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Monthly Archives: March 2022

Couch Removal in Marietta and the Benefits that Come Along with It



Furniture Removal



Couches, sofas, and sectionals are some of the largest items in anyone’s home. Most times, they are so large that it takes multiple people to move them into space—and they need at least one more person to remove them. What happens after the couches are moved out?


They can’t go onto the curb with your weekly trash, they are too big for the weekly trash removal services. You could take it to the landfill, but that will require a truck, some rope, gas, and your brother-in-law, Geoffrey. Then, once you get the couch to the landfill, you pay a fee and the couch is tossed into the pile, waiting to be broken down for the elements. 



furniture removal guide group 2



There’s a better way to get rid of your old couches and sectionals—just call Junk King; with Junk King, not only do you have the option to have our professional removers take your couch from in your home, but you also have the option to pull the couch out yourself and receive a discounted cost for its removal.


Additionally, because Junk King is the greenest removal service in North America, you can rest assured that your couch (or junk) is not being simply thrown into a landfill or an incinerator. Over 60% of every haul made by Junk King is recycled, repurposed, reused, or donated—and unless your couch is soiled, there’s a great chance it can be fixed and put back into circulation.


This is important because it assists the local economy while protecting the local environment too. Remember, when you choose to move with Junk King, junk hauling and trash removal are easy, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3—just point and the trash is gone. 



What You Should Know About Furniture Removal Services in the Marietta Area



Not all furniture removal services are created equal—some are just plain better than others. When you go to look for a couch removal Marietta service, make sure you’re choosing the right one for your needs, and the right one to protect the environment. You can do this by doing a little bit of research into your options for removal—and even better, you can start here. 



The most important thing to think about when you start looking at furniture removal service Atlanta is whether or not you are being given the best possible service for your money. Are the movers that you hired going to take the extra time to clean up whatever mess is left from the removal? Most likely not, and that is fine for some people.


Further, are the removers going to be offering to collect and remove any other junk that you might have sitting around? Furniture-only removers have no reason to assist you further beyond a removal, and this is fine for people who only have furniture to move, but it doesn’t work for people who have junk that they also want to get rid of. 



Luckily, both of these problems are covered by Junk King Cobb County—our professional removers clean the space after they’re done, while they also provide additional opportunity to remove any other trash and junky you may have sitting around. Additionally, because Junk King operates with you in mind, our services are able to be done on your schedule. This means no more waiting around for an entire day only to miss a delivery time—pick your two-hour window and you’ll be on your way. 



Top 10 Places Where You Can Take Your Old Furniture in Marietta


Furniture Disposal


There are many different ways that you can get rid of your furniture after it is removed, and if you choose to do it yourself you may find that the number of available options is actually quite numerous. Here are our best suggestions for your old and used furniture:



  1. Junk King: of course our first suggestion will be to utilize what we believe are the best services available in Atlanta—after your couch is removed (or comes into our possession), it is processed and either processed down and recycled or it is donated on your behalf. 
  2. Donation Center: nearly all donation centers would be thrilled to accept a couch for their customers, just make sure the couch is not broken or dirty. Furniture donation center Atlanta is all over the city, just a quick search and you’ll find the closest one to you.
  3. Charity Centers: one of the best places to donate furniture Atlanta, charity centers are run by a variety of people—all of which do the best that they can to give people in need a helping hand. 
  4. Shelters: some of the best places to donate to are shelters for the homeless and animals. Additionally, some shelters are in need of furniture and other necessities—call a shelter near you to see if they’d like a couch or other furniture. 
  5. Thrift Stores: these are some of the most frequented stores in America, and because they rely on the charity of others in order to fill their shelves, they are also one of the most common places to buy furniture. 
  6. Flea Market: one of the universally recognized options is to take your couch and junk to a flea market. People are always looking for a sale—your couch count net you a couple hundred dollars to the right buyer. 
  7. Online Options: don’t underestimate the power of the internet; your couch and junk could be sold in as little as a day if you utilize the internet and its various resources. 
  8. Refurbishment: consider searching the internet for people who have a hobby of refurbishment. These people are always looking for their next project—maybe your couch is that project. 
  9. Recycling Center: you could always take your couch to a relevant recycling center, just be prepared for a possible fee in order for the center to take the item. (Your money would be better spent renting a Junk King MINI anyway.)
  10. Landfill: we recommend not utilizing the landfill unless your couch is badly broken and cannot be repaired, or if there is a considerable amount of dirt and soil on it. Consider if you would buy the couch in its current state—if you would, don’t take it here, get your money back for it or give it to someone who needs it. The landfill is really only for non-salvageable items. 


commercial junk removal services


How Couch Removal Services Can Help You Clear Space for New Ones



When you think about couch removal, you most likely do not think about the space itself—after all, if you’re only goal is to remove the couch, the rest of the room shouldn’t really be an issue. However, this isn’t the case; once you’ve decided to remove your couch, what is going to happen to that space? Are you going to get another couch to put there?


Maybe you’re doing a home renovation and need to clear out the couch and the room but are convinced that you can take care of that yourself if only the large couch was taken away. 


This is another aspect of removal services which you should consider before you choose a company. Most furniture removal companies are only concerned with removing the main items that they’ve been hired to remove; this leaves out those people who need auxiliary help with preparing the room after the removal has happened. 


full service junk removal


Picking the right removal service means that you can have your couch removed and have the area it was in cleaned up too. Junk King Cobb County is the best way to get rid of an old couch, clean up your home, and do it all in an eco-friendly way. If you’ve ever wondered how to remove an old couch from a house, your house, or a family member’s house—count on Junk King Cobb County.



Final Thoughts on Couch Removal and Why You Should Consider it Now


Junk King Cobb County


Don’t wait for your couch to finally break down to start considering what you’re going to do with it when you can no longer use it. Knowing what you’re going to do before that happens, can make all the difference in your removal experience.


When it’s time for you to consider removing an old couch from a house, don’t hesitate—get rid of a couch fast with Junk King Cobb County. Take the time today to look through your options and gather some potential quotes. 


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


There are multiple ways you can receive a quote from Junk King, pick one today to get a truck tomorrow:


  • Call us at (888) 888 – JUNK (5865) to speak with a human representative and get a quote over the phone or schedule an in-person assessment. 
  • Text us photos of your couch (and junk) at (737) 888 – JUNK and receive your quote over text. 
  • Or, stay online and explore your options with our helpful pricing calculator; in just a few minutes you can have a ballpark quote. 



How to Recycle Old Furniture and Why it Matters


Furniture Removal



“Everything must come to an end,” is an old adage that gets thrown around after tragedy strikes or after something like a relationship ends. However, the same can be said for those objects around us which fill us with joy. For example, the child’s favorite toy eventually being broken from overuse or the favorite sweater which has become threadbare and stretched.


The same sort of overuse can occur with those pieces of furnishings that we and our families love. Old furniture is often collected (on purpose or by accident) by most families as people move or grow or migrate. Sometimes these older furnishings are a blessing, but sometimes they are not. When it comes time to get rid of your old furniture, call Junk King to assist. 



furniture removal guide group 2



Junk King is North America’s greenest trash and junk removal service, while also having some of the best customer service representatives on the market. Continue reading to learn more about Junk King or navigate to the custom-created pricing calculator to see a ballpark estimate of your job. 



Why Recycling Old Furniture Matters


It was only a few decades ago when a single computer could fill a room in a house; now, we have entire computers in our pockets more times than not, and some computers are small enough to wear on our wrists throughout the day. Despite these huge size changes, what happens after the electronics have stopped working is often the same: they are thrown away or delivered to a relevant recycling facility to be broken down and processed into new electronics. Those parts that cannot be reused are, more often than not, simply incinerated or moved to a specialized landfill. Then, all of those parts that have made their way to a landfill have a risk of toxins leaking into the environment and hurting the local animals and people. 


It is for these same reasons that old furniture also requires special care when it is being thrown out. There are many instances of old furniture being made with previously unknown or cheap toxins. For example, the seats of an old school bus are sometimes filled with a combination of flammable and toxic material—if those seats were to make it into the local landfill, there could be repercussions.


Further, old housing materials (like asbestos) are toxic in the environment—and because old furniture sits in old houses usually, there is a possibility that the furniture may contain similar toxins. Recycling home or residential items can often come with these sorts of elements. 


Additionally, one of the goals of Junk King is to recycle at least 60% of all items that are hauled by them—recycling furniture creates a large percentage of that goal. Franchise owner of Junk King Gwinnett (and North Atlanta and Cobb County), Harry Van Buren, places great emphasis on his desire to recycle as much of every haul as possible, and his desire to do so speaks towards his worries about the future of humanity.


He has said, “if we [as a population] don’t start thinking more about recycling, donating, repurposing, [we’re] to the point where, if we don’t reuse the resources they’re going to be gone.” So, for Van Buren, and for Junk King, the recycling of old furniture and items is a high priority—and it should be for you too. Give Junk King a call to get started with the best ways to recycle furniture today. 



Couch Disposal Infographic



Why is Recycling Old Furniture Necessary?


Apart from the toxins argument above, and the appeal to a continued (and possibly better) future for humanity, you may still wonder why old furniture, in particular, is important for furniture recycling. Apart from having period-specific styles and materials, old furniture also was created with period-specific techniques.


Thus, older furniture remains some of the best examples of craftsmanship and quality that can be seen in the modern-day. Seeing this high-quality work is one of the reasons that recycling is important—it allows collectors to, well, collect pieces that could be culturally or historically relevant. Furniture is one of the most consistent aspects of people’s lives across cultures, so continuing to reuse and preserve pieces can be considered greatly important for the continued identity of a people and even aid in the development of people’s identity.


For example, many families and cultures pride themselves on the craftsmanship of their creations—baskets, bed frames, chairs, armoires, and more can contribute to a person’s or their family’s identities. 


full service junk removal


Recycling, in particular, is important for old furniture because it allows more trade in the local economy, it reinvigorates the local workforce, and it also assists in limiting the number of resources that would have otherwise been used to create a cheaper, lesser product.


Recycling old furniture is a necessity for all those who own furniture because it assists in bettering the number of resources we use, it protects the local environment and economy, and it also can potentially aid in the development or refinement of a person’s identity. 



What are the Most Common Materials that Can be Recycled through Salvaging and Re-Purposing? 


There is a great number of items and materials that can be recycled through salvaging and re-purposing. Some of these materials include woods, metals, cardboards, pallets, or clear plastics.


Of course, some materials are more easily repurposed than others; for example, wood can be easily broken down and rebuilt into new forms, whereas metal requires additional tools and can become potentially difficult to salvage after two or three uses.


Despite this, some of the most easily recycled items are those which are only partially deteriorated, as is the case with most old furniture. 


Additionally, things like glass jars, plastic bottles, paper products, fabrics, textiles, or even some organic matter can be re-purposed into exciting items.


Do-it-yourself re-purposers often post videos and pictures to the internet of their latest project, and more times than not, those newly created items are made with a fresh coat of paint and some old furniture. Junk King Gwinnett is one of Atlanta’s best resources for sourcing salvageable items, especially when season cleaning hits. 



How to Get Started with Salvaging and Re-Purposing Junk from Home or Office? 



office furniture removal cobb county



The first step to getting started salvaging and re-purposing junk from your home or office is to do a ‘walk through’. During the walk-through, it would be highly beneficial to make a list of items that you want to change or get rid of during the process. (This will also make things easier when our big red truck and crew pull up to do the removal for you!)


After making this list, separate the items on it into ‘donate’, ‘sell’, ‘re-purpose’, and ‘remove’—this will greatly assist you in keeping organized during the entire process.


Further, when thinking about getting rid of items, it would be beneficial for you to consider how you want to get rid of the items. Does this mean recycling them, refurbishing them, or selling them?


Many items around the home and office can be salvaged from closets or the backyard and turned into something spectacular if only there is the vision and tools to accomplish such a task. Be sure to also consider whether or not the items could become salvage furniture is given to the right people—tradesmen and craftsmen both are always on the lookout for a new project. 


It is worth noting as well, that not all items should be salvaged and revamped into something new. The rise of internet DIYers has also given rise to the idea that everything is recyclable, like wooden pallets. However, this is not the case.


Items like pallets are used multiple times in shipments and because you don’t know what sort of environment the pallet has been in, there could be hidden dangers to upcycling pallets. Some of these possible dangers could be anything from bugs in the wood to toxic fumes from a spill that happened months ago.


This is why it is important to only salvage and upcycle things that you are confident are clean (all be it old). For everything else, call Junk King—your local solution for everything hauling and removal. 



Free Junk Removal Price Estimator



Contact Junk King today for assistance tomorrow! With Junk King removal services, getting rid of junk and trash is as easy as 1, 2, 3—just point and the junk is gone!


  • Call us at (888) 888 – JUNK (5865) to speak with a trained professional about your estimate or to schedule a no-obligation in-person assessment. In-person assessments are your most concrete quote available. 
  • Text us pictures of your junk at (737) 888 – JUNK to receive a text detailing your estimate. You’ll always receive a text back from one of our highly trained customer service representatives
  • Or, stay online and utilize our pricing estimator. This special tool was created with you in mind; from it, you can explore your options and the available services that Junk King can provide. At the end of the wizard, you can even schedule a dumpster or truck drop-off. 




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