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Monthly Archives:

Get Your Backyard in Shape for the Summer – Columbus, Ohio

Do you have a golfer in your life? Do you like to take to the links? As any seasoned golfer will tell you most of the game comes down to putting. There is no better way to perfect your putting skills than to have your own putting green in your Ohio backyard. That’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. In fact, there is a business in Columbus called Backyard Putting Greens (naturally) who has a simple philosophy: A green for every golfer. Here’s their mission statement: “No matter who you are, and regardless of your budget or space limitations, we intend to match you up with a system that will improve your score, your confidence and most of all, your simple enjoyment of the great game of golf.” They can turn any corner of a backyard into a professional quality putting green. Imagine the look of surprise on the golfer you love when they come home to find their own practice green waiting for them.
If golfing isn’t your thing, then perhaps it is backyard grilling. The summer in Columbus is the time to fire up those bar-b-ques and get to grilling. There was a time when the average backyard bar-b-que consisted of a metal tub like device that you would fill with charcoal, slather with lighting fluid and fire up. Today’s modern grills are one-start affairs fueled by easy to light propane gas. Of course if you want that genuine smoky flavor, you’ll have to go old school with the wood chips.
Then there are those lucky few who have a swimming pool in their backyards to spend the warm summer days floating on a raft with a cool drink. It doesn’t get any better than that. If you’ve got the space, but don’t have the pool this could be the season you get it installed. Whether you go above ground or built in, you’re sure to spend many relaxing hours outdoors.
Between the putting greens, the bar-b-ques or the swimming pools you certainly have a lot of options when it comes to your potential backyard fun. Of course, you need to get your backyard into shape first. This could mean clearing out a lot of ground or tossing out that old patio furniture. Most folks keep their patio furniture outside all year round. It’s designed to take a beating, but that doesn’t mean patio furniture is going to last a lifetime. If your patio furniture has seen better days then it might be time to toss it out. That is easier said than done especially if these are big bulky pieces.
That’s why you should hire a professional crew of haulers like Junk King Columbus who can come out to your home and haul away that old, rusty furniture once and for all. As soon as that’s cleared away, you’ll be able to reimagine what you’re going to do with your backyard. The perfect scenario would be a pool next to the putting green by the bar-b-que.

Large Trash Pickup In Columbus, Ohio

How do you plan on spending your summer vacation? Road trip? Water park? Camping out in the backyard? For a group of half-dozen volunteers their summer will be spent cleaning up roadside trash. The group is called “Pick Up America” and they started a cross country trek back in March 2010 and plan to end in San Francisco sometime next year. This summer, the group will be making their way through central Ohio bringing awareness to the issue of littering along our highways and byways.
During the winter, the crew spends their time fund raising, but as soon as the weather turns warm they load up with their garbage bags and take off.
“What we say our mission is, is to inspire a transition to zero waste,” Greg Katski, a native of Silver Springs, Maryland recently told the Greene County Daily World. “We are showing everyone how much trash we produce. We leave the trash bags there along the road for Department of Sanitation to pick up.” In the last 735 miles of their journey, the team managed to pick up close to 75,000 pounds of trash.
Think about that for a moment: 75,000 pounds of trash was tossed out of cars along the side of the road. Among the list of common articles are fast food wrappers, drink cans and cups, appliances, plastic bottles and tires. There is also the hazardous list of materials including needles and various illegal drug paraphernalia. There was even a shoe box with a dead chicken inside. It’s hard to imagine anyone going through their day without passing some kind of garbage can. Do they really need to be tossing all this trash out on the road?
In our homes, most of us have our garbage under control. We stuff our weekly pickup cans and make sure they are put on the curb on the right day. No fuss, no muss. However, there are some times when our trash can overwhelm us. This would be with those large trash items. We’re not talking about a big ball of aluminum foil. Instead, this category of garbage would be taken up with all those items you simply couldn’t fit into your garbage can. Maybe it’s a fallen tree limb and you don’t have a saw to chop it up with. Maybe it’s some old car parts like a rusty fender or engine. Maybe it’s a long abandoned lawn mower. There could be a lot of large trash items around your home in Columbus.
We hold onto these items because we can’t throw them away. Well, fortunately for residents of Columbus, Ohio that has changed. You can now call up a professional large trash pickup team – Junk King Columbus –  and make an appointment to take away your big trash. By hiring this crew you won’t have to worry about breaking up these items or where to dump them. All you need to do is point to the trash you want carted away. What could be simpler than that?

Columbus Hauling – Top 5 List

We all love a good list, don’t we? Ever since “American Bandstand” brought us the Top Ten hits of the week, we’ve been embracing the idea of lists. There seems to be lists for everything from the best Columbus restaurants to the best Columbus dog groomers. Lists also help us stay organized. Do you think you could make it through the holiday season without a shopping list? And just try to remember all the items you would need for your Thanksgiving dinner without a grocery list. You’ll be running back and forth to the store without one!
Then there is the issue of hauling your junk. Yes, there is a list for that, too! Here then is the Top 5 Reasons for hiring a professional hauling company like Junk King Columbus:
1.  No Sore Backs For You: Hiring a professional hauling crew means they will be doing all the heavy lifting. There is no need to strain yourself when it comes to dragging out a bulky sofa or lumpy mattress. Besides is this really something you can do by yourself? Of course not. That’s why you need a team of movers to swoop in and cart off all your junk.
2.  No More Excuses: If you’re sharing your home with someone and depend on them to help with chores, do you get a lot of grumbling when it comes time to do the actual work? With a professional junk hauling crew there will be no more excuses like “But the ball game is on.” Or “Can this wait until next weekend?” Imagine the fights that can be avoided if you hire a work crew to handle your junk removal.
3. No Scuffed Up Car: If you need to carry off junk it’s got to go into a truck. You could try cramming this stuff into your own vehicle but you run the risk of scuffing up the mats. And would you even have enough room for the big ticket items like furniture or kitchen appliances. And you certainly don’t want to get into tying down this junk in the hopes it won’t fly off on the freeway. Professional haulers have their own trucks and they can handle all kinds of loads.
4. No Time Like the Present: How long have you been putting off these projects? Isn’t it time to finally reclaim all that wasted space once and for all? If you clear out a close of junk you’ll be able to make room for more valuable items. If you clear out an entire room you could convert it into a space bedroom or even a home office. Clear out the garage and you have a chance to reclaim your workbench and let finish those craft projects.
5. No scheduling Worries: Hiring a professional team means you’ll be depending on them to show up at the appointed hour. You won’t have to waste a day sitting around waiting like you would with the cable or telephone company. The more junk these crews can haul the more successful they are.
For the best in Columbus Hauling, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.
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