably be a lot of things in there that can be considered rubbish. Returns might come in from a customer that you can’t sell or return yourself. They might be damaged inventory that you already had replaced. There could also simply be items that are out of date and no longer being offered for sale. All of that inventory is taking up valuable storage space that could be put to better use. To clear out your storage area fast, you should hire Junk King Cincinnati. These are the junk removal specialists who can haul away all levels of unwanted inventory. They’ll see to it that it is all disposed of in a proper manner and that will allow your company to continue to promote itself as a green business. Your inventory management can be greatly helped with a junk removal session from Junk King Cincinnati. Make that happen today.

Don’t Share Your Front Porch With Rubbish

Although a nice front porch might not have been top of your list of amenities for a new home, it is a very nice feature. This is the place you can unwind after a long day. It’s where you can spend a lazy Sunday afternoon while dinner is cooking. It’s also a great meeting spot to catch up with neighbors and friends. When you think about it, your porch is like another room in your home. It might not get much use in the winter but during the summer it can be a very popular spot. What you don’t want is to be sharing that porch with a lot of rubbish. That’s where a session with Junk King Cincinnati can make a big difference.


First, consider under the porch. Some porches are designed with storage space underneath. It is usually accessed by a small door or might just be open on the side. This is where old lumber, pipes and other long things get tucked away. It’s also where those items become forgotten. After while, they start rotting away. This is not something you want under your porch. The crew from Junk King can easily slide all of that out and get it loaded onto the truck.

Up on the porch itself, you might have been forced to store some big items from your home like chairs, a couch or a major kitchen appliance. It makes sense to get those things out of the house and since they can just be plopped down in the yard, the porch is a good temporary fix. However, it only takes one rainstorm for those items to become officially “ruined.” Once that happens, they quickly slide into the junk category and that’s when you need to bring in Junk King Cincinnati.

The Junk King crew won’t have any problem pulling that rubbish off your porch and getting it onto the truck. That could literally take less than five minutes. If that is all you want to get rid of, then it will still be worth hiring Junk King. But you don’t have to stop with porch rubbish. The team from Junk King can clear the rubbish from anywhere on your property. Get your porch and your home clear of rubbish with one call to Junk King Cincinnati. It’s a great call to make today.

How To Prep For The Holidays

As the holiday decorations start to go up in your neighborhood you might be asking yourself, “what happened to 2017?” Yes, the year flew by as it always does. Now the focus is on enjoying the remaining few weeks left in the year by making the most of the holiday season. Here are some good reminders on how to prep for the holidays:


Make a Plan

It all starts with a plan. The center of your holiday plan will revolve around whether or not you are doing any entertaining. If your home is a holiday hub for the family, then you need to set the times for the gang to show up. If you’re hosting any other kind of open house, then the rest of your calendar will fall into place around that event. Even without hosting a party, you could still find yourself very busy between various social engagements. Some of these might fall by the wayside given the amount of other tasks you need to accomplish. There’s nothing wrong with skipping a holiday party in order to get some well earned rest.

Ask For Help

Once you worked out your plan for the holidays you want to start asking for help. Taking on everything as your own personal mission is what causes stress to go up. This is when you need to divide and conquer among your family and friends. You’ll be surprised at how willing everyone is to help especially this time of the year. Even if you can take off six tasks from your to do list you’ll be ahead of the game.

Shop Online

Shopping online will not only save you time but also money but you don’t have to stop with presents. You’ll find that there are many outlets like Amazon prime and Wal-Mart who are offering grocery shopping online. And because they’re in fierce competition with each other you’re going to find great prices all around. Won’t it be great to do all your grocery shopping without fighting the crowds?

Remove Rubbish

Before the decorations go up in your own home you want to make sure you are clear of clutter and rubbish. It’s not just the little things you should get rid of but also the big stuff that are taking up space in your basement, closets and garage. One session with Junk King Cincinnati will have all your unwanted rubbish removed in the blink of an eye. That’s a great way to start your holiday.

How To Get Rid Of An Old Lawnmower And Other Rubbish

As you get ready to turn your home into a “haunted house” for Halloween, you might notice a few scary objects around the lawn. These could be any old rusty pieces of junk like an old lawnmower, tire rims, patio furniture or other broken power tools. Those actually might make a good addition to your Halloween display. But that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto them. When you’re ready to get rid of an old lawnmower and other rubbish then there’s only one call to make: Junk King Cincinnati.


Junk King Cincinnati’s part of a national chain of professional junk haulers who been in this line of work for over 12 years. Most of what they pick up has to do with stuff you want to get rid of from inside the house. Things like old sofas, mattresses, appliances, electronics and other household items. But as far as Junk King Cincinnati’s concerned if you want to get rid of something, then it belongs in the back of the truck.

The crew that will be sent to your house has already been licensed, bonded and insured. This makes them totally trustworthy and professional. There to show up with a positive attitude at very friendly manner. They are also great at problem solving. Although it is in complicated to load an old lawnmower onto the back of the truck if you want to take care of swing set removal or bringing down an old wooden shed, then you can count on the crew to get that done in a very timely manner.

You can set up your appointment with Junk King online. You’ll be asked to pick the perfect date and two-hour window that works best for your schedule. You’ll also be asked to provide a general list of what you want to get rid of. You don’t have to lock down that list until the crew shows up. They just want to make sure there to be sending over enough crewmembers to get the job done in a single session. Getting rid of an old lawnmower and the rest of your yard rubbish will be a challenge for Junk King Cincinnati.