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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Columbus Furniture Pickup

Have you ever heard the expression “out with the old and in with the new?” That phrase can apply to many things in our lives such as a closet full of clothes that don’t fit because you’ve been hitting the gym or a pile of shoes that are horribly out of style. Or maybe in extreme circumstances, that expression can apply to an actual person in your life! Most often though, when you think of getting rid of the old to bring in the new, you’re referring to your household furnishings. Nothing lasts forever and that’s especially true for sofas and chairs.

When you decide it’s time for a new living room or dining room set, what are you going to do with your old furniture?  Chances are you might not have the storage space for it and besides there’s a reason you’re getting rid of it, isn’t there? It’s probably a bit worn out and is not something you can pass on to another family member. That’s when you should call in the services of a Columbus furniture pickup company.  Columbus, Ohio, just like most major cities, poses quite the challenge to removing large items from your house or apartment.  These challenges include securing large enough trucks and moving bulky items in tight spaces.  One appointment with a professional furniture removal company and you’ll have plenty of room for the “new.”

Many companies who sell mattresses throw in the removal of the old mattress as part of the deal. They do this as an incentive to pick their company because they know how hard it is to get rid of an old mattress. You can’t just toss it out on the street and hope the garbage men will take it away: they won’t! And storing it in a garage or basement isn’t an option either because it’s just going to get in the way. All of that applies to new furniture except not many furniture companies over a removal service of the old furniture. Once you’ve picked out a new sofa and loveseat, you will need to call up a professional Columbus furniture pickup service to get rid of your old sofa.

One of the other benefits of hiring a furniture pickup company to remove your unwanted furnishings is that it will give you the opportunity to clean the floors or carpets before the new furniture arrives. Even the best housecleaners don’t often get to clean under the furniture because it’s just too heavy to move. Once the furniture pickup company has done their job you’ll be able to do a complete cleaning of those spots left behind by the old stuff.

You can also make sure that your furniture pickup company has gone “green.” Many businesses are aware of how important recycling and eco-friendly practices are to their customers. Removing old furniture is no exception. That junky sofa or busted up table can actually be recycled. Wood can be chopped up for mulch or sawdust and repurposed in hundreds of new ways. The same can be said for sofa cushions and fabric. All of this means that your “old stuff” could turn out to be somebody else’s “new stuff”; at least part of it anyway!  And most importantly, think about how you won’t have to lift a finger to do anything; except of course calling or booking online to set up a free estimate.

Columbus Hauling

Everyone likes a fresh start- whether it’s a new job, a new move or even the start of a new school year. One positive way to have a fresh start is to clear out the clutter of your life. This can mean a major top to bottom cleaning of your home. Although there might be some gripes from “the troops” it’s a perfect weekend project for the whole family. There’s a good chance that during this clean up effort you’re going to find a lot to toss out. That’s when it might be time to call in a professional Columbus hauling services to help get rid of all your unwanted junk.
Hiring a Columbus hauling company means you’ll be taking the stress out of the problem of what to do with all your old junk. Most of this garbage (and admit it, it is garbage!) gathers around your home because you simply don’t have the means to get rid of it. This junk can come in the form of some old kitchen appliances like a busted washer or out of date refrigerator that are just sitting in your garage rusting away. You know you’re never going to use them again so why not have a Columbus hauling company haul them away?
There might be a handyman in your family who likes to tinker with projects. It’s not uncommon to find a backyard scattered with the remains of old cars. At some point you have to take back your yard and get rid of that junk. With a Columbus hauling service you won’t have to hear the excuse “it’s too big to move.” The experienced haulers can show up at the appointed hour, load up all your unwanted junk and haul it away in the blink of an eye.
Keep in mind it’s not just the junk you buy that can be hauled away but also the junk that just lands in your yard. After any major storm there’s a pretty good chance of fallen tree branches turning up. Some of these can be broken down and put in your weekly garbage pickup but for the bigger limbs you should call upon a Columbus hauling company to handle the removal. These experienced workers will come equipped with the necessary tools to take care of any tree damage and provide you with peace of mind knowing it will be removed safely.
The most effort you’ll exert using a Columbus hauling company will be pointing with your finger. When the haulers show up, all you need to do is point to all the junk you want taken away and they’ll do the rest.
What you’ll be left with is something you might not have had for awhile: open space. In the backyard, this new space can inspire you to plant a garden. In the garage you might consider setting up a craft table for the kid’s art and science projects. Or imagine clearing out an entire room of junk and creating your own private sanctuary. That’s what you can get with by hiring a Columbus hauling company.
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