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Let Junk King Make Your Acworth Garage Cleanout Easier This Fall

Garage Cleanout


As one of the hottest summers of our lives begins to wind down, make sure to consider your fall-time responsibilities as a homeowner. Things like checking the outside of your home for damages, updating any deteriorated fencing or walls, and yes—doing the yearly garage cleanout. Much like spring cleaning, your garage should be cleaned out every fall, when the leaves have changed color and the temperature begins to cool off. This is the best time to do it because it will leave you with more room for your important things (like your car) while also improving your mood for the winter months, (plus setting you up for a productive and happy new year too!). Call on Junk King Cobb County to see how we can help you, from dumpster rental to removal crews, we’re your junk removal answer. 


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Psychology of the Mess – Call Junk King Removal Services to Help Today


Garages are some of the messiest places in most homes. They are a store-all for everything from paints to boxes, unfulfilled hobby projects to expensive equipment. None of that includes those who use their garages as a craft outlet or a workshop either. For many people, their garage is their open space, it can be anything they need, the moment that they need it. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes things can be forgotten about in the garage, or they can be pushed to the side to make room for other items—creating a never-ending cycle of pushing and storing that eventually takes over the entire garage. Turning it from the most versatile room in the home, to the on-site storage unit. 


When garages become overrun with clutter and items (and junk), it can be hard to figure out what exactly makes it difficult to deal with. We can all agree, it is difficult and stress-inducing for most of us, but why? Psychology Today published an article that asks (and answers) this question. Written by a psychologist and award-winning author, the article covers the top eight reasons why a messy environment causes stress and anxiousness. To briefly paraphrase the article, messes around our living space distract us, make us anxious, makes us feel guilty, inhibits our creativity, and frustrates us. This is why many people cannot stand being in a messy environment, but by that same token, those same people may have messy garages, because they are not in that room every day or for very long. In the case of our garage messes, the mental ramifications of consistently having clutter there can lead to stress, guilt, and frustration particularly if the space is normally used as a creative outlet. 


Understanding the mental effects of messes in our environment is a great tool for those of us who are able to say “okay, so let’s go get rid of some junk!” Not everyone has this ability, however. Most commonly characterized as people with attachments to collections or the compulsive need to keep all things that pass through their hands, hoarders are some of the most misunderstood people in our community. You don’t need to be classified as a hoarder to have a messy home or a messy garage, but if you experience difficulty in throwing away junk, it is important to know why there is that “wrong feeling” that happens when you do finally throw something away. Psychology Today published another article that speaks about this feeling after an experiment had taken place:


“Unlike non-hoarders, hoarders showed increased showed increased activity in two regions of the brain when confronted with their own junk. Those two areas: the anterior cingulate cortex and the insula. And the more a hoarder reported feeling “not right” about throwing something out, the stronger this pattern of activation was. … The same [mental] process may explain why hoarding is self-sustaining. Each time a hoarder holds onto something, he or she may feel safer and calmer. That relief can become addictive. “


Of course, life is messier than just dropping a person into the category of non-hoarder and hoarder. There is a massive scale which all of us fall on, and where we are on this gradation will let us either throw away things freely or give us a mental thrashing for the act. This is why it is so difficult for most people to throw away things, even if they are broken or ruined. There are many resources that can be found online for helping people through the process of letting go; one of the best resources available is Verymindwell.com — it is a helpful site with a lot of interesting and insightful knowledge about how the mind works for each and every one of us. On the subject of letting go of things, they suggest asking yourself the following:

  • -Is the clutter and mess that you’re living with serving you a purpose? 


  • -Have you considered what would happen if you removed the clutter and stuff?


  • -What is the first step you can take to begin removing the items? 


Reducing clutter and junk from your living space is a huge responsibility. Many people may find themselves with far too much to handle by themselves. This is an okay thing to recognize and to understand. Services exist to help everyone through the hardest times in their life, as well as through basic maintenance periods. The great thing about this entire process of letting go is that everyone will benefit from it. One of the best services available for Cobb County residents, in particular, is Junk King junk removal


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Tips to Help Clean & Organize – Call Junk King Acworth for Your Hauling Needs


Junk King Cobb County


If you’ve decided that it’s time to get rid of the mess, we’re here to help. The reason most garages end up in a state of disaster is because there isn’t enough room for storage, boxes, trash, and hobbies. Some of our favorite tips on how to keep your garage clean involve organization systems, like over-head racks, bins for oddly shaped objects, and even a junk section, just for junk and oddments. Here are a few more tips to try in your garage:


  • -Utilize the walls! Attach hanging baskets to keep things off the floor and clean.


  • -Make or buy a tool holder to go on one wall. Lawn tools can hang, and an air compressor can go below or above this multi use shelf. 


  • -If you store cars or oils in your garage, keep a dense rug under them in case of spills or cracks in any of the containers. 


  • -Go through your garage at least once a year (in the fall maybe?) and get rid of the stuff you don’t need. Chances are, you won’t need all of it—this is your chance to clean up and reset for the new year. 


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Junk King Acworth: Your Cobb County Junk Removal Service


Junk King is rated as the #1 junk removal service in North America. We received that rating by sticking to a closely followed list of expectations for every person in our team, and by giving every person the opportunity to have junk removed the way they need it done. 


Our most common orders for garage cleanouts happen as self-service orders. Our self-service option is unique from other removal services, in that it involves a super-packed mini dumpster! Our MINIs are compact, meant to fit inside of your driveway, and meant to give you all of the room possible without any of the problems that come with bigger dumpsters. More than that, our self-service option means that you can have extra time to figure out what needs to go. You can take the time to really think about letting go of that golf set that you got in sixth grade and never used. How else could we make this easier for you? Well, unlike traditional dumpster rentals, we change our costs based on a variety of aspects. From weight to condition, even the type of thing you want to have removed, can all change your final cost. One of the best aspects to keep in mind is that you are only paying for the space that you use in your roll-away. That means that your pricing features could look like this:


  • -Minimum cost: as low as $325


  • -½ of a MINI cost: between $325 – $400 


  • -Full MINI cost: as low as $325


The best thing you can do for your fall cleanout is take a look at our handy pricing estimator. Created especially for us, it can give you the best estimate possible over the internet, and in a fraction of the time it would take to speak with someone on the phone. Remember, we handle most anything and everything (except hazardous waste). Reach out to us today to get a quote via your favorite way of communication: 


  • -Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) to get a quote from our trained customer service team


  • -Text us pictures at 1-737-888-5865 to get a quote from our experts


  • -Book a dumpster online today using our forms


  • -Call us up and get an appointment to have a team come out and give you a concrete quote


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Shed Clean Out Junk King Cobb County

Clean Out Your Shed in Marietta with Junk King to Help

How do you use the shed on your property? Is it filled with tools and paints, or equipment? Maybe it’s just used as a storage shed for holiday boxes until the winter. No matter how you use your shed, it’s a safe bet that you have junk in it. Call on Junk King to get help removing the junk that has been taking up the precious space in your outbuilding. Getting your junk removed is as simple as 1, 2, 3, with Junk King.


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Evergreen Sheds in Cobb County – Junk King’s Shed Types in Marietta

Sheds have been a staple in homeownership for more than a few decades. Originating in Europe, they were meant to house gardening equipment and drying goods like onions and garlic. These first sheds were mirrored in the colonies, here in the United States. Eventually, the stereotypical single panel wood walls of those old sheds would become more stable with the introduction of cement and vinyl and bricks; thus, becoming more useful to everyone, especially the modern person.

Modernity has brought on many significant improvements to every aspect of our lives—improvements in our sheds are no exception. Current-day sheds are built for long-term storage and long-lasting durability. With the recent push towards working from home, many older sheds are being renovated to become on-property offices. Even the famous she-sheds have fallen in the wake of the home office. Compared to 2019 Spring, there was a dramatic increase (58%) of sheds being converted to offices, according to a report done by ShedPlans. The conversion of sheds to offices is not a one-time thing for homeowners either. As long as people are able to work from home, there will be a need for renovations to happen.


Making Sheds Your Own Can Be a Powerful Level of Freedom

The best thing about a shed is not its storage abilities. It’s the huge amount of customizability and uses that every shed offers. Gardeners, hobbyists, mechanics, office workers, and more have all turned to sheds to satisfy a need for space and convenience. What makes things better, is that there are companies that will deliver an entire shed to you directly—or you have the choice to go in alone, and DIY yourself the dream outbuilding. Kits, prefab, or DIY are the best ways to make your shed happen.

This Old House has a comprehensive list of all of your shed options these days; from roof gardens to swinging barn doors, you can’t go wrong with looking at all of the options available to you. Sheds have as much variability as houses themselves, so make sure to look at all of the options open to you before committing to one type or style. Sheds are versatile buildings with a huge amount of utility to offer you and your family—so what happens when a shed is used… well, like a shed?


Maximize the Value of Your Shed – Call Cobb County Junk King for Help

Generally speaking, sheds don’t really add value to your home. At least, sheds that are used and treated like stereotypical sheds don’t. A residential home appraiser in New Jersey when speaking about sheds and property value said this to HomeLight,

Typically we don’t add value to the home for a shed. It’s not a market value to buyer-seller activity. If [the shed] doesn’t have a foundation, it does not add value. It’s not real state. If it was a personal property appraisal, it would be another story.

These sentiments were echoed by property appraisal professionals in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Alabama, and Oregon. An Indianapolis agent put it into better perspective, adding the following commentary,

There are a lot of contingencies. If you’re selling a home that’s got a small garage and limited storage, then absolutely a shed is going to add value. But some people don’t like the idea of a shed in their backyard, and some homeowners’ associations restrict it, so in that case it could decrease [the home] value.


You Can Make Your Dreams Come True with a Shed

Sheds, when they are used in true shed-style, don’t really add anything to most home values. A lot of people have come to realize this and have taken on renovations for their sheds to the extreme, creating awesome updates and changes for their specific needs. The problem is that most of these people started the process with nothing. Building their perfect outbuilding was actually easier to do because they didn’t have to deal with the responsibilities that come from owning an old or standard type shed.

If you currently own a shed, can you name the things that are in the shed right this moment? You might get the big pieces, sure—a lawnmower, some gardening tools, maybe a gallon of paint that has sat in the same place for five years and you don’t remember what the color is anymore. It’s the smaller pieces that you might not remember. Things like a box of Knick knacks from a distant aunt, or a broken lamp. Just like in your home, things just get put in the most convenient places and they are forgotten about until a later time.

Situations like this happen most often with sheds, because they are out of the way, and a very convenient way to keep eyesores out of sight. That also means that when it comes time to actually do something with your shed, or move, or renovate, you can become bogged down in extras that you didn’t even remember where there in the first place. It’s times like this when you need to give Junk King a call.


Free Junk Removal Price Estimator


For Junk Removal in Marietta – There’s Junk King

Removing junk with Junk King is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Junk King is the #1 rated junk removal service in all of the United States—including Cobb County. Junk King Cobb County is uniquely qualified for all of the removal needs for residents of Marietta. Unlike other removal services, Junk King offers two distinct options for customers, both options come with their benefits and their special nuances.

The first and most widely used option available for junk removal is our dumpster rental. Getting a dumpster rental in Cobb County comes with a few benefits. For example, unlike getting a removal team, renting a dumpster gives you time to go through your junk before it’s rolled away. It also lets you plan for the arrival, giving you the most time possible to use the dumpster for your maximum amount of disposal. You can see how this can become greatly beneficial when considering your options of cleaning out your shed. All of this comes with the guarantees backed by Junk King:

Only pay for what you use: if you only use half the dumpster, get charged for that half.

Mini dumpsters: no worrying about traffic on the streets or the neighbors complaining—have it parked in your driveway.

Recycling: over 60% of the dumpsters picked up by Junk King are recycled in some manner, be it refurbishing, selling, or repurposing.


Experience the Junk King Difference For Yourself

Junk King is one of the biggest and most accepting junk removal companies in the world. We take items from across your home, including furniture, appliances, trash, construction waste—even electronics and e-waste (which must be recycled due to internal toxins). One of the special services that Junk King Cobb County offers is the ability to even remove entire sheds from your property. This is where the second most popular option for customers comes into play. You are able to order help for the removal of things from your property. Much like hiring movers to help to leave your home, our junk removers are able to remove everything that you don’t want. This means that instead of trying to fix up and renovate your old shed, you can hire us to remove the entire thing for you. Giving you an open area to start from scratch and all of the options in the world.

Junk King is committed to high-quality customer service, from the moment you contact us, to the moment we take away your junk. That same assurance to great service is why we offer all of the ways possible for you to receive help and answers to your questions. From looking on our website to calling us, even texting us, we are always there for you to contact. What’s the most favorite thing about all of our services? Hands down, it’s the price estimator. This quick little tool is the best thing for homeowners to play with since it can give you realistic quotes for your special projects. Not only that, it gives you the ability to play with all of the options available to you—and at the end, you can set up your delivery date or appointment.

Junk removal has never been as easy as it is today, especially with Junk King. Your junk removal is as easy as 1, 2, 3, with Junk King of Cobb County. Call us at 1-888-888-JUNK to ask us questions or set up an appointment, or text us pictures at 737-888-5865 to receive a quote for your next removal.


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