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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Cobb County Recycling: Junk King is the Easy Way to Get Rid of Your Trash

cobb county recycling


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How to Sort your Junk for Recycling?


We’ve all heard about the importance of recycling; it’s hard not to in today’s social atmosphere. However, there is a consistent thread of voices lobbying for more recycling without actually telling people how to recycle.


At first, this may seem like a non-starter as a problem—because recycling is easy right?—but in reality, recycling is tough, and being told to recycle is not helpful if there isn’t more information about how to do it. 


There are many resources to assist the average person in how to recycle the most efficiently; this is why many weekly residential waste services have begun partnering with recycling centers for bi-monthly recycling pickups.


Beyond this, many people do not recycle, if they use the pickup system at all. For example, only 9% of plastics used in a year are recycled, and that’s including these streamlined methods. So, the answer to recycling better does not rest with these methods, instead, it rests with who you choose to handle your waste, junk, and trash. 


The best choice that you can make for recycling comes from picking the right handlers or removers for your situation. All too often people hire junk haulers to remove large items and trash from their homes and businesses, but what happens after the truck or dumpster is taken away?


Most of the time, the dumpsters are dumped into the local landfill, left to seep into the soil and air. Meanwhile, anything worth salvaging becomes contaminated and it becomes pointless to attempt to save the ‘good’ items. 


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Junk King stands apart from these other guys in this situation. We have been named as North America’s greenest junk removal professionals by committing ourselves to 60% of our hauls being recycled. Unlike traditional options, throwing furniture and electronics and clothes away all in one big ball—Cobb County has the option to go a greener route; from every haul we take there are salvageable items that can be sold, given away, fixed, or donated to better causes than the landfill.


Due to our eco-friendly goals, the way we like to recycle is a bit different from traditional methods. Instead of only following the materials separation (paper, plastics, cans), we also separate all items that could be recycled in some fashion. This enables us to recycle the maximum amount in every haul. 


What then, is the best way to sort your junk for recycling? Apart from sorting by materials (paper, plastics, cans), you should also consider sorting items based on their likelihood of recyclability.


For example, no one would want to put stained and ripped up clothes in the same category as a barely used vacuum, but they also wouldn’t want to put a decades-old sectional couch in the same category as an antique bedroom set. Paying attention to the possibilities that your unwanted junk could fulfill is the most important thing you can do for assisting us in continuing to recycle in Cornelia.  




The 4 Best Ways to Recycle Junk in Cobb County with Junk King



Junk King Cobb County


There are a lot of great ways to recycle at home and on the job; four of the best ones are simple to remember and even easier to do. Consider these options:


  1. Recycling Centers: Often, recycling centers are thought to be only really good for the disposal of materials like paper, plastics, and cans—however, they also are instrumental in the recycling of many other items and materials. Use websites like  Earth911.com to find the right center for your needs. 
  2. E-Waste is Special: We all know that junk haulers cannot take things like hazardous materials, but how could something like a TV be considered hazardous? There are many companies that do not have the correct procedures in place to handle things like e-waste (electronic waste). Knowing whether or not your haulers or recycling center can take such items will greatly assist you in recycling those pieces of waste. (Junk King does accept and recycle e-waste, by the way!)
  3. Recycle Nation: Knowing where your local recycling centers are is incredibly helpful—but sometimes there are options that don’t come up during our internet searches. If you searched ‘recycling service Cobb County’ you’d likely get a lot of results, and not all of them will be helpful for getting rid of your specific junk. For example, you might need to dispose of paint or old cleaning chemicals; traditional recycling centers normally don’t handle those. Instead, utilize Recycle Nation for those hard to recycle items—you can search by ZIP code and by what you need to dispose of. 
  4. Junk King: Or, you can go the fastest, cheapest, and easiest route by choosing to work with Junk King Cobb County. We are considered one of the best ways to recycle in the county because we accept nearly everything (barring real hazardous materials), and our haulers are specially trained to site and save the most of all of our hauls. When you choose to work with Junk King, hauling your junk away is as simple as 1, 2, 3, just point, and the junk is gone. 




Junk King’s Pricing System for Recycling in Cobb County


Junk King Cobb County offers the best prices possible for junk removal rates, but they also offer the best prices for recycling too. Because our methods of junk removal are streamlined to be the most efficient they can be, our pricing for recycling amounts to the same cost that comes from our junk hauling.


For example, if you had a refrigerator that needed to be disposed of, you could give us a call, and decide what sort of service you’d like for the removal. In the case of a small refrigerator, you would need to drain the freon (an additional service with other people), then you’d need to drag it to your curb for pick up—or, you can call us.


full service junk removal


We’ll handle the removal of the appliance, the flushing out of its freon, and the breaking down of it into recyclable materials. For such a job it would be around $100 to $150, depending on the size of the appliance and the availability of our trucks. Additionally, you might choose to order a dumpster instead of a pickup, and if that is the case, prices start for self-service at $130 for a three-day rental roll-away dumpster, while full-service starts at $590. 


To see more examples and options for our recycling abilities, check out our pricing estimator. Playing with it and inputting similar items will give you a great sense of how we operate for costs. (Just remember that if you haul your junk out for us, you’ll pay less—and you only ever pay for the space you use in our trucks and MINI dumpsters.)



What Types of Materials are Accepted for Recycling with Junk King? 


There are thousands of items accepted by Junk King for recycling and just general disposal. In fact, we are known for handling the stuff that other guys won’t.


E-waste, heavy items, large items, yard wastes, construction debris, all of it is nothing to us as our facilities are built to help us break stuff down, and our professional junk haulers are there to assist every step of the way. 


There are, however, government regulations that stop us from being able to accept almost anything—hazardous items for us, are a no-go, but it’s a shortlist: 


  • Automotive fluids
  • Cleaning products
  • Herbicides
  • Motor oil
  • Paints
  • Pesticides and
  • Varnishes


San Carlos RecyclingAny of these items must go to the correct disposal places in order to keep their toxins out of the local environment. Items accepted by Junk King are safe for us to dispose of (even e-waste) because of our recycling hub facility. There, almost all junk is broken down and separated into its smallest parts so that the most materials possible are recycled after every haul. 


Recyclable items can come in many forms, including hot tubs, appliances, mattresses, desks, even windows, lumber, and lawnmowers can be broken down and recycled. Not all junk hauling services go to the lengths that we do to get the most out of our junk, and that is one of the many aspects of Junk King that puts us apart from the other guys. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator



Contact us today to order your services; there are three ways to contact us, and four ways to get a quote. Give us a call at (888) 888 – JUNK to speak with a customer representative about getting an in-person quote, this will give you the closest estimate to your final costs, or ask to speak with a highly trained estimator over the phone right then and there.


You could also send us a text with pictures of your trash to (737) 888 – 5865, we’ll reply with your estimate over text as well. Or, choose to go our favorite route and utilize our custom-created pricing estimator; this estimator will give you all of your options at your fingertips, from self-service to full-service and all the stuff in-between. 



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