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Shed Demolition and Removal Services in Marietta

  shed removal   When you purchase or build a new home in Marietta, there are some storage considerations that you may not need. If you have a shed, then you can store extras outside instead of in the more prominent parts of your home. You may prefer to have additional space for entertainment or other activities.    However, there are times where you buy a home with a shed that you simply do not want or need. If your property is small and the shed interferes with your plans for landscaping, you may want to get rid of it. The same goes if the shed is old and falling apart or has dangerous creatures calling that old shed home.    Regardless of why you require the services of an affordable and professional shed removal company, the process can be overwhelming. Let us take some of the pressure off your shoulders by explaining the shed removal process to you! We will go over everything you should know before hiring a company to get rid of your old shed.    

Dangers of Leaving Your Old Shed

  There are many reasons why you should hire an affordable and reliable junk removal company to remove your shed. The most obvious danger of leaving an old shed on your property is that it can be a safety hazard. An unstable shed with rotting wood can easily collapse and fall on anyone who is nearby.    It can also be a fire hazard, particularly if the shed has electrical wiring. If you have an old shed on your property, you also open yourself up to legal issues. If anyone is injured or a neighbor’s property is damaged as a result of the shed, you could be held accountable. Insects and animals can also pose a threat to your safety and health if they’re nesting in your shed.  

How Do You Know When It's Time to Remove Your Shed?

  First, you’ll need to determine if your shed’s structure is still safe for use. If you see any signs of rot or rust, you should consider removing your shed. Sheds are designed to last between 10 and 15 years, depending on how often they’re used.    If your shed is really old, you should be aware of the dangers and consider demolition. However, you also need to be aware of the danger that demolishing shed components can bring. You could be exposed to rusty metal, nails, mold, the sharp edges of scrap metal, and more. These dangers are a great reason to get rid of an old shed, but they are also things to keep in mind when trying to decide who should demolish a shed.  

Different Techniques to Remove Your Shed

  If you’re able to get the materials out of your shed by breaking it down board by board, you may wish to recycle them. If you have the space to store the materials until you find a recycling center, you can save time and money by removing the materials yourself.    If you don’t have the space to store the materials, or need them immediately removed from your property, you’ll need to hire demolition services. If you don’t want to keep any of the materials from your shed, you can hire a junk removal service to take it away.    Some junk removal companies offer both recycling and junk removal services on top of their demolition services. If you want the materials removed from your property, and you don’t have the room to store them until they’re picked up, you’ll need to hire a demolition company.    

Disposal and Recycling Options

  Depending on the company you hire, they may be able to take away your shed materials and recycle them. If they don’t recycle them, they can also dispose of the materials for you. Depending on where you live, you may have the option to put the materials out with your weekly trash hauling services.    If you don’t want to dispose of your shed materials, and they can be reused, you may have the option to sell them. If you’re in Marietta, you can use Junk King of Cobb County to remove your shed and let our team do all the heavy lifting for you. We know how to get rid of a shed from experience, and we will recycle everything we can from your pickup.   

Professional Demolition Services

  Hiring a demolition company to remove your shed will cost more than hiring a junk removal company or trying to remove the materials yourself. A demolition company will charge you by the square foot or by the hour. Because demolition companies are licensed and insured, they can cost more than a contractor who isn’t bonded or insured.    Depending on the size and condition of your shed, demolition companies charge between $250 and $1,000 for a medium size shed. Keep in mind that these prices are an estimate, so you may end up spending more or less. If you hire a demolition company to remove your shed, you’ll also have to pay for disposal of the materials. You can expect to spend around $1 per pound or more.  

DIY Shed Removal

  If you decide to remove your shed yourself, you will save a significant amount of money. However, you should be aware of the dangers of removing a shed on your own. A shed is often larger and heavier than you might imagine, so it is best if you have help from a friend.    If you have a smaller shed, you can use a tool like a sledgehammer to remove it. If you have a larger shed, you’ll need to rent professional tools or hire a professional demolition company. Once the shed is demolished, then you have the material removal and cleanup to contend with. One of the top benefits of demolishing sheds with a professional is that they do all the material removal and cleanup services for you.   

Evaluating the Costs of Shed Demolition

  Depending on the condition of your shed and what materials it is made from, demolition can get incredibly expensive. It may be worth it to spend the extra money to hire a demolition company. Not only will demolition companies provide you with peace of mind, but they also have the experience and tools necessary to safely remove your shed safely.    If you have a large or particularly difficult shed to remove, you may end up spending more than you planned trying to do it yourself. Before you make the decision to remove your shed, you should carefully consider its condition and value. If a shed is in bad condition, it may not be worth the money you would spend hiring a demolition company to remove it.  

When is Shed Demolition Not an Option?

  Before you hire anyone to remove your shed, you should make sure it is an option. Some companies will not remove sheds that are made from wood or are incredibly small. They also won’t remove concrete or brick sheds. If you want a demolition company to remove your shed, you should be prepared to remove it yourself if it meets one of these criteria.    You should also be aware that demolition companies will not remove sheds that are next to a swimming pool. This is because there is a risk that chemicals used in the demolition process will seep into the water supply.  

How to Make the Process Easier - What You Need to Know Before You Start

  Before you start the demolition process, there are a few things you should prepare for.   
  • Noise: Many companies that specialize in shed removal bring a lot of tools with them. This can include chainsaws, cranes, jackhammers, and more. 
  • Mess: Not all shed removal companies will clean up the mess when the shed is removed, so this may be a task that falls on you as the homeowner. 
  • Empty Shed: You will typically not be able to get a shed demolished if it is still full of junk. You may need to remove everything and have the shed empty before the demolition team comes out. If the shed is not safe to be in or use, this could pose a big problem. 
  • Dangers: There are many physical dangers associated with shed demolition. Be careful, always wear protective gear, and do not go anywhere near the shed if you are not sure it is safe. 
  • Injuries: Whether you take down your shed or you hire someone to do it, make sure that you are prepared in case of injuries. Ideally, you want to hire someone that is licensed and insured. Otherwise, if there is any type of injury, the cost of those medical expenses may fall on you. 

Turn to Junk King of Cobb County for Help with Shed Removal

  If you’re looking for demolition services, you can contact Junk King of Cobb County. If you’re not sure if your shed can be removed, the demolition experts at Junk King will be happy to come out to your property and evaluate it. We can take a look, give you a quote, and get started at a time that is convenient for you.      If you’re ready to get rid of your old shed, contact Junk King today. The friendly and helpful staff will be happy to answer your questions and schedule your appointment.  
Shed Demolition and Removal Services in Marietta


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